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  1. Aan

    Indonesian Lounge -

    ge hugel atau geffen aja bro
  2. so many old player came back, its a good moment to increase more DRO review in RMS. Lets make DRO Great Again!!!!!

  3. Aan

    Indonesian Lounge -

  4. Aan

    Hero Divisions (Part 1)

    can we have "Hero Division (Part 2)" or revamp the elite gloves? :)))
  5. Aan

    Indonesian Lounge -

    download full client dreamerro aja bro, biar aman lancar sentosa
  6. Aan

    Indonesian Lounge -

    join guild overgeared, cocok buat pemain baru
  7. Aan

    Indonesian Lounge -

    Geffen @go 2, banyak indo disitu tp ga semua
  8. Aan

    Ranged Auto Attack Build

    afaik, there is no ranged job can do auto attack with decent damage. unless you are only want to trolls then use Lord of the death card, whitesmith card in ur death weapon or elite weapon otherwise if you want to be a killer, than play rapidshower or fullbuster and u need 90-100 delay reduce
  9. Aan

    Indonesian Lounge -

    ayok pvp woe
  10. Aan


    im in already
  11. Waw currently TalonRO and DreamerRO are still look alive in RMS

  12. Aan

    Honorable Guild

    Hero Arena, Duel Arena kill points also please
  13. For MVPing? GX: Auto Sonic Blow (Punk Beanie), Soul breaker, Rolling Cutter, Meteor Assault Genetic: Cart Cannon *Use Drake Card if necessary