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  1. ariandani

    Jell-O's B/S/T

    are u on?
  2. ariandani

    Indonesian Lounge -

    iya ini sorc pro kok gk di hitung :(((
  3. ariandani

    BUYING Coagulated spells (item id: 6608) (updated)

    are u on? i have some temporal crystal
  4. hoy  cok wakawkawkwak

    1. verrdii


      @ariandani apa cok ngegad mulu wkakwkaw

    2. menma


      mas ver main rom?

    3. verrdii


      @menma udah males main ma, main emg dirimu?

  5. ariandani

    Selling Item ....

    Blue Fairy = 32B Drake's Jacket = 30B Great Butterfly Wing = 18B Nightvision Goggles = 18B Fairy Wing = 18B Wing of Darkness = 18B Red Imperial Wing = 15B Sky Fairy Wing = 15B Seracillas Ribbon = 15B +9 Red Balloon Hat [HG from Easter Event] = 17B Clear Wings of Magic = 10B Toad Hat = 10B +7 Circus Clown Hat = 16B Lilypad Aura [HG from Easter Event] = 9B +5 Combat Asprika = offer Halloween Hunter Cap [HG from Halloween Event] = 10B Message here for offer or ,, PM In Game : Rancunier./Haatdragend/Vindicator Maraad thanks!