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  1. Jhon

    About baphomet doll farming

    You could make a very cheap Grand Cross build for RG. It could be faster than AB.
  2. Jhon

    June Balancing Patch #1

    I'm not saying that it's not doing any damage, it IS doing damage now which is a thing many of we were waiting for a long time. What I meant is that it's damage against non-ghost feels way lower than it used to be before reboot. But if another adjustment is yet to be done (which I believe it's a reality) it's always more than welcome.
  3. Jhon

    June Balancing Patch #1

    Just tested it with a friend. It does slightly damage on GR, but overall it's damage got reduced a lot from what I see.
  4. Jhon

    June Balancing Patch #1

    AD is even weaker now......................................
  5. Jhon


    I don't get it either lol. Why Gioia when Storm Gust already kill the monsters in 1-2 hits
  6. Jhon


    Hola baby
  7. Jhon

    RG Sacri Build HHH

    Yep, this is the right way a sacrifice build for HHH should be. I'm using almost the same build, except that I replace 1 Sniper for 1 Randgris and I use +8 Magnetite armor w/ Tao Card, to avoid the hassle of bringing a dual FCP slave. (Less time lost = more effectiveness = more rewards) About Felicity Wings, yea, they are better. +30 stats and 10% HP gives more than Azure does.
  8. Jhon

    Guillotine Cross Build For HHH/STP

    Exactly. That said you could use 1 Equinox and 1 Shamshir (with daehyon), for example.
  9. Jhon

    Guillotine Cross Build For HHH/STP

    I haven't played a GX build yet for HHH, but I can tell you that the best way is indeed, a meteor assault build. Sonic Blow build (using SB hat of course) is also viable. Haven't made myself a proper build for GX, but I can give you some pointers, knowing how Meteor Assault works. First of all, you may want to have a decent after cast delay reduction for a nice and consistent spam: it means you need kiel cards and items that can help with that. Above 90% is recommended. Second, Meteor Assault damage relies heavily on your raw ATK. Cards as Atroce/Fused Atroce, Fused Phreeoni, Daehyon and the likes are great for that. Items such as Dragon Aura and Drake's Jacket from donation are great elements on a build of that kind. You may want to look after those. Gold Scaraba for accesories is always great. Don't forget that it's damage can be improved as well by the common damage modifiers such as race/size, like Turtle General, Fused Doppelganger, Hydra, Abysmal Knight (they are boss type as well), etc. A good idea could be having 1 weapon with modifiers and another with cards that boost ATK. Up to you. I'm not 100% sure, but it seems that racial/size modifiers doesnt work. Better going for pure ATK cards. Damage also can be improved by using different element properties, and that's the elemental converters for. Cursed Water is a good bet, since most of the monsters are Holy Property. Don't forget EDP, it does boost Meteor as well. Almost forget it: you may really want to have a "drain HP when attacking" headgear, such as Creed Helm. It will help alot on your survivability. Those are the core points you should know about Meteor type. Sorry for not providing an actual build since I don't have one at the moment. Hope it can be of some help for you anyway.
  10. Jhon

    Hello DreamRO again

    Holi, y bienvenida de nuevo holy No sé si me recuerdes haha. Ando por @go 18 por si quieres pasar
  11. Jhon

    HHH: Grand Cross RG vs Warlock

    As you can see from the fellow players opinions, any job can perform very well to be honest. I'm going to add my 2 cents stating that I'm farming HHH with my Sura. 500-600 heroic coins in average as well. bryan31's All Purpose Guide for HHH proves to be very effective. It's a matter of trial and error, honestly. Eventually you will find what's best for you. A side note on KS: no one should really complain because since the very beginning it was stated that it is ALLOWED with the premise being that HHH was and always meant to be a competition. Personally I don't KS anyway simply because I will not do what I don't want others to do to me. Map is huge enough for everyone.
  12. Jhon

    Caspen dun tips

    Noble Cross / Paladin Card build. Or just go with the old sonic blow build
  13. Jhon

    Easter Event 2019 - [Phase 3]

    Welcome to my world.
  14. Jhon

    Easter Event 2019 - [Phase 3]

    That's if you can be lucky enough to win with lowered chances
  15. Jhon

    All purpose build for HHH

    OP build maker as always