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  1. So what's good? It's been a while.... 

  2. Jhon

    Royal Guard Caspen Farming

    Yeah, just remember that Grand Cross is an hybrid skill, so the physical part of that skill will be taken into account by Sniper Card.
  3. Jhon

    Royal Guard Caspen Farming

    That's self explanatory. Each Sniper Card grants you a 5% chance of absorbing 20% of the Physical damage you deal in one hit. For instance, say, you deal 1,000 damage to a monster. Therefore there's 5% chance that you will gain that 20% of that thamage you dealt into your HP. Sì, tal cual. Grand Cross es un skill híbrido (mitad magia - mitad físico), por lo tanto Sniper Card y todos los items con el mismo efecto funcionan con dicho skill.
  4. Jhon

    Looking for Social Guild

    Hahaha, thats a good thing I guess. Anyway, I haven't seen social guilds lately (I wonder why), but if you feel like to, I'm usually hanging at @go 18 when I'm online. Or at casino. It's actually a thing nowadays
  5. Jhon

    Looking for Social Guild

    Nothing. It's just good to see you again
  6. Jhon

    Looking for Social Guild

    i see a ghost in here
  7. Jhon

    Need Help with Some Item Effects

    Anti-knockback: Most popular choice is +8 Libra Shield. +8 Onyx Shield as well, but that may be more expensive than Libra Shield. Alternatively there is Magnetite Body Armor. (It has to be +8 and higher as well). There's a custom card called Crazed Howard Card for that, but that's very uncommon. You know most people keeps 24/7 on Tao/Ghostring. Permanent Endure: Heroic Boots from Hero Shop, or Howling Wind (both of them are shoes) are a good alternative, if you don't feel like investing on a custom aura. That way you can use a more generic aura and put your desired card for Footgear. Immunity to Freeze and Silence: Not much I can say here. Auras that give immunity to both statuses are usually the best bet. But if you really must change your aura, go with Blue Polar Bear or anything with the same effect (top headgear, immunity to Freeze, 25% damage reduction from humans). Not much can be done about Silence that doesn't involve changing 1-2 pieces of equipment. Marduk Card is pretty generic. Or Keeper's Armor + 2 Gemini Card could help with that. Immunity to Stun: It's a must. You don't want to run into a wizard spamming Meteor Storm and get out of that easily without protection against that. In my opinion, Immunity to Stun should be the priority for new players to the server. You're better off with a single Orc Hero/Glorified Orc Hero card. Those will cover the whole immunity to stun. Immunity to Curse: This one is harder. Usually you must have to rely on Evil Snake Lord Card for headgear, or Draconus Card for armor (which already covers many statuses, including Curse). For a RK, playing a Bowling Bash build will allow you to achieve high resistance/total immunity to statuses while still being balanced overall.
  8. Jhon

    Lite Graphics Plugin (@LGP)

    Is it possible to add new skills to the plugin.ini file? I mean using the respective ID name of the skill?
  9. what to do :th_hmm:

  10. Jhon

    About baphomet doll farming

    You could make a very cheap Grand Cross build for RG. It could be faster than AB.
  11. Jhon

    2019 Balancing Patch #1

    I'm not saying that it's not doing any damage, it IS doing damage now which is a thing many of we were waiting for a long time. What I meant is that it's damage against non-ghost feels way lower than it used to be before reboot. But if another adjustment is yet to be done (which I believe it's a reality) it's always more than welcome.
  12. Jhon

    2019 Balancing Patch #1

    Just tested it with a friend. It does slightly damage on GR, but overall it's damage got reduced a lot from what I see.
  13. Jhon

    2019 Balancing Patch #1

    AD is even weaker now......................................
  14. Jhon


    I don't get it either lol. Why Gioia when Storm Gust already kill the monsters in 1-2 hits