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  1. Jhon

    Easter Event 2019 - [Phase 1]

    Yeah, and it's not like BG runs 24/7 Only a few times at a day
  2. Sure thing, I could do mechanic build (which is pretty much the same as this) and RG grand cross type
  3. Jhon

    Easter Event 2019 - [Phase 1]

    Run your DreamerRO Patcher.
  4. Hahaha, indeed. But it's the best way On average, I can get like 450-500 ish heroic coins, and like 900-1k badges
  5. Hello everybody Just decided to share a farming build at HHH for Rune Knight, as it may seem a bit hard to do so for some people. Credits go as well to my friend bryan31 who gave me some hints for building this. BEFORE CONTINUING: Be aware that this guide may have some expensive gears, and requires a lot (and I mean a HELL LOT of elemental switching). Requires to be Elite Hero as well. Goals on this build are to have: Immunity to Stun (very important) Immunity to Silence (very important) Permanent Endure (makes walking and escaping around the map way smoother) Anti-knockback (optional, very recommendable though) Melee reflect (purely optional) That said, now let us proceed with the main course: Top: Frieza Hat (Kiel D-01 Card) Why Frieza? Personally the best choice I can think of. Grants the Ghost Property to your weapon, useful for the monsters of the said property. And if you want to change element, just use a converter on top of it. No need for changing headgears. To get Ghost Property again, just swap your weapons quickly when needed. But if you don't have Frieza, you're good using a "Ranged Damage" headgear, or a "Damage to Humans" headgear. Or use Owl Duke Hat for anti-knockback. Middle: Melee Rare Wing (Orc Hero Card) Every monster inside is Demi-Human race so it will help to your damage, also you will need the delay reduction bonus for Spiral Pierce. Don't have rare wings? Use a Delay Wing instead. Lower: Dark Chakra/Music Ring or any item w/ same effect (Kiel D-01 Card) I prefer this over any Damage Aura, just because Arch Bishops keep casting Lex Divina (silence) on you, and it's a hassle to keep spamming panaceas. So you're better off with immunity to Silence. And immunity to frozen is good too! But if you don't mind what I stated above, use any Damage Aura (preferably one with damage to medium size enemies). Armor: +8 Magnetite Body Armor (Gloom Under Night Card) Well, this is more of a personal choice. My reasons are because I need anti-knockback (I don't want to be bouncing all over the place) And Gloom Under Night, well, says for itself, to increase damage on Holy and Shadow property monsters (and as you have noticed, some of them have those properties). If you don't mind about the extra damage, use either Tao Gunka or Ghostring cards. Up to you. Note: if you don't have, or can't afford Magnetite Armor, use anything you want instead. Preferably something unbreakable, especially if you don't have FCP on. Shield: Bronzite Buckler (Thara Frog Card) I like Bronzite Buckler by the fact that it reflects some of the physical damage taken, which proves to be useful against the cloaking monsters, since reflect does automatically unhide them, thus making them easier to kill. Also Bronzite Buckler gives a decent HP boost, as well as some STR. Thara Frog is okay, but you could also wear Alice Card, since monsters have Boss Protocol as well. It's your choice. Note: In case you don't have +8 Magnetite Armor, but you still want to have anti-knockback, use +8 Libra / +8 Onyx Guard or even Strong Shield (Be aware that Strong Shield makes you take 20% more damage from all sources). Weapon: Halberd of Legend (Tyrant, Turtle General, 2x Abysmal Knight) We're playing a Spiral Pierce build after all. And since Spiral Pierce can achieve a good DPS, we're going to stick with that. Cards stated above are for the best possible damage output we can achieve. Don't have Tyrant? Use another Turtle General instead. Or if you don't want your weapon broken by AD, put a Randgris Card. Proves to be useful too since it can help dispelling monsters that are on Assumptio. Garment: Any robe (Menblatt Card) You can use whatever you want on here. My suggestions are Elite Asprika, Nidhoggur Shadow Garb, Valkyrie Manteau (for reflect purposes), or simply anything you desire. Be sure to use a Menblatt Card on it - it will boost your damage significantly, depending on your base DEX. Shoes: Heroic Boots (Fused Moonlight Card) As I stated above, I want to have Permanent Endure, so that's the Heroic Boots for. I put a Fused Moonlight for more damage. In case you don't have Heroic Boots, you can use Sleipnirs with Eddga/Fused Eddga, or Agile Cleats. Accesories: Specialist Glove (Gem of Spiral) Aluminium Gloves (Gem of Safety) Specialist Glove is the best choice for obvious reasons. Better if you have it at Level 3. Gem of Spiral will boost significantly the damage you will deal. Aluminum Gloves are great for the 5% delay, HP and STR bonuses. Gem of Safety is great since it will help you taking way less melee damage from monsters. Stats: STR 460 (for Spiral Damage) AGI 170 (to prevent a drop on ASPD when Decrease AGI) VIT 350 (enough to survive) INT 53 (have some SP to spam Spiral Pierce) DEX 413 (more damage using Menblatt Card) LUK 5 (not needed at all) Now that we're done with the build, lets take a look at the monsters inside... This is a quick guide on the monsters and their respective properties. (Not going to include Boss monsters, as they aren't part of our objective, which is farming the most coins and badges possible in an hour). Phantom Ahri "Novice" (ID 2549) - Element: Holy 1 -----------------------------> Use Cursed Water Phantom Dio "Magician" (ID 2550) - Element: Shadow 3 -----------------------> Use anything, or if you can afford them, use Aspersio Scrolls (quite expensive though) Phantom Tifa "Thief" (ID 2551) - Element: Poison 4 -----------------------------> Use anything, or if you can afford them, use Aspersio Scrolls (quite expensive though) Phantom Grid "Blacksmith" (ID 2552) - Element: Water 4 ----------------------> Use Wind Elemental Converter Phantom Kaos "Assassin" (ID 2553) - Element: Undead 4 -----------------------> Use Frieza Hat, or Aspersio Scroll Phantom Stella "Monk" (ID 2554) - Element: Holy 1 -----------------------------> Use Cursed Water Phantom Yumina "Wizard" (ID 2555) - Element: Ghost 3 ------------------------> Use Frieza Hat Phantom Elze "Crusader" (ID 2556) - Element: Fire 4 ----------------------------> Use Water Elemental Converter Phantom Danzo "Kagerou" (ID 2557) - Element: Wind 3 -------------------------> Use Earth Elemental Converter Phantom Silvos "Rune Knight" (ID 2558) - Element: Fire 4 ----------------------> Use Water Elemental Converter Phantom Astrea "Arch Bishop" (ID 2559) - Element: Holy 1 ---------------------> Use Cursed Water Phantom Musica "Wanderer" (ID 2560) - Element: Wind 4 ----------------------> Use Earth Elemental Converter Phantom Hansel "Sorcerer M" (ID 2561) - Element: Ghost 3 --------------------> Use Frieza Hat Phantom Gretel "Sorcerer F" (ID 2562) - Element: Holy 1 -----------------------> Use Cursed Water Phantom Ophelia "Alchemist" (ID 2563) - Element: Neutral 1 -------------------> Use any element you want, except Ghost That's pretty much for the guide. Feel free to ask questions and to suggest anything we could add/change. Also, I'm pretty sure that this gude could help other physical jobs as well such as Mechanic. Hope you like it and happy farming!
  6. Jhon

