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  1. Death Of Birth

    Keeper's Set?

    Any source where to get Keeper's Set now? source other than WOE Treasure Chest. cuz before it's on Hero Shop in Hero Temple. - Keeper's Armor - Keeper's Shield - Keeper's Muffler can i suggest to add it on Hero Shop again or in BG Equipments? thank you,
  2. Death Of Birth

    HHH Lite/Phantasmagoria - BETA

    everytime i go inside PHANTASMAGORIA with PK mode [ON] why am i always warping on Hero Arena everytime i killed a PK ON players? is there a bug cuz its too annoying to warp and warp again.
  3. Death Of Birth


    yeah, but Gx can wear Non-Slotted Asprika ez switch with other manteu without revealing itself and using backslide is very effective in every combat. and no such thing defensive skills in pvp unless you use auto cast gems like pneuma/safety wall or amon ra and professor card for landpro.