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  1. Clandestine

    Elite Enchantress

    Well, take it or see it as you would like. Unfortunately, I do not bring emotions (pls dont bash my opinion T_T) into discussions so bash it as you would see fit. I don't see any further discussions about this moving forward as it has always been the case so all I'm gonna say is that it could've been better. The gameplay has been broken long time ago and for you to be a part of that discussion if you were ever involved raises questions. Your justification in regards to the ability to choose enchant is just kekw
  2. Clandestine

    Elite Enchantress

    whilst i completely understand the extent of which you would like to customise things paving way to make everyone's experience unique, but the enchants are truly underwhelming, inconsistent and irrelevant. i mean i can only apologise for my demeanour but that's only because i had higher expectations from you. the whole concept of it is something new of course and surely everyone's at pleasure except you could have used some of the lapine or ancient hero enchants or something better, not having to include passive/active skill enabling enchants. the enchant list is what has been awful if we were to consider how much it would also cost to enchant at random, i would say it is fair. However, having the option of choosing the enchant at a much higher cost only makes sense and should also be considered.
  3. Clandestine

    Elite Enchantress

    very good concept but awful implementation. absolutely terrible like the enchants
  4. Clandestine

    Summer Bash 2021 - [Ended]

  5. Clandestine

    Summer Bash 2021 - [Ended]

    ang dami niyong prinoproblema sa buhay. laro lang to
  6. Clandestine


  7. Clandestine


  8. well that's humiliating...

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    2. GM Snow

      GM Snow

      If ever you believe you were unjustly banned, you should create ban appeals stating the issue (your unjust punishment, details), not an accusatory thread that not only delays (or possibly worsens) your current punishment, but ultimately accomplishes nothing for both parties.

      take my apologies on behalf of the entire staff team for the dissatisfaction players seem to hold against us, seems like a lot of times people forget about us as real humans that occasionally makes and prone to mistakes, we are a bunch of normal players that were given only some powers to enforce rules, which I can assure you a lot of people actually turn down such opportunity because of responsibility and liability. 

      take the previous case for an instance, it is was a tricky situation even me; if you flipped the situation would have made the same mistake. 

      but i can hereby confidently say that in no circumstances the current GM has been abusing power, stuff happened in the past but you can clearly see we are new members and is chosen by admin for a reason; to not do the same mistake. 

    3. Latte


      At the end of the day the GM team has each other and get protective of each other. they brainstorm and talk almost everyday, knew each other and in sync almost. Even i feel the need to stand up for them because how unappreciated their effort was to everybody lol

    4. Irish Heart

      Irish Heart

      nah, I'm simply saying that players might get dissatisfied with our attitudes but its something normal as not all of us are professional or at least an ideal GM. We come with flaws but at the very least we are always trying our best to be as decent as possible.

      GM's are regular players with an access to an account that can receive @request, has special authority and they can also conduct events. That being said, ultimately GM's are just regular players just like every one else. We are chosen because we are believed to be capable of contributing something good to the server. Not necessarily because of our attitudes so bear with us on that . At the very least you can report us for misconduct and it's not like the admin forgets to reprimand us from time to time.

      Players have the right to criticize us, but as they've said, a good rule of the thumb is to praise in public and criticize in private.

  9. Clandestine

    High Level Mining

    mining exp scroll plz
  10. Clandestine

    How to kill amdarais in OGH

    idk maybe use gr scrolls must be something like earthquake, use deviling also
  11. seam pls let them have castle. your team holding all 6 castles for 3 weeks now

  12. Clandestine

    [Instance Guide] Soloing Old Glast Heim

    you're more than welcome
  13. Clandestine

    Screenshot Event [August 2020]

    he sat down in BG. prepare to be jailed 8D
  14. Clandestine

    iOS & Android Mobile Client [Beta]

    oh my lord. no way you're doing this