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  1. Ronza

    Indonesian Lounge -

    Jangan pensi dulu broh, bagi2 harta dulu sebelum pensi wkwkkwkw..
  2. Ronza

    Indonesian Lounge -

    ntar juga rame lagi, game beginian musiman kayaknya, ada woe tuh besok
  3. Ronza

    Indonesian Lounge -

    vulcan arrow di nerf lagi, saatnya pensi~
  4. Ronza

    Indonesian Lounge -

    tolong ajarin main dong kaka
  5. Ronza

    Changing elite weapons.

    holy shit!
  6. Ronza

    Refining Questions

    Its like Toyota and Lexus mate, Both can get you from a to b just fine, but a Lexus looks much better right?
  7. Ronza

    Fully Updated data and rdata.grf

    Hi Sadie, Unfortunately the automatic patcher stopped working, I had to install this update manually and after that I keep getting error about palette thingy every now and then. Did not get the screenshot tho but will post when I get it again , cheers. Edited : Or is it because I used the alternate sprite? GX class. Cheers..
  8. Ronza

    Lvl 4 Eweapon

    Hi guys a quick question please, do you need to kill someone after got promoted as a major to get lvl 4 effect? My eweapon is stuck at lvl3 with 13k kills and I am major in division. Tried to kill someone but didnt work. Thanks.