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  1. That cold black cloud is coming down...

  2. Pantera - Cowboys From Hell (guitar cover)


  3. Jhon


    Because Sonic Blow is a close-range skill, or in other words, a MELEE skill. Basic Ragnarok.
  4. As far as I know, Shield Chain was never meant to depend on those stats for it's final damage.
  5. Jhon

    Energy Coat Bug?

    Apparently it reduces magic damage too, not just the reflected one
  6. Jhon

    Question about Sniper Class

    Since you're looking for a cheap way of farming, I suggest you to go for a simple critical-auto attack build for now. Basically, you may want to use 500 DEX and a high amount of LUK (up to you how much, since you will need to invest points in other stats). Do the Hero Quest (in case if you aren't a hero), it's good because you will get 2500 extra status points, also you gain access to hero weapons, according to your hero rank. Check this for more info. Be sure to vote everyday so you can get Vote Coins that you can exchange for some cool items, also Zeph Missions are a quite good way of starting getting zeny/war badges/DM points. Use a warlock for that. Get a 4-slotted Composite Bow (the cheapest thing I can think that you may get for starting), and put 4 The Paper Cards (20% more critical damage) on it. And just auto attack. If you do enough Zeph, you can farm enough badges for a Death Ballista, way better than a simple Composite Bow. And its one-handed, so you can use a shield with that. Pretty cool right ? Also, there is another weapon called Gastraphetes, even better than Death Ballista, but you need to be a Rank B hero to use that. Be sure to summon a Warg, so with high LUK the skill Warg Strike will proc very often. And it does good damage. Want more critical damage?: use any garment with a Petal Card (easy to farm, always remember to use @whereis to see where the monsters are). White Wing Suits will always be useful to have, better yet if you manage to get a high refined one. Remember, the higher it's refine level, the more ranged damage you will do. Your Returner Set will be enough for now, while you manage to farm your items. Now, if you ever want to upgrade your build, you should get a Green Beats Headphones and V4P Union Wings from the V4P Shop. Get Asprika too from the same shop, it's a really cool item that even veterans still use that. Slepinir Shoes are a very good item too. If you farm some zeny, also try to buy a pair of Dexerity Megingjards. That way, you won't be using auto-attack anymore, rather wou will use your Ranger skills, such as Double Strafe, Arrow Storm, Ankle Snare + Aimed Bolt Combo, etc. For that you will need cards such as Thanatos, Turtle General, Randgris, Orc Hero, Gemini S58, Gloom Under Night, Abysmal Knight, to name a few. With those your damage/survivability will be way better. Those cards are usually sold by players, be sure to use #trade channel in-game, or just check the Vending Arena (@go 39). There's a lot more I could suggest, but I don't want to extend this topic too much. I hope it will may be of any help for you. And by the way, welcome to the server
  7. Jhon

    refining and donation hats

    No, only the soft defense (VIT def)
  8. Jhon

    refining and donation hats

    You pretty much answered yourself. Some of the custom cards (Fused Pharaoh, Fused Mistress), etc, have a secondary effect when compunded on +9 or above headgears. Not only that, high refined items also help on increasing your Hard defense.
  9. Jhon

    Banding (RG)

    Nothing much to say, just that this skill is still not working as it should. Well, in fact it does nothing actually lol A fix for it wouldn't be that bad
  10. Wish you were here..

  11. Jhon

    Hero EXP Booster (Mining skill)

    Oh, probably that's why I'm not getting any exp since I've put only 5 points so far. I will increase it at least to level 10 once I can level up and I'll let you know guys if it's working that way. Thank you so much
  12. Hello. Just noticed that this mining skill is not working properly, in other words: no exp is gained when drilling as it says on it's description: Increases the chances of gain 50k HERO EXP during the drill process (Heroes only). (Skill/10)% Kindly check it. Thanks