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  1. Hampir punah, tapi masih ada dedengkot2 di hugel @go 22 om
  2. Aan

    Halloween Event 2020 - [ENDED]

    waw +25% critical damage and +2 range /slur
  3. Aan

    Its becoming frustrating

    Right, I would to suggest for the event to not stop even all the MVPs has been killed
  4. Aan

    [QoL] Client Changes

    waw "Elite Shield" is really coming
  5. Aan

    Simple macro for skill spam

    fast and easy to use spammer, have been and still using it
  6. Aan

    Honorable Guild

    i play this game since 2015 but my undead armor still +4. Hundreds WoF(uck)
  7. Aan

    Honorable Guild

    Waw i dont expect the talks become this long hahaha, No doubt OG is doing really good job to be honorable guild. Their system and management is really good and very very helpfull for newbies even vets. I just want to see more competition. yes only see because i dont farm lol nvm just my cents. Chill.....
  8. Aan

    Honorable Guild

    Hmmm, unlike WoE. this feature is dominated by 1 guild. I dont know, but should be not like that. Im thinking about reducing guild member capacity for this honorable guild especially, to increase the competitiveness. Maybe....
  9. Aan

    S> +10Temporal LUK Boots

    bump 450b RUSH!!!!!
  10. Aan

    Indonesian Lounge -

    ke hugel aja bro, go 22. gratis klo skull doang mah
  11. Aan

    Movement Speed Stacking

    i believe supersonic boots movement bonus stack with 40%, 50%, and 60% movements speed
  12. Aan

    FCP Bugged?

    This never happen to me, but i dont play BG lately. last time played about 2 months ago. Its weird, are you sure u get fully FCPed? or maybe, when you get fcp you are not using full equip so that y didnt get fully fcpied? just maybe