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  1. 1. this was posted in 2014. DRo was still pre-renewal server. So that is so obsolete 2. Star Gladiator hatred is nerfed
  2. Aan

    Indonesian Lounge -

    nunggu update balancing skill
  3. Aan

    Indonesian Lounge -

    iye pensi, suram wis gak balance blas cok pentil kuda
  4. Aan

    Xero's Q & A

    pure elunium or enriched elunium? which one is exactly u wanna use? Pure elunium doesnt works if u refine an armor using enriched elunium
  5. Aan

    Xero's Q & A

    Enriched elunium can be used only by Suhnbi [@warp payon 157 146] on Payon
  6. Aan

    Horror Factory Instance Update

    300HP is good, so every cards description with Base-HP Increasing effect should be editted to be 2x of its current description?
  7. Aan

    Horror Factory Instance Update

    Tao Gunka Card is still way much more usefull than Decorate Evil Tree Card 150k HP maight be usefull if it not compounded in Armor. I suggest to make it a weapon, shoes, or accessory card. Or Buff it to be MaxHP + 400k~500k. I use gunslinger as a paramater, gunslinger have around 1m HP with about 100 vit, Tao Gunka Card, other common %HP buff (sleipnir, addax, etc.). So that can be more usefull for jobs with Low Base-HP.
  8. Aan

    Indonesian Lounge -

    2 minggu belakang sepi sih mil, mati hahaha
  9. Aan

    1st Celine Kimi Card DRO

    wow nice grats
  10. Aan

    Indonesian Lounge -

    Geffen aja bro, @go 2. join Kings Raid guildnya Kuro Ken
  11. Aan

    Glorious Weapon Update

    Suggesting another effect for Glorious Jamadhar Glorious Jamadhar: Attack - 450 Increase damage to demi human by 88 90% Demi Resist + 15% Adds 20% defense bypassing on Demi-human monster. Increases critical attack against DemiHuman monster sonic blow damage by 40%. Indestructible (except in upgrade attempts). [Refine Rate +6 or higher] Adds more 5% chance critical damage to defense bypassing to DemiHuman monster. [Slaughter] Lv 2 [Refine Rate +9 or higher] When dealing physical damage there's a chance that the weapon will awaken and grant 20% critical more damage for 3 seconds. Im suggesting sonic blow buff, since critical attack is pretty useless
  12. Aan

    Glorious Weapon Update

    Thank you, but Genetics already have an E.Weapon (Paracelsus) with effect: enable to use Lvl. 6 Meteor Storm skill and boost slim potion pitcher skill.
  13. Aan

    Glorious Weapon Update

    Im suggesting this weapon to be more usefull for Genetics on 2nd job skill fighting. The purple coloured words are what im suggesting. 5. Glorious Two Handed Axe (will remain two one handed) : Attack - 500/450 MATK Increase damage to demi human by 90% Reduce damage from demi human by 25% Adds 25% defense bypassing on Demi-human monster. Indestructible (except in upgrade attempts). [Refine Rate +6 or higher] Add 5% chance of auto casting Level 1 Critical Wound when dealing physical damage. Adds 5% defense bypassing on Demi-human monster. [Slaughter] Lv 2 [Refine Rate +9 or higher] Adds an additional Demi-Human Resistance by 5% Increases 5% Chance to casting Critical Wound when dealing physical damage. Add a chance of auto casting Level 2 Critical Wound when using skill Cart Termination or Cart Cannon. Increase Damage of Mamonite by 50% [Refine Rate +10 or higher] Endow weapon with ghost property Currently genetics only have Acid Demonstration as their main offensive skill on 2nd skill job. Boosting mamonite skill in this weapon may help genetics to have more choice in fighting their enemies. Im not sure how much Mamonite should be boosted, 50% is just my rough opinion. Thank you~
  14. Aan

    Indonesian Lounge -

    ciyyeee abis berhubungan
  15. Aan

    Nightvision Goggles

    yep, its not only NVG but every item that make ur attack range to be more than 3 range will cause the same problem. This is an old issue and yet still not fixed~