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  1. Ronza

    Indonesian Lounge -

    Jangan pensi dulu broh, bagi2 harta dulu sebelum pensi wkwkkwkw..
  2. Ronza

    Indonesian Lounge -

    ntar juga rame lagi, game beginian musiman kayaknya, ada woe tuh besok
  3. Ronza

    Indonesian Lounge -

    vulcan arrow di nerf lagi, saatnya pensi~
  4. Ronza

    Indonesian Lounge -

    tolong ajarin main dong kaka
  5. Ronza

    Changing elite weapons.

    holy shit!
  6. Ronza

    Returning From 2014.

    Actually we need more English speaking people in this server, when you're on you will understand what I mean
  7. Ronza

    Refining Questions

    Its like Toyota and Lexus mate, Both can get you from a to b just fine, but a Lexus looks much better right?
  8. Ronza

    Fully Updated data and rdata.grf

    Hi Sadie, Unfortunately the automatic patcher stopped working, I had to install this update manually and after that I keep getting error about palette thingy every now and then. Did not get the screenshot tho but will post when I get it again , cheers. Edited : Or is it because I used the alternate sprite? GX class. Cheers..
  9. Ronza

    GX Class

    Bump.. Please have a look at this thread @Sadie This class needs a lot of tweaks to perform in current meta, cheers..
  10. Ronza

    Lvl 4 Eweapon

    Hi guys a quick question please, do you need to kill someone after got promoted as a major to get lvl 4 effect? My eweapon is stuck at lvl3 with 13k kills and I am major in division. Tried to kill someone but didnt work. Thanks.