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    Survival Tip for Bossnia

    Most guides I saw says to build against Fire. Partly right. Build against neutral property. Fire Scorp's Grimtooth and Bug Bears attack is the most you have to defend against and they're pretty much neutral. If you observe a bit, Firebolt comes later and Grimtooth comes often from Fire Scorp. Bug Bear's attack is annoying too thankfully it's neutral property. Use your imagination. You can survive with cheap equips in there. But if you wanna be effective at least you should have GR card and Deviling card. Works wonders. And please don't forget to pick up ygg berry so you can spam it later if you're in a bind. And if you built your RK right for DB, you can one shot everything in there with Water DB even if you don't have Tao Gunka card. Weps. Well my weapon is a 4 slotted Pike with 2 Pom Spider card and 2 Skeleton Archer card. Increase DB's attack even more. My shield is Valk shield with Tatacho for that extra neutral defense. Try it. Then give me a feedback if it improves your survivability at least a bit.