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    I'm up for this
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    BUMP! Added Cottony Card. sold lmfao
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    BUMP! Added Divinium Ore.
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    BUMP! Please buy 'cuz i'm already broke af.
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    Bumping after 3 fuckin' years...
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    [Game] GvB Game.

    48 - 1 = 47
  8. Damn, the memories.

    1. Leventor


      Well, this forum account is alive now

    2. Xel
  9. Maute Group WoE Guild Introduction: We are a group of players that joins WoE for fun Guild Base: Hugel (@go 22) Requirements: Geared / Semi-Geared for WoE ( Willing to Re-Role if needed ) Put only your Main Character Must be Active ( Every WoE ) English Speaking ( So we can understand each other ) Must have Discord ( For Commands ) Loyal ( We don't have room for traitors ) Rules: Follow the Server Rules Follow all Commands Do not AFK during WoE Hours Respect each Members and other Guilds Loyal ( For we don't have room for traitors ) Do not beg for Items & Supplies ( willing to accept donations tho :> wkwkwkw ) Do not make any Dramas Want to Join? Just PM any MG Members ingame We are Here to We don't have SALARY!
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    BUYING: SELLING: Traveler's Hat ( 2 ) Divinium Ore TRADING: LEAVE YOUR IGNS HERE!