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  1. Ronza

    Rune Knight STP Guide For Newbies

    If your question about the map then it's called grey map. RCX doesn't work with Gepard Shield.
  2. Ronza

    Rune Knight STP Guide For Newbies

    Update : For those who are geared and have some money to burn, you can also use this guide to maximize your damage and kill per STP You will get 14-15k per STP, if your hand is fast enough with 75% ACD and KS every one. Farm those monster points, div exp, and div coin like there's no tomorrow. Farm 750k div achievement : 30k stp exp per day = ±25 days Head : Batman Mask / Chinese Dragon Hat/ Similar effect headgear (Addax) Mid : Rare wing / Legend Wing (Addax) (If you want a hybrid build, you can change with Kiel and change your stat too for spiral skill) Low : Christmas Rose Aura / Candy Ring (Orc Hero) (I recommend Xmas Rose as it boost your stat significantly) Weapon : White Knight, 2 Turtle General, Tyrant Shield : +8 Libra (Khalitzburg Knight) Armor : +8 and above Juggernaut Robe : +10 GSS dex (Menblatt) Shoes : +10 Dex Tempo (Fused Eddga if with Xmas Aura, Furious Seyren if with Candy Ring) Acc : 2 Vit Meg Pet : You can use +25 stat pet or better to boost your damage even more Consumable : Apple of Ares / Tao Gunka Scroll Stat : Look at first post Have fun and go mad
  3. Oh the weird guy in Caspen? Probably he's just bored, but I think he's harmless. Just think of him as one of Dreamer Ro unique features
  4. Ronza

    Illustration Design Contest [Closed]

    Uhm... Ok...
  5. Ronza

    Illustration Design Contest [Closed]

    Damn you got talent. Cool as!!
  6. Hi all, just want to share my cheap build for RK to farm Division Coins for Pure Elunium. Equips : Head : Halloween Hunter Cap (Addax Card) Mid : Any Rare (Kiel / Emperium Card) Low : Anti Freeze,Silence,Movement Aura (Orc Hero Card) / you can use candy ring for more hp but I prefer anti status. Armor : +8 Juggernaut Weapon : Halberg of Legend (Tyrant, 2Turtle General,Vilainous) / you can use 1x White Knight Card to replace Viilainous Card for KKC combo) Shield : +8 Libra (Thara Frog Card / Khalitzburg Knight Card if you have) Robe : Any + Giant Snake Skin (Menblatt Card) Shoes : +10 Dex Temporal Boots (Fused Eddga Card for Auto Endure) / Any + Twilight Boots (Furious Seyren Card) --> you can use Candy Ring to get 60% movement speed from Twilight and extra 20%hp but sacrificing anti freeze and anti silence) Accessories : 2x Vit Megingjard Tips : When DB-ing Vengeful Cecil always use bless scroll and concentration as it adds an extra 280 hit (not much but sometimes enough for our DB to hit em after their first agi up) (if misses then don't bother hitting em again). This build is not suitable for guardian as I am a lazy bastard and can't be bothered to switch equipment for an extra points. I don't use Amon Ra card as it messes up your cool down. 75% ACD is enough to shotgun 2 DB's (timing is your friend) There are room for improvements to maximize damage but I will let you guys play around with the build. Always KS everyone as they will KS you in a heart beat. Skills & Buffs : DB Fire DB water Concentration Aura Blade Always use undead scroll, bless scroll, holy scroll, panacea and mastela. Mobs : Normal : 1 hit Furious Seyren : 3x hit with DB water Arachne : 3-4 DB Determined Kathrene : 4-5 DB Vengeful Cecil : 5-6 DB Guardian : Run bitch runnn.. Stat : You are immune to most statuses and anything else can be cured with panacea except stone cursed. Decent damage without sacrificing movement speed or the need to bring box of thunder. Usually you will get 7-10k kills per stp, but when it gets crowded only around 4-7k. This is just a lazy build for simple F1-F2 and pressing mastela+buff. Happy farming First round today, Second round today,
  7. Ronza

    Halloween Event 2020 - [ENDED]

    The fact that you guys won something good is unreal Well maybe it's a sign for me to retire
  8. Ronza

    Halloween Event 2020 - [ENDED]

    Did anyone actually get some good items from trick or treat? Mine was like pumpkin, carrots, 250m bags, and some converter. Talk about bad effin luck hahaha
  9. Convert them to dtoks and sell it while demand is still high. Use the money to get decent equip to farm easier and faster, don't bother about end game items atm.
  10. Ronza

    Halloween Event 2020 - [ENDED]

    True, maybe like corona event, gamble those vouchers for extra tickets or coins. Its pretty hard to get the raffle ticket in this event. But looking forward for the final phase!!
  11. The old tale of getting catfished. Needless to say, I lost trillions. Men are such a simple creature
  12. Ronza

    [Instance Guide] Soloing Old Glast Heim

    True that, I stop replying as I don't want to ruin this helpful thread
  13. Ronza

    [Instance Guide] Soloing Old Glast Heim

    From hahaha, went to racism, went to religion, went to races, went to pinoy, went to GM, went to other religions. You are high as fuck my friend. Chill..
  14. Ronza

    [Instance Guide] Soloing Old Glast Heim

    Cracked me up hahaha.. Thanks for the guide Xero.