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  1. emile

    Old player returning to RO after 7 years

    Get prepared! It's a WHOLE new world my friend lol. @go 3 for any questions!
  2. emile

    Returning From 2014.

    I just want to run the Old Glast Heim Dungeon lol. The vets are still the same as usual. I want to get geared and start ranking again but with so many elites I need a good guild lol.
  3. emile

    Returning From 2014.

    As long as you talk good English, I'm in.
  4. emile

    Returning From 2014.

    Been awhile. But excited to jump back in here and learn from some of the vets again. I forgot my characters name but will be going in as a Sura this time around. Name now is unknown for now. But I am definitely looking to do WoE and the OGH dungeon! Hope to catch you guys in there!
  5. When you're waiting for the download to finish so read forums all day.....

    1. Lowhigh


      And you come across old posts, and you reminisce.

    2. Seam


      welcome back, Emile. whenever you have the time, you can visit us at @go 2 / Geffen. if you remember old players such as Xileria, Wifi, some No Fear / Ghosts / NX / Vengeance members are there as well. you can ask invites from me ( Caehaelian / Aerheathen / Seeker ) or Sky Princess which is Xileria or any peeps there. We do OGH, WoE, ED, Malangdo Instances. Hope to see you soon!

  6. emile

    Refining Questions

    Lol. That's all I needed to know.
  7. emile

    Refining Questions

    I read the irowiki so I understand the reason for the weapons is more attack bonuses. However, armors, shields, headgears, etc. I'm kind of confused on. So here are some questions I want more clarity on; When refining headgears, shields, armors, etc it affects hard defense and armor effects like Keeper's Armor and Libra shield. But besides that, Why do people refine +10 Headgears that pose 0 effect and what is the reason they become more valuable outside of the hard hard defense and effects? For example, a +8 Libra you get no knockback. But a +10 Libra What is going to be the underlying benefit to the +10 one over+8? +10 marshy. Why try to upgrade? I could understand +10 Divine Helm for F.Pharaoh but I'm not quite sure about the 35% helms. Any feedback is appreciated.
  8. All these updates, I'm drooling to get back to see the changes! Is GX under construction still or is it still dead?

    1. GhostAlpha1


      still no updates on gx