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  1. ace0818

    Server Balance Patch 2022

    Thanks, Xileria for the kindness sharing =p Been thinking is it possible? If not, perhaps I gonna stop upgrading and transform it to costume T.T Meanwhile, notice that the Leech Enhance Script currently still remains 20% chance of 70% dmg as per attached.
  2. ace0818

    Malangdo Instance and BG update

    Wow!! Looking forward to it =))
  3. ace0818

    Wholesales Stock Clearance

    Aluminium Gloves x2 Ign: Claire Leong / Tracy Hermis
  4. ace0818

    Wholesales Stock Clearance

    Hi, Would like to purchaser 2x shamshir Ign : Tracy Hermis
  5. ace0818


  6. ace0818

    Wholesales Stock Clearance

    Hi, Would like to buy +8 Libra with 40 Donation Token PM Me when you are around : Tracy Hermis
  7. ace0818

    RG Sacrifice Build

    Hi Guys, Been not playing DRO for tons of years of which I m coming back to enjoy the game. Though, what's the best build & Items of a RG for now? (P.S: Been reading from the previous discussion yet kinda confused & of which seems a decade) If I would like to spend some money on the donation, any recommendation for the donation item? Do feel free to drop your sharing of it.