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  1. emile

    Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2020

    Does the BTC promo stack?
  2. Gravity’s 4th job teaser 🤩

  3. emile

    Modified Temporal Boots

    The upgrade can't be done through refine npc? And what kind of enchantments are we talking about ? Answered my own question XD
  4. emile

    HHH Lite/Phantasmagoria - BETA

    At least you don't get errors every login XD
  5. emile

    HHH Lite/Phantasmagoria - BETA

    Just be patient bro. It's not just HHH.
  6. emile

    GX build for hhh

    Gonna test this out this week hopefully. It sounds pretty good!
  7. For the Halloween event, I hope the rare is a God of Thunder set in blue. I will be so happy.

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. eraexo


      ultra instinct goku would be good set. please lets complete goku form.

    3. Horakthy


      I think i have a blue set. lol
      im not sure what to release, or if haze will agree to release new ones.

    4. eraexo


      @Horakthy ultra instinct goku final form please

  8. How much shit are you guys gonna nerf? Smh

    1. Jack


      sadlife rite..

  9. emile

    Needing a guide RK Hero arena

    Option 1: Meteor storm + Dragon Breath > Warp. Repeat until elite. Option 2: Vote and get 10 exp scrolls and you can skip MA.
  10. This server needs a fashion show with all the cool costumes.

    1. eucliwod


      i can make it.. or pm me in forum message

  11. Someone please craft me a siggy please. I'll PAY!

    1. eucliwod


      for siggy pm here or add me fb.. ill tell u my fb from pm hahaha

  12. Not very many solo guides for instances. Hmm.....

    1. Seamless


      instances are made for parties, and those who experimented on doing it solo are being selfish. like me hahaha
      less people doing instances = more customers.

    2. emile


      I was gonna drop a solo guide to one of my favorites that no one has done. Selfish at its finest xD

  13. emile

    Buying and Selling

    How much for Amdarais?