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  1. Haunt or Be Haunted


  2. SneakyMoochi

    Halloween coins

    I would not recommend getting the Billion Zeny Bags but instead, get the tokens for your equipment. As sometimes Equipment can be moved around characters instead of a SOH being used on a singular character. So in honesty 1. Equipment (Build your own builds for your RK GX or RG) 2. Get some of the cosmetics from the Halloween Event Treat yourself and Regret decisions later 3. Get the SOH and make a full account filled with elite heroes
  3. The Death Jester look amazing! Good work on the nine-tails it look really good too! Hope to see more rare items looking good
  4. SneakyMoochi

    Kinship! :D

    Just remember; we are all just AFK Also hey!