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  1. baduad

    Summer Bash 2021 - [Phase 4]

    divine weapon pls
  2. baduad

    Summer Bash 2021 - [Phase 4]

    @HaZe will there be given weapon for farm or not?
  3. baduad

    B> AOT LArge attack+ ACD 6%

    DM ur price
  4. baduad

    B> +10 Gorilla Hat

    closed bought alrd
  5. baduad

    B> +10 Gorilla Hat

    offer here or by DMs
  6. baduad

    Easter Event 2021 [Closed]

    will venomous blade (green devil blade ) will be available via raffle? ive seen gumiho there not the green devil blade pls clarify xd
  7. baduad

    Easter Rare Poll 2021

    oblivion blade+1000
  8. baduad

    S> AOT (Smallattack10%+Diamon1Lv(Hp5%+15def)

    trade with any aot + 100b
  9. EPIC HG such as noxious blazintg shield jajaja
  10. baduad

    Coronavirus Event [ 2nd Wave ]

    is there an update regarding the reduced token for finishing scav right now only 75
  11. baduad

    2nd Class Balancing Patch

    thanks for the clarification, im just not good with numbers, i guess everyone that complained need to see this explanation lol
  12. baduad

    2nd Class Balancing Patch

    soo gx damage nerfed by howmuch if using lvl 4 ewp from previous patch? 10%