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  1. GM Freia

    recuperar cuenta

    Hello, Send a support ticket and we will try to help you. Thanks. http://playdreamerro.com/support
  2. Some people got kicked from channels and other temporarily banned, the game became instantly better 😄

    1. iamhii
    2. menma


      don't kick me pls.. >.< im a ghost

  3. Can I just apply for "Banning players from #main chat' position,

    due to their constant non-English / rudeness / cussing / abusing sever on #main?

    Thank you.

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    2. caramellmacchiato


      Hi! I was there when #main chat was being spammed. I believe a GM has gave out a warning. I have SS of the chats but unfortunately it goes blurry and I’m wondering why. Next time remember to SS!

    3. priestheal


      "...SS.it goes blurry and I’m wondering why...."

      If you try to resize the SS to make it small, it distorts the details (even at 90% size).

      That's what happened when I resized it to a smaller image, from then I just post image at it's original 100% size.

      No, I won't SS their conversations anymore.

      I know the Dev team is doing their best to make DRO a fun place

      but I believe this #main channel is also a major toxic issue that the newbies have to endure it or leave the server.  

      I agree SS and report section is the proper procedure,

      but in my (15 months) opinion it is not showing much results/actions from the Dev team on this #main channel issue.

      Thanks again to all you guys for the hard work and effort.
    4. caramellmacchiato


      Sorry you have to deal with that. I will now help report whenever I see main being spammed and abused so you don't have to 😁😁

  4. GM Freia

    GM/Helper/Police/Consultants Hiring Season

    The Hiring season ended and we had some promotions! New GMs: GM Veigas - Game Master lv 40 - Police/Control Department GM Cersei - Support Game Master lv 20 - Tech/Support Department New Helpers: iamhii caramellmacchiato zpunk Andrilee Paca miareeta New Consultants: Seam S N I F F U P sakazuki We are still looking for more people to help us with Helpers and Consultants time! You can send me messages through the forums so I'll take a look. Thanks to all who attended and spent time to apply! Thanks guys!
  5. I just answered all the applications! Congratulations to the approved ones! I have some candidates to choose out of the applications, but I'll list them all soon. 😄

  6. GM Freia

    GM/Helper/Police/Consultants Hiring Season

    Thank you who had the interest and time to make an application! The season is over and we're off to another approach from now. People that have been accepted will be notified by forum message.
  7. The hiring season is open! Read our topic and send us your application! 



