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  1. jensen246

    Easter Rare Poll 2021

  2. jensen246

    Genetic STP cart cannon build

    thanks for sharing!
  3. jensen246

    2nd Class Balancing Patch

    Please check if Dominance Lv 4 effect is already working. 5% demi-human reduce is not added yet
  4. jensen246

    2nd Class Balancing Patch

    You are missing a point. 5% demi-human redux is not enough as lv 4 effect. Gxs even get 8% redux (Ripclaw) as lv 3 effect. Ever since, dispell makes dominance special. So if you really want to add redux effect on the weapon, I'd suggest +8-9-10% HP 2-3-5% reduce demi-human damage. O
  5. jensen246

    2nd Class Balancing Patch

    Changing Lv 4 effect for Dominance to 5% redux seems useless. If you're an ab and you're in a situation where you need redux, you can just switch to +10 glorious cure wand (which also gives 5% redux). Dispell for AB has its purpose which is to debuff enemy and it's helpful in team fight. If you really think redux must be added to dominance, I'd suggest +8-9-10% HP 2-3-5% reduce demi-human damage. Lv 4 effect: change back to auto trigger of Dispel effect on Domincance's Holy Light Please consider!
  6. jensen246

    Bling Bling ✨😛

    You can’t sit with us if you don’t have one of these cool blings. Hurry and join BG by using @joinbg command. See ya
  7. jensen246

    Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2019 [Ended]

    Please sell d helm alone. Lol budget eh
  8. jensen246

    Dreamer RO Christmas 2018 [ Finish ]

  9. jensen246

    Halloween Event [2018] Finale

    battle cert shouldn't be character bound. Please fix
  10. jensen246

    Permanent Body Changer

    ????????? It does nothing to my AB.. I paid 10b
  11. jensen246

    "Only an Act of True Love Can Thaw a Frozen Heart"

    Wow! tat's me #throwback #virgindays
  12. Frozen as it seems Your body shimmers and gleams Alone and stock at high altitude I came along to save you from solitude With courage, I'll tear those crystals apart And with love, I'll thaw your frozen heart Ðou†zen• and the frozen boy~ ♥♥♥♥