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  1. Zer0w

    Buying and Selling

    Bumpedy bump bump
  2. Zer0w

    how to get 4th elite weapon?

    Yeah exactly that is what i also think, beeing able to play more than 1 build without change weapon with e.valor my mistake i only projected on sinX class thanks for your post you also answered main question of this thread
  3. Zer0w

    how to get 4th elite weapon?

    Im not sure if that would be overkill, you still cant use more than 2 dagger equipped or 1 katar so its only good if you switch builds at some time again without e.valor and loss of +10 refine, or during fights have more weapons to switch but i dont think its giving too high benefit in switching between 4 weapons based on your build also correct me if wrong pls
  4. Zer0w

    iOS & Android Mobile Client [Beta]

    Dang awesome work, respect for that honestly Thanks to the people who worked on this including our Admin Haze this is a remarkeble step in DRo history and im proud to take place of this as a DRo member Peace guys
  5. Zer0w

    Mining Maps Issue

  6. Zer0w

    Its becoming frustrating

    Like ZeroGravity mentioned and Seamless said, also the 5 min maybe or let say up to 10 mins extra time at the end of event is a good way to solve this i dont know how much it cost to equip proper low budget to kill the monsters there quick, im just sure the newbie/poor equiped ppl logically cant keep up with the speed of high geared, so they only can collect little amount of exp etc. until event ends We as good geared people shouldnt be the scale how long the "little people" can enjoy the event and get their exp together The suggest of adding extra time is very good placed and very fair in my opinion +1
  7. Zer0w

    Its becoming frustrating

    I think the idea with the cooldown between bosses could lead to the solution, maybe also that new room unlock after the boss killed first, it is worth trying and maybe easy to implement that little feature If still time not enough just add more cooldown, so do adjust on this will maybe solve
  8. Zer0w

    charm set price check

    the price for 1000 yellow, 1000 blue, and 1000 red known as a 1k Charm Set is more or less 5-6b ath the moment people rarely sell 200 set but if you find someone who does, it should be around 1b for it only
  9. Zer0w

    Just thought of sharing

    very cool art of yours, the guiltine cross my personal favourite the other also dope:D
  10. Zer0w

    Hai there xD

    Cheeze man u already made some fans here as i see haha Beside from the bad start maybe you wanna tell us what class you play ingame I dont know if i can help in the pvp issue but what i can do is do some talk and mayB question some answers you might have Lemme know ingame if want ign: 2ero C ya
  11. Zer0w

    "This is nostalgic." - Snow Poring

    Hey dude i can only speak 4 myself and im doin goid what about you?
  12. Zer0w

    need in game friends :D

    No problem haha some of us faced same situation you can ask me ingame name: 2ero When im online i try to answer as much as i can Peace
  13. Zer0w

    Wassup Everyone

    Welcome back mate i hope you will have as much fun as you had b4 pausing, but most ro players know that nothing can replace the good old days with the good old friends haha Still im looking foward to you having fun again, Dro is worth to be played and very interesting systems been implemented Check it out See you ingame Peace
  14. Zer0w

    2nd Class Balancing Patch

    Sup guys, i find most nerfes here quite fair it seems like more balanced now even lots people complain about it the people who worked on this done good job in my opinion i was wondering if there is chance to increase sonic blow damage from Ripclaw since sonic blow is quite weak in general maybe turn also from 20-23-25 to 20-25-30 like grimtooth on ripclaw so its just a difference of 5% on lvl 3 Weapon, just a thought no complain cheers