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  1. FaithInsanity

    B> Asgard Blessing or Similar Items

    Sorry Can not Afford.Thanks
  2. FaithInsanity

    B> Asgard Blessing or Similar Items

    lol I am not that rich dear. thanks, I can do 10 DToks that all I have
  3. FaithInsanity

    B> Asgard Blessing or Similar Items

    10 bil? IDK the price
  4. FaithInsanity

    B> Asgard Blessing or Similar Items

  5. FaithInsanity

    BUY and SELL

    Offer +10 and +9 both Satyr Helm. Thanks
  6. FaithInsanity


    what all Ingredients you need?
  7. FaithInsanity

    B> Asgard Blessing or Similar Items

    I need something like this - https://ibb.co/rcyQXQx Thanks, I can pay in Dtoks though Thanks
  8. Horror Factory & OGH & Addax Guide Request! - with Equiups, Job & strats, Kindly help! Thanks
  9. FaithInsanity

    PK Contest [July]

    NO wonder in DOTA 2 Support life Rocks! Here AB cant does solo Instances. wherein other class can.. and moreover, you can not party with random people cause you don't get the MVP I still remember, there was EvenT Addax spawned in Bosnia I support him for his max damage with aspresio. still got no reward... The priest need to be buffed, Big time. or there should be way of supporting points. with heal buff , etc
  10. FaithInsanity

    PK Contest [July]

    How the winner would be picked?, Like most kills? support skills?, I want to know how an AB Class can win?
  11. FaithInsanity

    Selling And buying

    Can we negotiate on F.Dracula. I would need that. Thanks
  12. FaithInsanity

    Item List [Boss]

    Thank you All
  13. FaithInsanity

    Phantasmagoria - Knight Ares MVP Guide~

    where to get Asperso scroll?
  14. FaithInsanity

    Item List [Boss]

    Hello, Guys Can anyone please some name the items which help in increase Damage to Boss Type Monsters? For Example - Lady Bug Wings, Flying Chocolate [Valentine Event], Mystical Chakra. Are there any others,? Thanks
  15. FaithInsanity

    Buying Fused Phreeoni leave price

    why don't you Fuse one? I can help you gear up for Orc memory and you can solo it and charms are like 2 bil per set