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  1. seam pls let them have castle. your team holding all 6 castles for 3 weeks now

  2. Clandestine

    [Instance Guide] Soloing Old Glast Heim

    you're more than welcome
  3. Clandestine

    Screenshot Event [August 2020]

    he sat down in BG. prepare to be jailed 8D
  4. Clandestine

    iOS & Android Mobile Client [Beta]

    oh my lord. no way you're doing this
  5. Clandestine


    You probably get disconnected or something. Event points reset when you reconnect afaik.
  6. Clandestine

    2nd Class Balancing Patch

    I'm sorry but this extreme reaction is unwarranted. I'd ask that you read it again on a different day and with an open mind. Perhaps then, you'd be able to understand why the nerf on elite weapon and boost to the base damage. The update was all about balancing the damage and improving the gap between newbies and elites. Publicly stating or perhaps threatening to delete your GX only means to purely solicit for sympathy, of which I find, the in the nicest way possible, pathetic. Open-mindedness is what we ask from you all. Eradicate the negativity before you've actually tried the changes. If you wake up in the morning thinking you're gonna have a bad day, surely you WILL have a bad day. :)))
  7. Clandestine

    2nd Class Balancing Patch

    Perhaps, you should have done a thorough assessment if Gens were going to be efficient. The @mi command literally shows you how much vit an MVP monster has, if you're considering to kill with Acid Demo. However, in maps or instances where 3rd job skills are enabled, Genetics do pretty well PvM.
  8. Clandestine

    Fundraising for Myself <3

    +10 Temporal STR SOLD +8 Twilight Boots SOLD
  9. Clandestine

    Fundraising for Myself <3

    Please find for sale items below and inbox me with your offer. Don't expect a response if it doesn't include your best and final offer. Thanks.
  10. Clandestine

    OverGearded Member

    oh no:< im sure the server will not take international abuse lightly. :<
  11. Clandestine

    Coronavirus Event [ 2nd Wave ]

    .Can't get spirit of heroism of 32k tokens. isnt 30k max quantity in inventory?
  12. Clandestine

    PK Contest [July]

    bring back old judex damage and delay so i can go DA, also clearance skill doesn't seem to work
  13. Clandestine

    PvP Balancing Discussion

    My sentiments, precisely. Valid points have been put across and subject to HaZe's assessment. In fact, I actually commend the thread starter for the dedication, overwhelming effort and time spent thinking and writing regarding PvP balancing suggestions. Things most of us simply do not have. I suggest that all posts to be constructive rather than comparing who's got the bigger e-dicks. Discussing who's better at which is completely irrelevant. I mean fair enough Koyee, being one of the best gens ever, but the best ones at which goes without saying. Future posts from the guild I belong to, will remain constructive from now onward. However, a small request; please don't let your dogs stray at our base, we're too busy to clean up their mess. Ta *All of you get laid then come back with a fresher mind
  14. Clandestine


  15. Clandestine

    MI6 | PVP Oriented Guild

    no worries mr. if it helps you sleep at night