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    I forgot my SECURITY CODE

    Hello there! If you still have access to the e-mail address registered to the account, you may use our main site to recover your security PIN code. It will be sent directly to your e-mail address after you click submit. LINK: http://playdreamerro.com/?module=account&action=recoverpin If you do not have access to the email registered to the account, we will not be able to recover the PIN number for you. You will have to answer the in-game recovery question or regain access into your e-mail before you recover your PIN. Let me know if there is anything else I can do for you.
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    Muy buena la guía! Excelente trabajo
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    All right, if u need anything else PM me. Closing.
  4. GM Freia


    I ask your friend to create a ban appeal, after that I'll tell you exactly what happened. My apologies, at my first post, I confused you with another person who was unban. Either way, you've been banned for doing exactly what GM Shuvi said. Waiting for Appeal. Thanks.
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    Haze unban your acct. Everything's solved.
  6. GM Freia

    Rules of public Channels

    Due to discussions and different points of view, we will now implement a new rule for all channels (#main, #support, #trade). Single channel rule: Note: All rules regarding the politeness, advertisement and types of violations described in all rules must be observed. The channels were made for better communication with all players, this should be maintained as a priority and due respect. Anything different to this statement will be deemed an offense. 1. All channels should be used the native language of the server (English), parallel conversations on another language will not be allowed. 1.a) #main - It should be used strictly for player communication. Will not be allowed: spamming, teasing, cursing, toxic comments to other players or group of players. Any type of disrespect will also not be allowed, either for players or staff members. 1.b) #support - Restricted channel to ask questions to everything related to the server. It can be used to help and answer questions from players, different things to this statement will not be allowed. 1.c) #trade - Used only for B/T/S and services, different things to this statement will not be allowed. Punishment: 1st Offense: Warn by any player or staff member. 2nd Offense: 3 days ban from the channel. 3rd+ Offense: 1 week ban from the channel. Note 2: If you got banned, you can create an appeal for it. All cases will be examined exclusively by an appeal. This rule is directly linked to rule 8 and may have consequences for the player. If the GMs can't ban the player because of the name, the punishment will be more severe. Any changes will be made without notice, be constantly aware.
  7. GM Freia

    Rules of public Channels

    I think you're making a big mistake by saying this, you can't judge (me or any staff) who you don't really know. I just told you what I look and read in your comments, no mistakes were made in Edrick's case, this should be dealt with in the ban appeal section if he feels right to do so. Soooo you don't respect me or trust me/Shuvi/any staff, just because we didn't agree with your point of view, "apologizing" for a case that doesn't concern you. No one here is against you, I just found odd you say "we" cuzz you are part of the GM team. I repeat what I said, in that strictly case, several warnings were given and the punishment was applied correctly, so no need to apologize here for an "error" backhand committed by the GM team, especially knowing that he does it on purpose every time. I'd like to deal with this privately, I have trusted a "position" to you and that isn't how any issue is resolved. Topic closed, no sense to keep a discussion like this.
  8. GM Freia

    Rules of public Channels

    Hello, This topic isn't for discussions like this. Everyone here has points of view, right or wrong depends on us GMs deciding what to do and when to do it (within or outside the scope of the rules). The rule is only to alert players about this, as GM Shuvi quoted "The GM Team reserves the right to exact punishment if they feel certain kinds of behavior is abusive under the scope of the The server owner also reserves the right to modify the rules without prior notice." I've been alerting players to this like a long time, some of them like Edrick continue to do so, sadly. Ame, you have no right to say "we" without ask for us GMs if we agree with your words, you don't speak for the entire GM team. Isolated cases will be dealt with in the Ban Appeal section, nothing more.
  9. GM Freia

    [New] HA PvP Race Price Bug

    I think this has been fixed, no one else has reported a similar problem.
  10. GM Freia

    [New] HA PvP Race Price Bug

  11. Never ever share your acct info and password to anyone. That's your fault if you do so.

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      Give me İD Pass ❤️  

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    Rules "Spanish" section