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  1. dub

    SN bug?

    Does it actually give the +stats when you wear it?
  2. dub

    Item Missing

    you have received a warning about this bug when you created your cart, there is no way to get any item back lost that way - was there anything 'special' you did before this bug happened to you?
  3. dub

    Biolab Gear Exchange Quest

    was the server restarted by then?
  4. dub

    Item Missing/Item Strange

    Same bug as in the the other threads, fourth slot thingie.. Does the card take any effect if you wear the garment?
  5. dub

    2 kinds of Leak Cards?

    Yes this is indeed the last slot/cart whatever bug; sometimes your card will have something bound to it on the fourth slot, you can check you control panel if there is anything but it wont take effect as long as i know.. sometimes its only visible in trade or vending if at all like the "Beast Panacea" - Panacea with Atroce Card on it