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  1. A dmiral

    The Hoomans

    U w U
  2. Waiting for 4th Jobs Sprite, Elite Doram and Skills Balancing 😁

  3. A dmiral

    Christmas Event 2020 [Closed]

    Same also with my GX I have 3 Music Box now
  4. A dmiral

    Hi, I'm new here!

    Welcome to DreamerRO!
  5. A dmiral

    Old WOE Video (Repost)

    So many memories bro
  6. A dmiral

    Old WOE Video (Repost)

    The time when many people still active and guilds with Aggression and the Notorious & Legends having 2 guilds full members at the same time PS: I dont remember the exact year but the server is still pre renewal in this video Credit to @Disath (Telang) for the video
  7. A dmiral

    Random lulz and screenshots from the past

    OMG Elu I miss those memories I remember most of them LOL people IGNs, rare release, GM/SP Team and group photo used as siggy
  8. A dmiral

    Genetic STP cart cannon build

    Nice guide Kino Ty for sharing
  9. I'm always waiting for Elite Doram :th_e8:

    1. jameelyusuf
    2. A dmiral

      A dmiral

      @jameelyusuf we need to wait the right effects of weapons and elite gloves to implement a balance elite doram. 

  10. A dmiral

    [Updated] Price Check Thread

    How much Light Chakra now? it sells at 25b and its a max price in vending is it OP?
  11. A dmiral

    Wow its been 12 yrs

    Welcome Back! I remember ur Loki and Xic ign long ago around 2009. Many new things since ur gone feel free to ask questions @request in game
  12. A dmiral

    I miss...

    Woah I remembered this I miss it too