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    oh im not agree with backslide is never effective, backslide is always effective for me at HHH/HA well for 1v1 i dont know im not good at 1v1 xD . it's true that backslide it's good for running away, but its also good to get a good position if you play as grimtooth type . if you say GX don't have defense skill at 2nd well yea its true only cloacking , but if 3rd GX have skill that give u a chance to blocking physical damage just like RK and RG skill name is Weapon Blocking i always use it at 3rd woe and it's always effective for me to block damage when you use it with SW or Pneuma . Agree 3rd poison it's useless now, sometimes i can't even use poison smoke anymore at 3rd job WoE when i want to cast it the poison already gone xD , well if the effect duration 1 minutes or the effect is gone after 5/6 hit i guess it will be fine .
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