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  1. Kailya


    Uhhhh If im not busy. I might. but I have other things to focus on and thanks im just lurking/on when I have time
  2. Kailya


    mmmm. maybe o:
  3. Kailya


    :T you wish Mr.
  4. Kailya


  5. Kailya


    I remember you too. yeah I dont remember the guild haha been to long. me? love you? must be thinking of someone else but good joke kek
  6. Kailya


    hihi Hello Bro
  7. Kailya


    Maybe shall see what happens. LMAO I havnt got any of my files anymore x:
  8. Kailya


    hehe yeah I might come on now and then for a visit. was on tonight for 1-2 hours. Im on now, running around. about to get off soon though Will be back tomz
  9. Kailya


    IDK if many remember me x: Im Kailya aka GM Evelyn Im lurking and I might come visit :hides:
  10. Should I come back for a Visit? 🤔

  11. Kailya

    Quality Control

    Welcome to Quality Control guild ~ We are a Active HHH | PvP To join guild contact: Leader: Kailya Commanders [ Legends ] The VesseI of Rebirth Ice Spears You Officers [ Elites ] • YOUNGMOLLA • Polobear Asouk Base: @go 14 Website: [under construction] Requirements: -Must be Hero/Rank B/Elite - Semi/Fully Geared - Active for PvP/Wars - Experience in PvP [Must be proven] - Team Skills - Able to Obey commands in PvP/Events - Must have a understand of your class job/skills - 1 Month trial shall be submitted before being ranked in guild. - You must be able to take orders from those above you. Rules: - Must follow all rules Server & Guild -Listen to Leaders order or High Ranking Officers if no one is on - No begging - No Badmouthing at Members - No Rude, Arrogant or Racist comments. - Do not start Drama within guild - What happens in PvP/HHH stays there. - Party with guild for PvP/HHH - Only High ranking Officers/leader's may have more then 1 Char in guild [ Limit is 2] Consequences: You will be Demoted of your Position or Kicked from guild. Emblem:
  12. Welcome ! Tiny Adventures is a social guild. We welcome new players and old. Requirements/guidelines: Must be Active! Must Respect others! (even outside of our Guild!) English Speaking is a Must. No Begging! (Items, Titles, etc..) No Spamming in Guild Chat! Must follow the rules of our server, or else you will be kicked. Do not cause any commotion / drama in the Guild. No level and Character requirement, nor Class restrictions. One Char per Player is allowed only in the guild, no multiple characters. Base: @go 0 -looking for main base still - Status: OPEN Leader: Kailya Subleaders: Events: Hide and Seek Dice Guess the Lock We are just brand new, so please join us and help us grow. We will hold events once we start growing :) So join Tiny Adventures, so we can make our own memories and Moments on this server togethor. If you wish to join. Pm me in game or leave a msg here Banner: