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  1. spiritcalmbear

    The REAL Legendary Sets

    I have 80+ newbie gloves haha
  2. spiritcalmbear

    when baklas got too much free time

    sorry for that man, don't mind others
  3. spiritcalmbear

    Halloween Event 2020 - [ENDED]

    maybe make this way 75 = xxx monster 50 = xxx monster 25 = xxx monster every kill of monster hunted = 1 halloween coin
  4. spiritcalmbear

    Forge Failing

    If you upgrade then fail, go for tomorrow again if succeed then proceed until you fail again then tomorrow again, well that's what im doing so far its good
  5. spiritcalmbear

    Halloween Event 2020 - [ENDED]

    Just join BG create range char, hit them in super long range put 3 lod card 1 valkyrie, then attack in range cloak run, let coma proc, u can kill people who can tank in chance, but the main thing is victory badges, war badges, higher coins of Halloween, death weapons coupon, do other ways so many ways still one ending of getting coins, or wait for pvm farming mode play 5 hrs to 10 per day then ur good, but if you play limited timea it's ok just balance ur life and game, i have work to and right now im on field base, my wife cant farm bcoz of baby sitting my new novice lmao, just play as you can farm as you can dony pressure ur self
  6. spiritcalmbear

    Halloween Event 2020 - [ENDED]

    please please please can we put each headgear can be get in halloween event in this thread thank you so so so so much
  7. Diving Weapon in each class, i mean all CLASS that's all
  8. hmmmm sounds risky, but i like it
  9. new auto cast headgear <3 like auto rolling cutter or hundred spear hahahaha
  10. spiritcalmbear


    Fabric is the main thing abs and other stuff to create quest headgears
  11. spiritcalmbear

    Old Glast Heim Guide (Newbie Friendly)

    Wow new knowledge
  12. spiritcalmbear

    FAST 3k caspen kills with different jobs using GC(w/ video)

    Thanks, holy is expensive and i got 2 paladin card last year xmas
  13. spiritcalmbear

    FAST 3k caspen kills with different jobs using GC(w/ video)

    No holy armor then holy scroll is ok?
  14. spiritcalmbear

    Rune Knight build for caspen 3000 kills pls

    oh i get it now thanks haha
  15. spiritcalmbear

    Rune Knight build for caspen 3000 kills pls

    glorious muffler or manteau in BG?