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    Buying and Selling

    Yes, there's one left. Just sold one for 4b, is that alright with you as well?
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    Buying and Selling

  3. Dymlos

    Buying and Selling

    14B sound okay? Lowest I see on the market is 15 atm. Let me know and we can negotiate
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    Buying and Selling

    S>: Robot Ears Bone Mask Enchanted Diamond Dust Golden Dragon Helm Winter Wizard Hat Gothic Dress Hat Falling Snow Neptune Protector Rainy Cloud Clear Wings of Magic Poring of Balance 2x Strawberry Cap 2x 1x Feral Claws Moonfall Elven Bow +10 White Wing Suit 2x Megingjard (str) 3x Megingjard (dex) 4x Alchemy Glove Wings of Light Wings of Darkness Cards: 2x Assassin Cross Card 3x Randgris Card Bulk etc: All Dyestuffs Baphomet Dolls
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    New Player

    Thank you for all the answers! Most of my friends that would be joining are what would best be called RO veterans. It's not that we don't have the experience, it's from experience that we know RO is just a game of numbers. I hope in the future that patch notes and balancing changes are noted more precisely so that any wiki contributions will be accurate and detailed. I did take a look through quite a few threads in the balancing changes and did look over the changelogs. As I said, it's rather difficult to tell what information is still accurate to this day without a running list of what's current from the devs. This is especially true for skills and items that may have received nerfs or buffs and then had those changes revoked due to being over/undertuned in future patches. I'm not sure how interested they still are without an existing resource so we can figure out how and what we'd like to play, but 1 or 2 of them said they plan on at least logging in and checking out WoE this coming weekend to see if the competition seems worth it. I received a PM regarding Dorams and Rebels and their lack of skills or buggy skills and it's mostly things like this that I'd rather save my friends the headache of experiencing early on in our time here. Again, thanks for all the help so far!
  6. Dymlos

    New Player

    We're all fans of custom changes to RO and that was part of the draw of maybe coming to this server. We're just looking for numbers on how each classes skills and stats has been custom changed so we can decide on how to properly gear whichever class we choose to play. I think it's reasonable to say that no one wants to spend a significant amount of time gearing and progressing a character only to find out that a skill they were hoping to optimize was actually nerfed into the ground and find their time wasted. I'd love for us to be able to just log in and experience it, but we'd like to get started on the actual custom content this server has to offer. Without an easily accessible source to reference, we'd have to first create every single class and then painstakingly experiment with each skill under different conditions in order to find out what % each skill does damage wise or how big of a role shield weight plays into paladin shield skills, or spear weight when it comes to spiral pierce and so on. It's impractical to have to experiment in this way to uncover the thousands of custom changes made on this server so far. I get that it probably sounds like i'm being a stickler for the details, but for players that enjoy min-maxing and theory crafting RO, these numbers are essential. On top of that, having the numbers visible and easily accessible will help with balance suggestions. Taking a look at several balance suggestion threads, I see little talk of actual numbers and rather just what people "feel" is too strong or weak. I appreciate the replies given so far and hope we can figure out a way to readily get this information out to my friends, veterans, and any other newcomers that are thinking of joining. Hope to get started soon!
  7. Dymlos

    New Player

    The changelogs are nice, but a great number of things have changed throughout the years that are no longer relevant in the older changelogs. I won't be forcing them to read through the 2000+ accepted balancing posts and then also try and sort out relevant information from the changelogs to try and piece together how a class works and then repeat for each class they're interested in playing. It'd take days, perhaps weeks for them to find the pertinent info and there's no guarantee the information is relevant because of lack of transparency on what exactly has changed with each class. Is there a reason why the information is all secret when nearly all information on renewal/pre-renewal mechanics is finely detailed and open for everyone to view on sites like irowiki? Even other servers such as https://www.anomalyro.com/wiki/index.php/Balancing_Changes and https://www.legendsofmidgard.com/wiki/Custom_Features have custom changes finely detailed for each class so new players can make an informed decision on how the game world works. (sorry if i'm breaking rules by linking these, but it's baffling that a server with so many custom changes completely lacks a well organized resource for new players to reference before playing.) Within minutes of reading through either of the two sites I linked I could hop into the game and know exactly what has changed with each class and any mechanics that may be custom to the server.
  8. Dymlos

    New Player

    I did take a look at the wiki but found it lacking in any information about custom class changes. There's a suggestion forum here where a lot of changes are suggested and made to classes, but I really just wanted a specific place that gathered all changes for each class to look at. On the wiki page for stats and explanations it also gives information on the pre-renewal stats and not renewal like I saw in-game. http://www.playdreamerro.com/wiki/index.php/Stats I'm really just looking for the specific balancing changes made to each class so we can decide which characters we'll be running with. Taking a look through just a few of the accepted balancing changes posts shows that things like grand cross have been nerfed in damage, but by how much? Is there really no way to easily look up what all has been custom changed for each class? I'm still unsure what renewal-ish means. What is and isn't renewal mechanics wise?
  9. Dymlos

    New Player

    Hi, I go by Dymlos. A few of my friends and I are planning on possibly playing here, but I was having some trouble finding a lot of information that they requested, so I'm just going to write down a list of questions if anyone would be kind enough to answer. What's the actual active population here? What is the WoE scene like? Which is the most active WoE? Is the 2nd Jobs WoE using renewal mechanics or non-renewal? The server is listed as Renewal-ish, but I'm having a hard time finding a compendium of all the information. What is and isn't renewal? On the topic of custom changes, what are all the custom changes? I was having trouble finding a list of all the custom changes done to every class on top of renewal. Is there somewhere specific where I can find all of this info?