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  1. caze000

    2nd Class Balancing Patch

    1. I haven't tested the before and after the patch damage 2. Hammerfall doesn't apply confusion and curse, I've been using hammerfall for a 1min. and it didn't have a chance to inflict confusion and curse for once, not sure if all status are stackable, but stun status is the only one that effect 3. Haven't tested 4. This one is tricky or it is implemented as intended, I use Quagmire on a mechanic without cart boost status and cast cart boost, it didn't buff cart boost. Working, if you already have the cart boost buff and quagmire is casted, it is no longer disabled. BUT if you got dispell while inside quagmire you won't be able to recast the cart boost. The duration doesn't reset, IF you try to re-cast cart boost inside quagmire.
  2. caze000

    S>SIREN card 65b

    S>SIREN card 65b S>SIREN card 65b S>SIREN card 65b
  3. caze000

    Selling & Buying

  4. caze000

    For sale

    what temporal boots? str? ill buy it if stt
  5. caze000

    Automated Event Rewards Boost

    Is it possible to boost the donation credits for the donators as well? seems joining event, bg, etc. are a great boost for the players who has a lot of time playing.
  6. caze000

    B>Gem of Termination

    Leave offer or PM me