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  1. Zer0w

    Elite Weapon Exchange NPC Changes

    Props this was neccessary for long time already thanks a lot for changing, love and kisses big times <3
  2. Zer0w

    Buy and Sell

    Bumped up kicks
  3. Zer0w

    Buy and Sell

    as soon u pm me ingame i can sell you
  4. Zer0w

    Buy and Sell

    Buying/Trade: -Artifact of Trial: BearPower+5%Atk/Fatal4 for offer Selling: +10 Satanic Mask Shield of Aeneas pm forums or IGN: 2ero
  5. Zer0w

    Coronavirus Event [ 2nd Wave ]

    Ok people your only hope is that our admin dont wake up no more, get ready the infusion and sleep mixture xD just joking, admin thanks for the extended event it was nice to have bg active again and be able get some extra gear, hopefully bg dont die out again like it use to when an event ends
  6. Zer0w

    Bye Dro

    Hopefully u get it fixed soon and enjoy playing again
  7. Zer0w


    Just make sure u wont ignore, when sometime somehow the melody of caspen in your head pop up again, or the sound of killing a poring in prontera field just like way back in the gold days calls you back to Ro ☆ Make sure u come back some day for meeting the family again
  8. Zer0w

    What are you listening to?

    https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=kfzRXseSBIM https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=WvG8nQemDfA https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ynyOJ79PH_Q https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=54fea7wuV6s maybe somthin in there u guys could like too Peace
  9. Zer0w

    Screenshot Event [August 2020]

    Here are some Screenshots from some events, battlegrounds and so on, i dont know if the quality is good enough for you but you can check for free: Survival Event: https://postimg.cc/nXjYwDh9 https://postimg.cc/1fMjZwSW Treasure Hunt: https://postimg.cc/RJ4XkVD5 https://postimg.cc/N2DpBq3y BG Room : https://postimg.cc/9Ds3vZP6 https://postimg.cc/vgLpgjRy BG: Eye of Storm https://postimg.cc/PPGwrRXJ BG: Rush https://postimg.cc/WFFdsMx0 https://postimg.cc/RqtW8L7B BG: TDM https://postimg.cc/CdbKJL0M https://postimg.cc/cvL4sRn6 https://postimg.cc/QFYNVFQm BG: Stone Control https://postimg.cc/625DZcBG Hopefully you find something useful between all of the screenshots here peace
  10. Zer0w

    Monster & Pet Talk

    Im more in no side both parts, cuz i think its a nice to have sometimes the monsters and pets say something maybe u could adjust the frequenzy of talks so they will only talk once in a while, make it more rare In order to this I agree with Friday05 and yachino that pettalks need edit too, since they most talk like poring to boring, can bring more flavour into the pet section and individuality also with new and suited lines, additional can copy paste good jokes from google in the pettalk and/or jokes based on pet look Ofcourse this would take lot of time to edit and atm much other stuff goin on already
  11. Zer0w

    Thank you

    Sure admin haze, you guys giving me as individual and us as the group, or lets say dreamerrcommunity, a server which is definetly worth playing on + sharing a feeling of beein a actual community, that must be hard work :D peace
  12. Zer0w

    Thank you

    I must say, i havent expect such a good support and passion from Admin haze and the Staff including the support player on this server Ive played many server be4 dreamerro and you wouldnt believe how much trouble there was with reasonless banning, harassment FROM gms side etc on the other servers Thank you guys for keep working on our daily base suggestions and work on improvement for the server I recognized for long time that the whole Team spend lot of their time for our problems and suggests and always try to help fix issues as soon as possible, not always will everyone be fine with decisions were made, but dont forget keep respect in each coonversation and discussion on both sides Thanks also for the recent updates in the STP event, this is a great help now for all those who were suffering under the quick rushing of this event They now have more fun in a fair way to collect their exp without hysterically following the chat and fearing the close end of event I appreciate the progress we make as a server each time Thanks to the people who suggesting, reporting bugs and rulebreakers etc., the solutionfinders and ofcourse the Admin and the Staff who act responseble for the daily stuff no matter if good or bad from each of us, who treat us with respect and the time they invest for every constructive reply Good job in my opinion
  13. Zer0w

    Buying and Selling

    Bumpedy bump bump
  14. Zer0w

    how to get 4th elite weapon?

    Yeah exactly that is what i also think, beeing able to play more than 1 build without change weapon with e.valor my mistake i only projected on sinX class thanks for your post you also answered main question of this thread
  15. Zer0w

    how to get 4th elite weapon?

    Im not sure if that would be overkill, you still cant use more than 2 dagger equipped or 1 katar so its only good if you switch builds at some time again without e.valor and loss of +10 refine, or during fights have more weapons to switch but i dont think its giving too high benefit in switching between 4 weapons based on your build also correct me if wrong pls