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  1. A dmiral


    All of this any type accessory set bonus effect of doram not working pls fix @Sadie
  2. A dmiral


    Scar of Tarou's Bite working fine.
  3. A dmiral

    Pallette error on login

    Yes it wont harm it will just unequip all ur equipments and hair style,color and cloth color back to normal
  4. A dmiral

    [New] HA PvP Race Price Bug

    My opinion, I agree with getting the price through NPC to ensure getting their own prices.
  5. A dmiral

    [New] HA PvP Race Price Bug

    Actually I think its really bugged cause the we 3 Auroq • • •,me,Si|ver just went to a war and not just name without score that didnt get price, Auroq • • • went off before the announcement occurs then me and Si|ver still online but then we didnt get our respective price.
  6. A dmiral

    [New] HA PvP Race Price Bug

  7. A dmiral

    [New] HA PvP Race Price Bug

    I didnt get the 1b price of 2nd placer hope this will be fix. PS: Im thinking the 1st placer is off so then the other placer wont get their price
  8. A dmiral

    Do you want PVP? Come and get some!

    I hope pvp will be lively again with this update