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    dude like seriously, just get discord my man
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    just go ask my discord ID because who gives a shit about skype anymore it's 2017 already lads move on

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  1. Nii

    What are you listening to?

    DJ Deckstream feat. Junji Chiba - Creeper
  2. Every dang time, I end up popping back. Server hopped here and there but I always end up back here. For the old and veteran people, rejoice. I'm back and I missed you all so much! :'^) For the new members, I've been here since 2010~2011. Very, very old fart. There's nothing much to say other than I main a Baby Swordsman (Yes, 1st job.) and beating up adult characters with a Guillotine. Ah, good times. Nice meeting you all! Seam, Xero, Jack. I hope you are all still alive. :'^) I missed you guys more than anything.
  3. Nii

    Holy- I'm alive.

    Love u onee. We're finally home! Welcome back to both of us!
  4. I'm alive after 5 years.