  8. GM Freia

    GM/Helper/Police/Consultants Hiring Season

    You will follow this template:
  9. Hello Dreamers!! It's time again!! We will hire new members for our team, directed to each new department. DRO Helper (Support/Tech Department): Help the GM team to support our players by answering questions, technical issues, and working directly with our GMs on what it takes to accomplish our daily tasks. The "considered" criteria: Must have been playing DreamerRO for at least 6 months. Must have at least 1 Elite Hero. Must have an account on forum. Must be willing to answer questions via #main #support and forums in a polite manner. Must not abuse the DRO Helper position to brag or intimidate other players. Must act according to the DreamerRO rules and protect the image of the server. Title of DRO Helper on forums will be offered. First step to becoming a GM in the future. DRO Police (Police and Control Department): Patrol, monitor (channels, maps, events) and help in the constant improvement of our game, will help our team find bots, players breaking our rules and troublemakers. The "considered" criteria: Must have been playing DreamerRO for at least 8 months. Must have an account on forum. Must not abuse the DRO Police position to brag or intimidate other players. Must act according to the DreamerRO rules and protect the image of the server. Must to know all our rules, to know how to identify offenders. Title of DRO Police on forums will be offered. First step to becoming a GM in the future. DRO PvP Consultant: Mainly assist the Developer and GM team to balance , discuss , fix, and find out PvP related. For instance, skill bugs, over powered skill, imbalance item, classes. The "considered" criteria: Must have been playing DreamerRO for more than 8 months. Must have an account on forum for discussion and reports. Active in PVP. Understand ANYTHING Related to PVP. Title of PVP Consultant will be offered. First step to becoming a GM. Support Game Master (GM lv 20): Their job is to log into the Forums and In-Game as often as possible (daily if possible) and answer as many "Support/General Questions" as they are capable of, these range from technical difficulties to in-game problems and some other general questions about the server. That have the power to jail, ban, kick, make events, make the server rules be followed and enforced. This is basically a probationary level position. After some time, the Head GM promote him to the next level. The "considered" criteria: For that position the player must have all the above requirements listed in the other positions. The player will be evaluated individually by our Admin and GM Team. How can you sign up for any of the positions? Very simple! Follow this script: You will create a topic here: http://www.playdreamerro.com/forums/index.php?/forum/57-application-submission/ Hiring will close Feb 17th 8pm EST (-5:00 GMT) - People that have been accepted will be notified by forum message or on the topic. PS: Any applications sent directly to me or any staff member will be deleted without being looked at and it will affect your apllication. Please stay tuned. Once we have a decision, we will announce it to the entire community. Sooo good luck!!
  10. Hello Dreamers! After a long conversation with all our Support team, we decided to reinvent some concepts, one of them and what will be spoken here is Departments. We divide our team into departments that will be very specific to each type of tasks or jobs. Listed here our new departments: Development Department: Department responsible for analyzing and developing any kind of updates, fix/repair bugs, adjustments or new stuffs on DRO. Department Leader: GM Sadie. Game Player Consultants Sub-Department: This sub-department is branch of the Development Department, where will be worked any type of discussions/agreements on balancing classes, skills, PvP-PvE area and any kind of game updates, everyone on this department will work together under the leadership of GM Sadie. Department Leader: GM Ethan. Events Department: This department is branch of the Development Department, which will be developed and created new things related to events (automated, manual or seasonal) and will be responsible for making any kind of daily events. Department Leader: GM Shimizu. Support and Control Department: Department responsible for all control and support of in-game and forums players. Department Leader: GM Freia. Tech/Support Sub-Department: This sub-department is branch of the Support and Control Department, we offer on this department any kind of support/tech issues on DRO and RO, everyone on this department will work together under the leadership of GM Freia. Department Leader: GM Chronos. Police and Control Sub-Department: This sub-department is branch of the Support and Control Department, police sub-department will be responsible for reporting, investigating and catching any type of player breaking DRO rules, everyone on this department will work together under the leadership of GM Freia. Department Leader: GM Caracal. Each department will collaborate with the other, maintaining their respective line of work, so we GMs will be able to focus more on the designated areas for each one. The departments can be occupied by players who will be willing to help our server grow and they can devote a little of their time to helping other players. PS: All GMs not listed as leaders are already assigned to assist other departments, other peoples who could be a GMs will be inside any department as needed. All department leaders can be replaced as needed, so we can develop a good and constant work. I am organizing a Hiring season to fill some positions left by the old Support Players and to relocate some in their respective departments. Everyone is invited to participate shortly in our hiring season, this will be the first of this new phase of the GM Team, so I'm very excited for our change! Now let's talk about our change on forums. We migrated a few sections within others to improve our view and some sections that were obsolete and we changed some other things. We changed the Hello & Goodbye section into the General Discussion section. We have created a large section called DreamerRO Support, containing: Bugs & Exploits section, Technical Difficulties section and Questions and Answers section, this way it is easier to find a support point. New Suggestions & Skill Balancing section contains: Skills & Item Balancing section and Features Suggestions section, where you will find all suggestions and discussion about changes on our server, so the developer team can centralize all his work. Report Section: We put a restriction like the Ban appeal section, you will only see your own topic here. There will be no other posts in here otherwise, why this? That way no one will create drama and encourage people to report things without fear of QQ and direct attacks, protecting the person's identity. If necessary we will contact someone reported in any case. In other words, only the staff can see the topics listed on the report section. All these changes were needed to fit within our new team organization, so every change is welcome as well any constructive criticism. It was time for us to take a new breath and innovate in some way, soon our administrator (Haze) will give details about our new update, which will surprise many of you and give veterans and newbies a new perspective in game! Stay tuned! **A special thanks to GM Sadie who gave this brilliant idea about departments and the entire GM Team for all this.**
  11. If you find me Kill me Or be Conquered. 

    1. Zerro
    2. ApexPredator


      Haha how, im kicking off the weekend well as you can see...hahaha

  12. GM Freia

    About the current GM/SP team

    Hello Dreamers! Recently by our decision, we removed all Support Players from our team and one of our GMs resigned. We are reinventing some things internally so we can hire a new team with a new concept of "team". New updates are coming, which maybe will change our game type on a permanent basis, soooo stay tuned!
  13. GM Freia

    Surprise Rare Box & Rare Token Shop

    Has anyone identified any issues with rare items?