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  1. Feurille

    GC build Hades

    Well he was just account banned, I think if you are willing, you might help him build a new account. (If he is gepard/IP banned, that's gonna be difficult to bypass.)
  2. Feurille

    GC build Hades

    This is the most generous / positive someone who was just banned has ever said in the forums lol. Thanks bro.
  3. Feurille


    May grf somewhere dito, di ko mahanap. Dibale imbis na makikita mo puno eh, tiles na greenish gray ang makikita mo. So wala masyado haharang, mas madali mo makikita bagay bagay. Tanong ka tas english mo baka may makasagot na meron.
  4. Feurille


    Mahirap masabi. Kasi ang kita ng mining depende sa swerte ng naforge mo at sa nakukuha mong ores. Tapos yung sa money maker skill, nanerf yun eh so baka mga lampas isang oras pa bago ka makakuha ng 1b.
  5. Feurille


    "Ux2 k0 na m4m4t4y". Narinig ito ni John Wick kaya...
  6. Feurille


    Para sakin talaga mining ang pinakamadaling way. Matagal lang pero worth it sa dulo. Pag tyinaga mo, mabilis ka maglevel up. Bilisan mo, kasi nadidilute ang market. Parami ng parami nagbebenta.
  7. Feurille


    Dami paraan. Kung sobrang bago ka at willing ka magtyaga, mine ka na lang or zeph missions.
  8. Feurille

    Feurille's Buy and Sell

  9. Feurille

    Scintilla [Guild]

    Yes. Just ask Any member, everyone has invite.
  10. Imitation is not just the sincerest form of flattery. It's also theft. B. 

  11. Feurille

    Scintilla [Guild]

    They lost it lol.
  12. Feurille

    Scintilla [Guild]

    Yes.. I think so too. We will need counseling.
  13. Feurille

    Scintilla [Guild]

    Are you guys.. Okay...
  14. Feurille

    Scintilla [Guild]

    I don't mind, just ask any scintilla member. Everyone has invite. Welcome to the guild!
  15. Feurille

    Scintilla [Guild]

    Hello Chelly, welcome to Scintilla. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. We have a discord channel which I frequently check. See you around! N0 I think so. Seam r u okay br0. No! Artemia is not an idiot.