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  1. Feurille


    I have the same opinion. It's embarrassing that all we frequently see are Filipinos trashtalking without even a proper or decent basis. All I see are curse words, homophobia or even ad hominem arguments that are mostly untrue. Lately I don't even look at #main anymore because there is nothing informative or interesting to see. It's mostly these guys trashtalking and making instigation towards each other. There was a time when dRO did not have a main channel and I was one of those who were against the idea of having one, this, I foresaw. But THIS could also have been avoided if none of these people acted like the cretins they are. There is little to no moderation happening in this channel, none of these people actually get any punishments so they thrive and continue on. The #main channel will continue to harbor toxicity if this continues. Now as for the screenshots, nothing about it is funny and nothing about it should've lead to some kind of hatred. Only these people think it is, because they can not understand it. It may be because of the language barrier or maybe their mental capacity, who knows.
  2. Feurille

    House of Trials

    I just want to say that I liked this so much. It's so fun and unique lol. I love how crazy it gets sometimes. But I have to say that old lady with the rock papers scissors... i dislike her so much lol.. One thing I wanna note is in the fire spirit stage, I only stepped 1 tile to hear the sound and I instantly got burned unlike the screaming spirit stage where I could step one tile and just hear it without dying. :c
  3. Feurille

    Finally mining lvl 150 AMA!

    What level is the best time to craft items?
  4. Feurille

    Returning player

    Seam why are you guys at go 2, why not payon. :c
  5. Feurille

    Permanent Body Changer

    .....10b? Holy mother of God my Zeny bags are screaming. Is this a per account (where purchasing it on one lets the others in that account have it too) or a per character transaction?
  6. Feurille

    Do you want PVP? Come and get some!

    Not going to quote people's replies but I'm going to indirectly respond to some of them collectively. While I do agree that rewarding people for dying again and again in arenas is unusual, it may not THAT bad. One of the current problems of the server is the division between the veterans and the newbies, and this is because most of our vets have already achieved end-game items while the newbies have not. Constantly dying may be frustrating for some. Take in mind that the server's newbies are well... new from the server and if there's anything completely annoying and unusual to them, they might end up quitting. In the end it's all about self-preference. I've encountered sooo many newbies in my time in this server and those of them who were brave enough to get inside the arenas end up being discouraged because of being killed instantly with sacri or being killed instantly with a micro spam of bolts. It IS frustrating, but giving the rewards mentioned above may be too kind. But hey, at least they experienced PVP, got something and learned something, right? Yes. Yes they did. And it's that PVP no matter what form is too much of a struggle for someone who, no matter how much they have stayed, haven't reached enough experience and items in PVP. PVP is simply too difficult in DRO because of the current items and system. No matter how much you sugarcoat PVP, no matter how much you add candy and rainbows, it won't work because in the end, it is a player to player interaction which depends on their experience, class buffs, class debuffs, items (quantitatively and qualitatively) and the player's own outlook on the situation. This is not a permanent solution, I have a strong feeling that this is another experimental feature that will sadly be brushed once again under the rag. Good luck.