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  1. stubborncatfx

    Stacking Cards, How it works?

    So got some cards that have labels like stack only once, or stack twice and unstackble...so how does it work? Does Naght Sieger card stacks with anything?? Naght Sieger card any good?
  2. stubborncatfx

    Another Mining bit

    thanks for great infos! Will apply it in mine asap!
  3. stubborncatfx

    Another Mining bit

    So does mine guardian protects mine from collapse or going empty or is it the same thing? Kinda confused on the skill description. Is Miner Aura necessary coz in my experience I can't see that much of a difference. I'm still pretty much get injured most of the time. I got 80 points on it. And also on repair, I kinda don't feel its effect even on max...yeah I tried repair on max and can't seem to get the effect as often as i would like that's why I switched to macroing. thanks for the tips and I look forward to more...TIA :)
  4. stubborncatfx

    Another Mining bit

    Sorry, I have so many questions about this mining thing. Peace! So I'm lvl 40 now and I noticed that some mines...some high level ones like Amon Ra and Beelzebub tends to go empty faster. Like, you know, as soon as you start mining, just a few seconds after you get set up...poof! gone! Even when there's nobody else around. Kinda frustrating really especially they're pretty difficult to find. I reset again and have magic detect at 50 but still getting trouble finding them especially Belz. Also, I always get stuck often, like I can't walk even after I ported to town...need to reselect char if that happens and also when detecting mines, the menu appear when you detected the mine but the option to warp won't. Need to jump and rejump if that happens...kind of a hassle really. TIA
  5. stubborncatfx

    Mining Question

    I'll just get right to it. Does more people on a mining spot depletes it faster? Does a mining spot create an instance just for you or you and other players mine in one instance per mining spots detected? Is there any need for competition in mining? The drop rates are pretty low anyway. TIA
  6. stubborncatfx

    My Experience in mining

    This is not a rant or anything. I just wanna share my experience in mining since I started it about three days ago. So far it's exciting but not really fun. Exciting coz of the potential stuff you can get from it especially minerals which are really sought after and have really good prices right now. It's not really fun coz even with the use of macro which is thankfully allowed, it is still tedious and really consumes a lot of time. I mean you can't really AFK even with the use of macro coz of injuries, broken boots, broken drills, making drills and mine depletion. There's also the pesky competition which summons MVPs. It's not really fun to stare at the screen waiting for something to happen. I mean it really needs your undivided attention at least for me most of the time. It's really also tiring switching places, warping and jumping. I mean you can use macro but you can't really automate all, right? Also starting out it's really a zeny eater especially the mining boots. I know there are skills later on that you can acquire that'll lower the chances of it breaking but starting out I've already gone through 5 or 6 I think right now. I was forced to reset my skills to have money maker just to mitigate the zeny loss.You see I'm not keen to sell minerals just yet so haven't really made zeny out of it. Leveling up, it's really quite slow but still rewarding after you get some skills that are worthwhile but seriously if you're not dedicated and just want some quick fun, you can't find it in mining especially starting out. Now that I think about it, maybe that's why there's not a lot of miners out there. I'm currently lvl 27...took me three days. Maybe I'm doing something wrong or its just a really slow game mode. Nevertheless there's potential here. I mean if you're that person that likes to wait and look at your screen from time to time. I'm looking forward to reaching the highest level so please if you have any tips to level up fast or to lessen the boredom I'll really appreciate it. TIA
  7. stubborncatfx

    Survival Tip for Bossnia

    Most guides I saw says to build against Fire. Partly right. Build against neutral property. Fire Scorp's Grimtooth and Bug Bears attack is the most you have to defend against and they're pretty much neutral. If you observe a bit, Firebolt comes later and Grimtooth comes often from Fire Scorp. Bug Bear's attack is annoying too thankfully it's neutral property. Use your imagination. You can survive with cheap equips in there. But if you wanna be effective at least you should have GR card and Deviling card. Works wonders. And please don't forget to pick up ygg berry so you can spam it later if you're in a bind. And if you built your RK right for DB, you can one shot everything in there with Water DB even if you don't have Tao Gunka card. Weps. Well my weapon is a 4 slotted Pike with 2 Pom Spider card and 2 Skeleton Archer card. Increase DB's attack even more. My shield is Valk shield with Tatacho for that extra neutral defense. Try it. Then give me a feedback if it improves your survivability at least a bit.