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  1. Aan

    Newbie Warlock Bossnia Guide 2020

    simply helpfull
  2. Aan


    im in already
  3. Waw currently TalonRO and DreamerRO are still look alive in RMS

  4. Aan

    Honorable Guild

    Hero Arena, Duel Arena kill points also please
  5. For MVPing? GX: Auto Sonic Blow (Punk Beanie), Soul breaker, Rolling Cutter, Meteor Assault Genetic: Cart Cannon *Use Drake Card if necessary
  6. Aan

    Indonesian Lounge -

    dahulu kala ada, skrg semua old player jadi satu. indo malay pinoy yg old old di go 10 biasanya. uda sudah jarang sekali online. atau itu ada staff indo, caramellmachiatod
  7. Aan

    Fused MvP Card Update

    1. Its 100% for critical normal attack, but im not sure for normal attack. U can test it by using weapon with Turtle General card vs The Paper Card. TGc cant kill stacked monsters at the same time. 2. Any skills is not affected by the card 3. Range bonus will disturb or even negate the chance, u need to click a cell nearer to your target manually (cant just click your target) 4. It works the same for all splash bonus Your welcome
  8. Aan


    you were enemy! hmm, can i join?
  9. Aan

    Lite Graphics Plugin (@LGP)

    this is amazing, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!
  10. Aan

    post market/clearance

    gem of intelligence 5b?
  11. Aan

    Indonesian Lounge -

    Kalo ga @go 22 atau @go 3 atau @go 10
  12. Aan

    Indonesian Lounge -

    hoi mana lu om, ayo sini plei
  13. Aan

    Combat Training Program

  14. Aan


    Yep, my friends are being TTed and TTing. but i dont, evvvvveerrything is fine if you are doing fine #Dad'sadvice
  15. Aan

    Combat Training Program

    Can we make this feature more easier to achieve? hehehe