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  1. Feurille

    RO 4th JOB

    Implementation is going to be a long and difficult process. Not going to happen anytime soon lol. The sprites tho... Nyees..
  2. Feurille


    Just dropping by to say that this is a bait topic, let's all chill and ignore lol. Cheers to our dying body cells!
  3. Feurille


  4. Feurille

    New Player Starting Job/Class

    Warlock for that good ol farming AoE slapping tecniques which if you know how to build properly can also whoop people's asses during PVP and generate some bigass zen if you just know how. This bad boi can also be used to kick dem beehives of zen and elevate you from dirt poor to somehow not dirt poor in just a few weeks. Good luck man.
  5. Feurille

    [Game] GvB Game.

    47 + 1 = 48
  6. Feurille

    Help finding name of a headgear

    You are welcome.
  7. Feurille

    Help finding name of a headgear

    Is it Maiden's Vision?
  8. Feurille

    Help finding name of a headgear

    Is it from halloween?
  9. Feurille

    5vs5 PvP Tournament - (April 18)

    Please record it and put it up here on the forums. Would be lit.
  10. Feurille

    Holiday Event Abstract Idea

    Also.. you should have this moved to the suggestion section. Where it rightly belongs.
  11. Feurille

    Holiday Event Abstract Idea

    Sounds cool. Allow me to add more ideas to the mix. An announcement should be announced that a phase 2 farming event would either be team based or solo based 10 minutes or maybe 5 before it starts. If it is announced as solo based, top 3 players are awarded. If it is team based, players should be sorted between 2 or 4 team. I'd say based on our current population 2 to 5 is cool. The award is lower than what you'd get from doing solo farming but hey, team work is team work and you could be paired with the best farmers in the game. (Or you know, try the team based without the solo mode in a phase and see how it goes.) How do people get paired? 1. Just like the CoD system. Players could click a teaming NPC in the map. Random of course. 2. Or all players in the map are automatically teamed. Whichever could be easier to code and is more balanced. (I think it is this one. Players divided equally.) Pros: 1. Team work. 2. Get teamed up with the best farmers. Ez leech. 3. More players get rewarded since there is a team based mode. 4. Might encourage more players to farm 5. When teamed up with people they like, might work harder. 6. Best farmers could also be awarded the same as it was in solo mode so, still good. Cons: 1. People can just afk (just move every 5 minutes or so. So I'd suggest lowering it to 3 mins.) and leech. 2. Might just afk because they cant carry. 3. Team issues. 4. Lower rewards. 5. Unfair teaming. 6. Too much coins deployed. While the system teaming may be random, we cant be 100% sure it will be balanced. Although random people will still qq. Its a cool idea. I like it.
  12. Feurille

    What book would you reccommend and why?

    Oooh. I have flamecaster. Just haven't read it. Might get on it sooner thanks to you! That is so true. Gone girl is a gem.
  13. It's a great thing we all learned to read, because reading is such a pleasure. And books are these thick layers of greatness confined in papers. They bring you emotions and let your mind wander to eras or worlds of the past or of the unknown. Have you encountered a book that has left a significant impact on you? (Phsyically getting hit and getting marked one does not count sorry lol.) Mine would be: 1. A monster calls by Patrick Ness. It deals with grief and our own humanity. It is a short book but it was able to deliver the subject it had. 2. The hunger games. Its one of my first books. And it was great. It has left a mark on me. The world building, its unpredictability and the mortality of everyone made it feel more humane.
  14. Feurille

    [Game] GvB Game.

  15. Feurille

    [Game] GvB Game.

    The game is simple. We start with 50 points. Boys subtract 1 from it. Girls add 1 from it. When it reaches 0, the males win that round. When it reaches 100, the females win that round. Score: Boys: 0 Girls: 0 Okay, let's start! 50+1