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  1. Xel


    *Me who played for 6 years but never won any on raffle and still play the game* :')
  2. Xel

    Valentines Event 2021 - Phase 3

    nice, happy single day
  3. Xel

    New Player Starting Job/Class

    Nice comment. Hi Ate Fira. When I first started, I used Ranger as my starting job first. It was already useful because there's a seasonal event the time I first started (December, which is Christmas event). I agree with other people here though. Warlock can be your starting job since it is the best class for farming (like Zeph, DQ, Scavenger if you want to compete, and others) and it is also good for PVP. Well, if you are okay with your character dying, you can join Battlegrounds too (but I suggest make your character Hero first before you join lol) since BG also gives good rewards. GX or Ranger for seasonal event farming. Seasonal events now let players borrow gears for some time that can be used to farm in seasonal event maps. But given the time though (next seasonal event is Easter, which is in months), you are semi-geared or have enough money to buy your needs so I guess go with Warlock first.
  4. Xel

    The G.O.D.S. Corporation

    is dis even alive lul
  5. Xel

    Battleground Raiser

    add him lul
  6. Xel

    How to Play DreamRO on RTX 2060 ( need help )

    It worked. Thanks. XD Maybe PC won't have problems? I asked others who uses PC and their setup.exe detects NVIDIA just fine. Only laptop have problems I guess.
  7. Xel

    How to Play DreamRO on RTX 2060 ( need help )

    Tried RivaTuner too since I badly need MSI Afterburner for undervolting. But unfortunately, Gepard detects it. No choice but to close MSI Afterburner and RivaTuner everytime I'll play DreamerRO. By the way, care to share the guide here? I want to try it too. Thanks. XD
  8. Xel

    How to Play DreamRO on RTX 2060 ( need help )

    This is what I'm talking about though I thought it won't work because it uses .dll files which Gepard might detect. XD Well, I did asked HaZe about dgvoodoo before, but he didn't reply lol.
  9. Xel

    How to Play DreamRO on RTX 2060 ( need help )

    Are you somehow using a laptop? Setup.exe can't detect NVIDIA graphics card due to some reasons. (Maybe because RO is an old game and RTX is new lol.) I asked HaZe about this before since I have same issues as you. (I'm using a laptop with GeForce GTX 1650 and setup.exe can't detect my graphics card.) There's a software that can make setup.exe detect NVIDIA graphics card, but because Gepard exists in this server, then not possible lol. So yeah, use Direct3D T&L HAL instead.
  10. Xel

    Goodbye Dreamerro

    Reading this post gave me brain cancer.
  11. Xel


    haha lulul
  12. Well. Good luck.

  13. Xel

    Hero Quest Guide

    Possible reasons why you can't do the quest: 1) You are already Elite Hero. 2) You already did this quest once (before you turned into Elite Hero, but an unlikely reason since it might be your first time doing the quest). 3) You didn't unlocked the option to do the Rank B Weapon Quest (Reginleif -> Unlockables). 4) You didn't finished the required stuffs yet (Trials of Glory).