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  1. Aan

    Nightvision Goggles

    yep, its not only NVG but every item that make ur attack range to be more than 3 range will cause the same problem. This is an old issue and yet still not fixed~
  2. Aan

    Incorrect Description List (New)

    Item: Turtle General Card Description Error: "increases ATK 20%" should be "Increases damage inflicted on all enemies by 20%"
  3. Aan

    Absen Anak-Anak Indo

  4. It have been almost 1 year since renewal implemented. Left hand Weapon's sprite of GX is bugged. The sprite wont show up if gx using weapon on left hand Please fix this, thank you~
  5. Aan

    Glorious Weapon Update

    Wiw, Gunslinger's guns are so badass
  6. Aan

    Sage Ring +15% ATK and MATK Not Working

    based on RMS, this item working as intended~ { bonus bMdef,2; bonus bMaxHPrate,1; bonus2 bSubEle,Ele_Water,5; },{},{}
  7. Aan

    Sage Ring +15% ATK and MATK Not Working

    Btw, Turtle General card description is about increasing 20% ATK. But the fact it is increasing 20% Physical Damage. Is it supposed to increases 20%ATK or 20%Physical Damage? Thanks~
  8. Aan

    Sage Ring +15% ATK and MATK Not Working

    no, its not %damage but %ATK Rate. It have been like that, %ATK Rate wont show dirrectly to your status window but it will show in damage output
  9. Aan


    i know how that multiply works, please note that i tested WITHOUT ANY OTHER cards or items with increasing damage to demihuman effect. my test was a fair comparation between range wing (25% range damage) and rare wing (25% damage to demihuman). this damage different is not about cards combination but range wings just give more damage than rare wings, dunno its a bug or not.
  10. Aan

    Indonesian Lounge -

    Hugel, Payon yang tengah, Geffen bray Join guild Kings Raid yang di Geffen klo mau, di sana recruit newbie2 kadang mraid Old Glast Heim bareng2. cuman ga full indo, campuran tapi banyak indo nya juga
  11. Aan


    actually i just tested in testing room. I dont think testing monster has demi-human reduction. But testing monster are demi-human. Ok lets go back to the topic sorry~
  12. Aan

    Indonesian Lounge -

    ayooo balik sini tong, peraaaang
  13. Aan


    3) yes, X% range damage is doing more damage than X% demihuman
  14. Aan


    280-300 is too much bro. Looks like, need to boost rapid shower and fullbuster base damage by around 15%