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  1. Aan

    2 Hand weapon

    As per iRO indeed critical hit does not ignore DEF but in DRo, IT DOES.
  2. Aan

    2 Hand weapon

    The 1 damage means that your attack is a critical attack Critical attack pierce DEF (DEF ignored = 0) while thana damage is depend on DEF Try to reduce your LUK to 1 point and test it again. It should not 1 damage if your attack is not critical hit
  3. Aan

    Benevolent Cecil STP

    It has Agility UP skill (https://irowiki.org/wiki/NPC_AGIUP). Meteor Assult is the best for STP. Use F.PrheeoniC or 1 F.AtroceC in +10Weapon or switch to Criss once you hit this Cecil Use @mi "monster id/name" to check monster detail information
  4. Aan

    Energy Coat Bug?

    seems like skills on RMS is not updated, irowiki is more accurate than RMS about renewal skill description
  5. Aan

    Indonesian Lounge -

    Hayuk, saya siap menghidupi kamuh
  6. New update please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Aan

    SN bug?

    LOL OP
  8. Aan

    Hero EXP Booster (Mining skill)

    I have maxed this skill and it works just fine. It pop ups several time while im mining that i get 50k hero exp. Though I never checked about my hero exp wether it increase or not but seems like it increased
  9. Aan

    Sura - Elite Weapon Armageddon

    Yes that's how it supposed to be