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  1. Death Of Birth

    Phantasmagoria - Knight Ares MVP Guide~

    division coin shop @ hero_camp 342 66
  2. Death Of Birth

    PvP Balancing Discussion

  3. Death Of Birth

    Artifact of Trials & Shop

    Selling: = 120b each ~ Sale (Negotiable) ... Pm > lalalalisa / lala lisa / Knight Ares / lalalisa Visit My Vending Shop @Gold_Mart 63 88 Thanks ~
  4. Death Of Birth

    Christmas Event [2019] [End]

    1. Black Cat Hood Sprite messed up. 2. Scratch Cat occupies Top Slot instead Lower Slot. or maybe just a wrong description. i'll follow up more sprite bug or wrong description as soon as i saw one..
  5. Death Of Birth

    Christmas Event [2019] [End]

    ayt.. thank you very much .. @Sadie
  6. Death Of Birth

    Christmas Event [2019] [End]

    @Sadie any plans to add npc to trade common loots? like 1:1 ratio, because players including me having trouble with Candies/Wraps supplies but i got tons of Cardboard/Etc. and changing "Candy" description atleast to avoid scam with normal candies. thanks ..
  7. Death Of Birth

    Christmas Event [2019] [End]

  8. Death Of Birth

    GM Hosted Event - Suggestions

  9. Death Of Birth

    Questions about Hades Immunity

    alright i understand now the 2 types of immunity, and hades is still 1 sided class, thanks for answering my questions, btw close the thread so it may not lead to something unlike the other thread before.. thanks.. good job.. i have no more further questions. thank you.
  10. Death Of Birth

    Questions about Hades Immunity

    thats true that (Fused Angeling effect:NPC Change Undead)auto proc,melts hades down like ice cream. ez juicy loots for Royal Guards.
  11. Death Of Birth

    Questions about Hades Immunity

    i know Grand Cross uses both %Atk+%matk formula to make an output aoe damage but hades should be equal for all classes as they say thats why they implemented immunities to all special mvp's, and not for 1 sided class like Royal Guard and Sura+Steel Body+Grand Cross its a competetion for loots not Party+Partake loots as you observe you can see 5-6 RG + 1-2 Sura taking down hades and no more other class, and yes you were right its not fixed yet i just want to them to hear out other class user opnions that still can be usefull killing hades. thanks for answering latte,
  12. Death Of Birth

    Faceworm Nest [Party Instance]

    alright, thankss ...
  13. Death Of Birth

    Questions about Hades Immunity

    November 15, 2019 Hades will gain immunity on 2 types of attack depending on his HP remaining HP. (can change whenever his hp drops) i dont understand that 2 types of immunity, is it? - Melee Physical / Range Physical - Magic cuz i observe it doesn't switch to immune magic, all hades hunters uses Grand Cross/Auto Grand Cross until it dies and it took like 15-25 mins to take down hades, this implementation is should be fair to all classess right ? thanks in advance for answering my questions #respectpost.
  14. Death Of Birth

    Faceworm Nest [Party Instance]

    @Sadie can i ask about the faceworm queen card effect, does MVP/Large Size is included for ignore def?
  15. Death Of Birth

    Faceworm Nest [Party Instance]

    up for token of siegfried usable for solo feats / solo speed run. up up up .