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  1. Ronza


    Gaming world is full of kids Jay, it's just some child's play so treat it as such mate.
  2. Ronza

    B> +8 Libra

    i have +10 satanic if you are keen, pm me for offers.
  3. Ronza

    2019 Balancing Patch #2

    At last... Some changes worth playing again, thanks for this Haze.
  4. Ronza

    Indonesian Lounge -

    Jangan pensi dulu broh, bagi2 harta dulu sebelum pensi wkwkkwkw..
  5. Ronza

    Indonesian Lounge -

    ntar juga rame lagi, game beginian musiman kayaknya, ada woe tuh besok
  6. Ronza

    Indonesian Lounge -

    vulcan arrow di nerf lagi, saatnya pensi~
  7. Ronza

    Indonesian Lounge -

    tolong ajarin main dong kaka
  8. Ronza

    S> +10 ONYX , B> +10 CCH

    S> +10 Onyx Shield = Offer B> +10 Circus Clown Hat = Offer PM in game or here, thanks.
  9. Ronza


    All good that was my vending anyway :D, cheers mate.
  10. Ronza


    I have UW for sale mate, will online in the next 7 hours from now
  11. Ronza

    S> +10 Onyx Shield

    Leave offers, either dtoks or zenny.