    Pls help RG build for caspen dungeon

    The goal isn't reducing long range damage lol And you need kiel if you want a decent spam, otherwise stone soldiers will kill you before you notice
  7. Jhon

    Pls help RG build for caspen dungeon

    To reduce AV damage from stone soldiers, even if it's just a bit. But yea, yoyo card is pretty much the same
  8. Jhon

    HHH Lite/Phantasmagoria - BETA

    Well, I don't want to say this but I have to disagree with your statement. So far I've encountered a few ill-mannered players that just don't care if you are mobbing and farming on your own so they enter in Safe Mode (that way you can't touch them) and start spamming skills on top of you, rather than just passing along and finding some monsters to kill somewhere else. I don't care about KS, and no one should, since it's clearly stated that it is ALLOWED, but those situations are getting really annoying, especially when you're witnessing that the majority of the players inside are just trying to avoid everyone and thus, avoiding conflicts with each other. I mean, it's fucking hard to walk away or use the @escape command? The map is huge and there are respawning monsters for everyone, so why a few players have to enter just to annoy the rest of them?? If I can do a suggestion, would be that there shouldn't exist any Safe Mode, so that everyone will enter with PK enabled. At least with that we know that we'll be able to "deal" with this kind of players (in the end it is stil a PVP event).
  9. Jhon

    PALK's Elite Hero Weapon Quest

    Oh shit you're a life saver!
  10. Jhon

    HHH Lite/Phantasmagoria - BETA

    Of course not.
  11. Jhon

    Horror Factory Instance Update

    Let me just add the link of the image
  12. Jhon

    Horror Factory Instance Update

    And who's complaining about that
  13. Jhon

    Halloween Event [2018] Finale

    I've noticed something on Halloween Spirit as well, not sure if the "low chance of casting curse when attacking" is working at all, because I tested it with normal attacks, using skills, even with melee reflect, but nothing happened after 5 minutes or more of continuous testing
  14. Jhon

    Halloween Event [2018] Finale

    No lol. That's not how it works. Only thing I know is that it will be like any "trick or treat": you're going to be from door to door. Try to get an idea. You better wait for the event to take place and find it out by yourself. Just be patient.
  15. Jhon

    Halloween Event [2018] Finale

    Kind of, but it's way shorter and it will just take place on the final day of the event, as well as the raffle.