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  1. Jhon

    Horror Factory Instance Update

    Let me just add the link of the image
  2. Jhon

    Horror Factory Instance Update

    And who's complaining about that
  3. Jhon

    Elite 3rd weapon npc exchanger

    Lol... The guy above meant about a NPC that allows the exchange of that scroll without having to send a support ticket. And yeah, sure it would be great if such NPC existed, although is quite rare to see somebody putting his/her hands on something like that. Maybe that's the reason why such NPC never was needed to be created.
  4. Jhon

    Division Leader Achievement

    You can still try via support ticket. A friend of mine had a similar issue with her Variant Rare back then, and she got it after all after sending a ticket. You must be patient though.
  5. Jhon

    Need help on Sura

    You're probably using a Lesser Elemental Ring. Get rid of it, it's trash.
  6. Jhon

    My opinion about DreamerRO

    Economy is the main issue at the moment. Something really needs to be done about that, and it all starts with the community.
  7. Jhon

    Halloween Event [2018] Finale

    I've noticed something on Halloween Spirit as well, not sure if the "low chance of casting curse when attacking" is working at all, because I tested it with normal attacks, using skills, even with melee reflect, but nothing happened after 5 minutes or more of continuous testing
  8. Jhon

    Halloween Event [2018] Finale

    No lol. That's not how it works. Only thing I know is that it will be like any "trick or treat": you're going to be from door to door. Try to get an idea. You better wait for the event to take place and find it out by yourself. Just be patient.
  9. Jhon

    Halloween Event [2018] Finale

    Kind of, but it's way shorter and it will just take place on the final day of the event, as well as the raffle.
  10. Jhon

    Surprise Rare Box & Rare Token Shop

    Thank you Haze. Much appreciated.
  11. Jhon

    Surprise Rare Box & Rare Token Shop

    Question: will the boxes in the "Random Rare Box" be separated into melee and magic? Or the rares will have any of those effects ?
  12. Jhon


    How many rares will be released for the raffle npc?
  13. Jhon

    Halloween Event [2018] Finale

    How many of those wandering ghosts are at a time in the map ? It's hella hard to find them...
  14. Jhon

    Halloween Event [2018] Finale

    Lol. Their chance is way even lower than tickets and spirits of Halloween have. Currently I have 9 spirits and so far only 3 ultra rare items (2 urns, 1 spirit piece)
  15. Only until Phase 2 of the event is released. The guy above you already answered you:save the loot you get for the upcoming phases.