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  1. 99 Ways to Die


    * Kicks shins! *
  2. 99 Ways to Die

    5 years of not kicking shins

    > Dodges like a pro < Ha! Nice try Bees!
  3. 99 Ways to Die


    Kailya!!!!!!!! I'm glad I looked over this topic! I'm back, hope you remember me! Hope to catch you lurking sometime!
  4. 99 Ways to Die

    5 years of not kicking shins

    I need my shin kicking fix BAD! 5 years is a long time without kicking shins. Beware! VVendy Marvell is looking for shins to kick! Better hide, Pedobear Polobear! And the None Smaller Guild is out for shins, too! LMAO! I have a folder for shin kicks with 134 images of my characters kicking shins since 2014! Some of the victims: Zod. (most kicked), Seth (a close 2nd), Kyuushu, Paxis, Keilo Sin/Keilo Shad, JasontheSexy, Xplicit Content aka Jeh, Castiel, Raven, Incognito, Stoner, S O N 1 C Bonus Image - The Student gets Xplicit Content:
  5. 99 Ways to Die

    "That name is familliar"

    I remember your name! I've been gone about 5 years , so it's time to remember how to play!