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  1. Otra util guia, buen trabajo amor. P.d: ya no te dire nab
  2. sakazuki


    Very useful, nice guide nabcita
  3. sakazuki

    Glorious Weapon Update

    Glorious rifle and gatlin gun have the same effect? or was an error here in the forum description?. Can i suggest more damage and 4 sec less cooldown for "Fire Rain" skill in the script of Glorious Gatlin Gun? Fire Rain is 5 sec cooldown.
  4. sakazuki


    RS Gunslingers need a buff but only a little, maybe 10% or 15%. Why not so much? you must consider another skill in the arsenal of GS, they have fallen angel to position yourself in pvp, if this skill is used in a good way, GS can be catched, also have disarm, so im against to give a big buff to Rapid Shower. What i think? remove Desperado fix cooldown and Revolver GS will have another useful skill to use. FB Gunslinger, they sure are fine, dont buff this skill, you need to know how to use this job, thats all. In order to improve a little more GS, need to modify the effect of Elite Glove, the actual effect is useless: Lvl 1 : DEX+15, MDEF+5, Lvl 2 : DEX+25, MDEF+5, Range +1, Lvl 3 : DEX+35, MDEF+7, Range +1, +5% HP. Why 1+ range? changing it to 5% atk will help a lot. Saludos.
  5. sakazuki

    [Training Room] Modifiable Dummy

    One of the best updates xDD ty. Saludos.
  6. sakazuki

    It's Time to Wake Up Dreamers

    I can understand all your problem, because the community of RO in general are players over 20 years old. I mean we have job, family, social life , etc, but as a gamer also this is our distraction, we need a balanced server and more friendly with newbies. Personally, i didn't give my review yet, because even if newbies enter in Dro they don't stay here, the server before need balance. I have nothing to say about seasonal events, and items updates, I think are awesome, but playability and mechanics of Dro are really wrong, some jobs need balance, update in playability and some features for newbies. Again, we understand that you are busy in real life, but is your server and you are giving a service, even if its for free this need urgents updates about balance if you want that player stay here, then we can make reviews and invite new people here, this is my point of view as a player. Saludos.
  7. sakazuki

    Arrow Vulcan

    Damage of Arrow Vulcan deal low damage with wanderer eweapon lv3, 1x hydra 1x tyrant 2x tgc, against a player with 75% demihuman redux. It deal no more than 1.6k per hit. With thana deal more, but it still low (and i still dont understand at all thanatos effect here).