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  1. Feurille

    Scintilla [Guild]

    Thank you very much. I finally found out why the pictures have boxes around them.. Fixed now!
  2. Feurille

    Feurille's Buy and Sell

    Blood stones: 1b each Glorified Orc Trophy: 4b each Silver Aegis shield: 14b Pure Oridecon: 4b each Mercenary's Chain Mail: 11b Titanium plate: 11b Fox hood: 6b Angeling beanie: 9b Assassin cross card: 5b each Witch Morgana's hat: 9b each Celine Kimi card : 25b
  3. Feurille

    What even is this

    Give me the coordinates I will abolish it from its existence. Some maps have lots of MVPs. The map for the secretary of the president in Schwgafwhsgdfghfghdj quest often has Hades and Addax in many numbers.
  4. Feurille

    Scintilla [Guild]

    Thank you! Hella had an army and so did demons. It was nice to see the action first hand. Thank you! They're all working on it hehe. It was fun even when we kept on dying. Maybe you'll want to join in next time?
  5. Feurille

    Scintilla [Guild]

    Scintilla's first WoE experience: I brought some of my members to see WoE. Did not expect it to be action packed. I was expecting an hour of skill-spamming. Showing them how castle defense is done. Needless to say... we died. A lot. Asked my members if they found it fun, they said yes it was. I hope showing them how WoE is (even though we died repeatedly) is a good way to give them ideas on how they would be building themselves for PVP in the future. Pictures: Wanted to get in the emperium room. Couldn't of course. 4 minutes til WoE ends.
  6. Feurille

    Your favorite Game OST

    Mine has to be The witcher 3's Priscilla Song. Soothing and beautiful.
  7. There is grace in silence.

  8. Feurille

    Scintilla [Guild]

    Thank you good sirs!
  9. Feurille


    We don't do this in Scintilla, Join us instead!
  10. Feurille

    Is this a joke

    In what Rank did you get this? Rank B?
  11. Feurille

    New Player in Game

    Welcome to dRO! You'll find dRO different from other servers, it is unique in its own way, I hope you like it. If you need a guild, you can join my guild, Scintilla or Dynastian Conquest, either should be good for a newbie such as you, good luck!
  12. Feurille

    Scintilla [Guild]

    Yes you may, where are you?
  13. Feurille

    Heroes get remembered, but legends never die. ...

    They have their legacy. If no one follows that, they're gone for good.
  14. Feurille

    Video Creation & Posting

    When done properly and edited in a specific way, it can be considered nice by our players. It's a lot of effort and it's not easy. Not as easy as recording with other games, that has many angles. RO is 2d. I have tried and it always ends up with me just changing the angles. It would be better if we had a community where game clips are shared though, a forum section dedicated just for it.
  15. Feurille

    Scintilla [Guild]

    That's great, glad to know I'm not the only one! Sure bro, I'll be sure to call you whenever. You're both AB right? We'll def need that someday. Thanks!