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  1. GM Freia

    Hello, again... Anyone remember?

    I remember you, you have been Support Player a few years ago. Welcome back
  2. GM Freia

    StrawHat Arosts

    R.I.P King Arost ~ Rest in peace.
  3. GM Freia

    Things you need to be cautious with !!!

    Hello Dreamers! I am strongly urging all players to not lend their account in game to anyone for any purpose. If someone offers services to level up, farm, rank or any kind of thing, DON'T ACCEPT and report immediately on the report section. Scam cases or real threats will be treated similarly, so I'll count on all of you, avoid such problems, lost items will not be returned under any circumstances. If you know or have any evidence about cases such as RMT (Real Money Trade), report immediately on the report section. NOTE: Report section is now private, so feel free to report any case without fear of being identified by others or receiving threats. About our rules: Warning: Rules may be stacked depending on the severity of your actions, meaning the punishment will also increase varying on the amount of rules you broke. 3. Buying, selling, and/or trading of items/zeny in DreamerRO for real money, be it in the form of electronic-currency, game or phone credits, or for items/zeny in another server via any means of communication, be it in-game, forums, or social media (ie: Facebook, Twitter, etc.), is illegal. (Codename: RMT, Real Money Trading) All Offenses: Permanent Ban (and/or related accounts)
  4. GM Freia

    PALK's Elite Hero Weapon Quest

    I remember him in 2009, old times.
  5. GM Freia

    Changes on Forums and Staff Team

    Update: GM Oromis - Game Player Consultants Department Leader. GM Ethan - Police/Control Department Leader.
  6. GM Freia

    GM's Team Update

    Good Morning, I would like to announce a new hire for the team, GM Oromis. I want everyone to help me welcome him and make him feel at home, he's new to GM's position so I beg you to have patience with him. With that, I made a small change in the department settings. GM Ethan will run the Police/Control department and GM Oromis will run the consultants on Game Player Consultants department. New hire: GM Oromis - Support Game Master - lv 20 (Game Player Consultants department Leader)
  7. GM Freia

    DreamerRO Wiki

    This is a mature and important step that we are taking to grow our server. Thanks guys #goDRO
  8. GM Freia

    GM's Team Update

    Hello Dreamers! I didn't announce before, but GM Caracal decided to resign his position as GM, for personal reasons. Then I'll be in charge of the police/control department until I get another GM to replace him. I'm going to look at other GM candidates and will announce a new hire soon. Best regards.
  9. Some people got kicked from channels and other temporarily banned, the game became instantly better 😄

    1. iamhii
    2. menma


      don't kick me pls.. >.< im a ghost

  10. Can I just apply for "Banning players from #main chat' position,

    due to their constant non-English / rudeness / cussing / abusing sever on #main?

    Thank you.

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    2. Latte


      Hi! I was there when #main chat was being spammed. I believe a GM has gave out a warning. I have SS of the chats but unfortunately it goes blurry and I’m wondering why. Next time remember to SS!

    3. priestheal


      "...SS.it goes blurry and I’m wondering why...."

      If you try to resize the SS to make it small, it distorts the details (even at 90% size).

      That's what happened when I resized it to a smaller image, from then I just post image at it's original 100% size.

      No, I won't SS their conversations anymore.

      I know the Dev team is doing their best to make DRO a fun place

      but I believe this #main channel is also a major toxic issue that the newbies have to endure it or leave the server.  

      I agree SS and report section is the proper procedure,

      but in my (15 months) opinion it is not showing much results/actions from the Dev team on this #main channel issue.

      Thanks again to all you guys for the hard work and effort.
    4. Latte


      Sorry you have to deal with that. I will now help report whenever I see main being spammed and abused so you don't have to 😁😁

  11. GM Freia

    GM/Helper/Police/Consultants Hiring Season

    The Hiring season ended and we had some promotions! New GMs: GM Veigas - Game Master lv 40 - Police/Control Department GM Cersei - Support Game Master lv 20 - Tech/Support Department New Helpers: iamhii caramellmacchiato zpunk Andrilee Paca miareeta New Consultants: Seam S N I F F U P sakazuki We are still looking for more people to help us with Helpers and Consultants time! You can send me messages through the forums so I'll take a look. Thanks to all who attended and spent time to apply! Thanks guys!
  12. I just answered all the applications! Congratulations to the approved ones! I have some candidates to choose out of the applications, but I'll list them all soon. 😄

  13. GM Freia

    GM/Helper/Police/Consultants Hiring Season

    Thank you who had the interest and time to make an application! The season is over and we're off to another approach from now. People that have been accepted will be notified by forum message.
  14. The hiring season is open! Read our topic and send us your application! 



  15. GM Freia

    GM/Helper/Police/Consultants Hiring Season

    You will follow this template: