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  1. Anyone still make animated signatures?

  2. emile

    newbie sura here

    By far the two best builds for sura that stands today: Alma's Wordless- Asura Guide - By far the most detailed guide I've ever seen for a character breakdown.
  3. T> Water/Beer/Umbrella/Sunglasses/Toys/Guns= All Other Loot

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  5. Sooooo........... I was looking for a GX Guide and couldn't find any good ones for Save The Princess. I got bored of Dragon Breath and decided to switch it up to GX. (It's more fun imo) Still under construction so any input is welcome and appreciated. Pros: High DPS, Doesn't require much knowledge of BM (+ For noobs like me), Life Steal (No need for Yggs), Super Fun and Easy! Cons: Anti-Tank, Low SP pool, Can't one shot mobs, Macro-Friendly, semi-expensive, Easily robbed of Kills. Gears: +10 Danzo Bandage + Evil Snake Lord/Violent Coelecanth (Enable a 20% chance of gaining 70% of the damage inflicted upon an enemy as hp with each attack. -25% damage from demi-human.) Abyss Demon Scythe or similiar + Addax (+25% Physical damage to All Race) Husky/Dragon Aura + Orc Hero(70% Movement Speed, Reduce ADC by 20%, ATK +450) +8 Magnetite Armor + Tao/Amdarais (+15% HP, Unbreakable, +8 = No knockback/ +15% ATK/MATK Rate & SP Drainer) +10 Feral Claw or Ripclaw Ripclaw (F. Phreeoni, White Knight, Turtle General, F.Atroce) Why you might ask? F.Phreeoni adds +100 Hit and another 10% atk rate. You can hit more mobs in case you get cursed or blind status. Sniper has serious high flee so you can can take her out easier and have more room to add to VIT for tanking more mobs. F. Atroce adds 10 HIT per refine and 500 Base ATK. Refine the Katar as best as you can! The more damage you put out, the less you have to rely on berries or Tao. Silver Aegis/Aeneas shield +Charge Basilisk (Reduces damage from Medium and Large monsters by 20%. +8 Albite Garment +Deviling (Str+ 15, Dex+ 15, +5% HP, 15% resistance to Holy, Neutral and Ghost property. +8 adds ATK+10%) You won't need a Ghostring to survive. You can use the Elite Aesprika, Glorified Manteau or Nyd Garb but you'll be able to survive longer with Albite from the added bonuses. Twilight Boots + F. Eddga (+60% movement speed (Good if you only have an Ice Ring) +5 PD. +5% ATK/MATK) Medal of Honor + Dark Faceworm/Ifrit (-5% ACD, +10 STR, +5 DEX, +3% HP/+200 ATK/MATK + chance of Lex Aeterna) Specialist Glove + Faceworm/Ifrit (+35 STR, +5% dmg to demi-human, +5% HP/200 ATK) Your gears and stats should look similar to this: Gears and Stats Consumables & Skills: Cloaking: For obvious reasons. Dark Illusion: Closing distance for Stone soldiers spider web and wraith's range. Backslide: Evasion and gathering mobs. Rolling Cutter: Main Damage Skill (Requires 40% delay for best results. Credits to Patty Ann for this) Enchant Deadly Poison Water Scroll: Use to kill Seyren Earth Scroll: Use on Sniper Freeza Hat: Use on High Wiz. (Make sure to swap weapons to lose the weapon property to get the ghost enchant. Fire Scroll: Only for the Bosses (Must have 1600 HIT to attack them if I'm not mistaken. Make sure to use Blessing Scrolls and DEX foods) Panacea: Cures curse, silence, blind and poison status. Yggdrasil Seeds: SP regeneration. Poison Bottles: For EDP What to do: Always stay on Frost Scroll when walking the map. Only switch when you kill the rest of the mobs and the Sniper is left. Use Earth scrolls on her if you have the HIT to kill her. *****NOTE********* If you cross paths with Sniper and Arachne, BACKSLIDE like a Muthafukka. Quagmire and dispell from Arachne is a bitch. Drops your ASPD like crazy. Snipers damage isn't bad but Arachne is almost like coma. Don't let them trap you. Take out Arachne first since the Sniper is ranged and then close the distance with Dark Illusion>Rolling Cutter. There is a slight delay with Dark Illusion since you don't have kiels so work with it as best as you can.*****NOTE********* Lure the non demi-human mobs when walking and backslide with /bangbang or /bingbing in a circle. Dark Illusion to center yourself in the pit and Rolling cut away. Lure them into a corner since so many RK can one shot Dragon Breath and KS all day T_T. No skill on their end. Being quick is key. If you boost your damage high enough, you won't need a Tao for survival. You'll see me dying a lot from testing how much I can tank. At the end of a round you should average between 3 ~ 6K EXP: EXP STATS The End
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    Yep. Go 18 usually around 1900 server time.
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  8. Damn near upgraded every character from this event and the amount of zeny made...... Review renewed 😉

    1. Aselica


      Looks like I had missed a great deal of this year's generous christmas event

  9. emile


  10. emile

    Illustration Design Contest [Closed]

    It needs to be a digital design or does a drawing work?
  11. emile

    Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2020 [ENDED]

    Does the BTC promo stack?
  12. Gravity’s 4th job teaser 🤩

  13. emile

    Modified Temporal Boots

    The upgrade can't be done through refine npc? And what kind of enchantments are we talking about ? Answered my own question XD
  14. emile

    HHH Lite/Phantasmagoria - BETA

    At least you don't get errors every login XD