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  1. emile

    Finally mining lvl 150 AMA!

    There's 150 Levels. I'm done mining lol. I thought there was only 40? Fml
  2. emile

    3rd Job Cards

    I was testing the Sropho and Miming card and I'm not sure if it's working as intended. Deep sleep doesn't cast and crystalization only sticks for 1/2 a second.
  3. emile

    Gem of Pneuma

    I've tested the gem of Pneuma for 10 minutes of snipers hitting me and it doesn't proc at all. Can someone take a look at this?
  4. Is there anyone that can teach me how to use this mining script? Level 12 miner and at this rate, Ranking to level 50 will be an extreme pain. Help.. X_X

  5. Any good Pvp guilds other than Hellarious??

    1. iamhii


      Amatsu (go 10) or EA (go 17)

    2. Seam


      Join Hella please, we're outnumbered by the Alliance of Amatsu & EA.

    3. caramellmacchiato
  6. emile

    Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sales

    Is this in regards to the MVP Hunter as well?
  7. Is it just me or has it gotten harder/pvp since renewal lol. This is outrageous lmao

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Seam


      @miareeta the damage you did to mah hart 💔

    3. miareeta


      Haha! I don't regret it one bit!

      btw i recommend smelling thallium while sleeping

    4. Seam


      I'll smell you before sleeping. Change my mind

  8. emile

    windows 10

    That works lol? I tried doing that and it wouldn't let me wtf. You should make a guide out of that XD
  9. emile

    Zombie Hands

    Tested Zombie hands 10% chance to activate Wall of Fog. It should works almost as fast as Amon Ra. After 10 minutes of double strafe and pelted by arrows, nothing happened. Can we please fix this or replace with something better?
  10. All this talk about inflation, maybe I will make a Secret Society guide to manipulate the prices...

    1. Faelnirv


      I remember watching a youtube video (penguinz0 for those who are wondering) of two people jacking up the price of "Monkey Nut" up 5000% from 200 gold to 10k gold. They actually achieved this by hoarding all monkey nuts on the market with the help of their twitch viewers, and the price rose up really quickly.

      I think this is is "pump and dump" scheme, which is illegal in real life, but it would be real fun if you could actually do this in dRO!

  11. Thank you Thank you Thank you for this awesome Halloween event! Finally geared all my main characters except one. Too expensive XD. Will make my first official donation around Christmas! Renewing that RMS review as well. #RoadTo1kAgain

  12. New collectibles dropped....*Bribes younger sibling to farm while at work* Thank you sadie! Now just waiting for these epic rare quests @_@

  13. emile

    Halloween Event [2018] Finale

    damn I've only made it to +8. Salt life XD
  14. emile

    Eluminare's Corner

    I would like a signature Eluminare!