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  1. FaithInsanity

    HHH Lite/Phantasmagoria - BETA

    Nope, I checked the MI All Ghost, Demon, Shadow and Undead, No Demi Humna, akthough they look Demi Huam
  2. FaithInsanity

    Easter Event?

    Thanks Haze, Appreciate a lot.. We all looking forward to it,. If Possible, Kindly include some new twist, so lazy people are bound to farm. like 2016 valentine event where in you have to hunt items to make items
  3. FaithInsanity

    Buying some hero quest item

    Take Bio From me Fyi - You can farm Frag in 30 mins.. as these are instant spawn on maps from Tha_t08 to tha_t12
  4. FaithInsanity

    Xero Selling Juls' Items

    Need 2 Kiel Please.. How much?
  5. FaithInsanity

    Trey's Market..

    Buy all HE gums. Thanks let me know when you will be online ..
  6. FaithInsanity

    Video Creation & Posting

    Hello, Dreamers. I think to increase the popularity & Population on server we need to upload our game play videos so that people can notice and see why our server is the best. We can upload our gameplay videos on Our own FB & Instagram page moreover also post on different FB groups related to Ragnarok. If we all can do this i am very sure the population will soon touch 1k as before. Let me know what ya guys think. Thanks
  7. FaithInsanity

    PALK's Elite Hero Weapon Quest

    I do... Way way Back
  8. FaithInsanity


    I need 2 SET of HQ I am in game !
  9. hi there , do u know how to build RK spear type , please teach me