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  1. GM Chronos

    Staff Appreciation

    Uncle Sadie haha. Hope you enjoy your stay here. And we make DRO great again
  2. The more reviews, the merrier christmas will be 😄
    Write your review or renew your old ones guys! 

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    2. eraexo


      I'm so active in this year's event and so far I didn't see any GMs doing that except Snow and Dev Sadie. Not hating here but, are you sure? because i don't see it which is strange because im very active. Again not hating here (maybe when im offline some gm online so). Merry xmas and advance happy new year.

    3. GM Chronos

      GM Chronos

      I got screenshots myself, not unless you do online 24/7 which is I'm not. And I usually don't broadcast with my name on it. And if your very active, I hope your review is active always too 🙂

    4. eraexo


      ty for safety wall event.

  3. GM Chronos

    Surprise Rare Boxes and Chests

    Lol. Whenyouseeit
  4. GM Chronos

    New Player here

    Hello, welcome here in DreamerRO. Hope you enjoy our server, have fun and good luck!
  5. Changelog:

    Fragments required from Hero Quest are now tradeable.

  6. GM Chronos

    Valentines EVent?

    I am not really sure about this one. The GMs now focus on the upcoming updates. But if haze will agree on this, I believe it will only be the same as last year's valentines event. you can read this post as reference for the last year's event. Thank you!
  7. GM Chronos

    Halloween Event [2018] Finale

    No. A lot of players got +9 already.
  8. GM Chronos


    The decision has been made 1st Place = Roar of Dragon Slayer 2nd Place = Bloody Sword of Dragon 3rd Place = Dark Pentagram Wings 4th Place = Poisonous Icarus Wings 5th Place = Frigid Icarus Wings 6th and 7th Place = Shadow Meteor Storm and Gyuki Essence NOTE: I am not sure if Haze is going to release the top 3 rares from the result, I am only sure that he will use the top 2, still in doubt using Dark Pentagram wings. Thanks for all those who voted! For those who wasn't able to write a review or renew your old ones, http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?page=detailedlistserver&serid=8633&url_sname=DreamerRO! New! And lets celebrate the 10th year anniversary of DreamerRO! #LongLiveDreamerRO
  9. GM Chronos


    It depends on Haze, last easter we released 3 new rares, 1st choice rare was the green version of shadow meteor storm and it was released via dons/zeny. 2nd and 3rd option were released via dons/zeny and raffle too. Im not sure with haze. but who knows? ^^ Haze really likes to surprise us all. lol For jamieson and tohhonghao, the raffle npc will appear in the end of the event, it usually takes place on a saturday after WoE.
  10. GM Chronos


    Enchanted wings will be replaced during the rare release/raffle and etc.
  11. GM Chronos


    HALLOWEEN EVENT 2018 NEW RARE POLL This poll is for the end of Halloween event 2018. For now we will let the community decide what they like to be released as new rares this Halloween 2018 season. The Rare poll will end on November 1, 2018. These are the following previews of each rare. It is also arranged according to the series of numbers to be voted in the poll. #1 DARK PENTAGRAM WINGS #2 BLOODY SWORD OF DRAGON #3 ROAR OF DRAGON SLAYER #4 SHADOW METEOR STORM #5 FRIGID ICARUS WINGS #6 GYUKI ESSENCE #7 POISONOUS ICARUS WINGS You can open the spoilers for the animation Dark Pentagram Wings Bloody Sword of Dragon Roar of Dragon Slayer Shadow Meteor Storm Frigid Icarus Wings Gyuki Essence Poisonous Icarus Wings And its been almost a year already since we updated the Rare Surprise Box item. I would actually like this to be included in the Poll, but I think this one already deserves the next spot as the new rare in the surprise box for Halloween. ( At last not girly sprite like we had last item the enchanted wings lol ) HALLOW RAVEN WINGS HALLOW RAVEN WINGS ANIMATION So as the Halloween event ends this coming weekend, Good luck to all! May all be winners for the rares and any more prizes to come with the Halloween Party event! NOTE: Not all the names here are final and its just temporary. If you agree for the Hallow Raven Wings as the new box rare for the surprise box, you can hit +1 button ( joke ) And please write us a review and make DRO great again! http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?page=detailedlistserver&serid=8633&url_sname=DreamerRO! New!
  12. I am thinking of posting a rare poll for halloween event with 5-6 new rare sprites anytime this weekend or monday. I will let the community decide and pick your best new rare this season. Stay tuned! 

    1. iamhii


      This weekend!~! :3 right now 😃

  13. Hello Dreamers! The Amazing Race is one the most famous reality competition around the world in which typically teams will compete the race of obstacles around the world. The race is generally split into specific number of flags until they get reached the last flag first and win the competition. During each flag, team follow clues from every route or every spots they have found. Clues may directly identify locations, contain cryptic riddles, and etc. As such, teams are generally free and sometimes required to engage locals to help in any manner to decipher clues and complete tasks. Tasks are typically designed to highlight the local culture of the place they are in. So without further a do. Here are the rules of the event: There are only 4 spots for the event. To start of the event, I will only GIVE 1 CLUE for the first spot wherein you have to find the specific pub of player that gives the first clue, if you already found the first clue. The PUB itself is already providing the next clue for your next spot. I have made characters named: [ The jobs of these characters are random and I will announce the specific jobs of these chars on the actual event to prevent " Trollers " making these characters ] Chronos One Chronos Two Chronos Three [ GM ] Chronos = The last spot together with Crack the code event Here are some examples I will provide the first clu via announcement in-game and what you have to do is locate the character named " Chronos One " And just in case you found the character named " Chronos One " the sample pub says " @whereis poring " It will indicate the maps to where the monster poring is located, and one of those maps, you will find the character named " Chronos Two " and so on and forth till you find me. NOTE: If someone already managed to get the 3rd clue, and then you have a lot of friends to share with, I cannot force you not to share the next clue, but its really up to you, who knows, the friend you shared with the info might be the winner and you end up losing. LOL TAKE RISKS! PRIZES: 1st Prize: 1 Rare of choice among the 2 new rares to be released later on the event (Except Fireworks wing) 2nd Prize: 4 Event Tickets 3rd Prize: 3 Event Tickets Good luck to all dreamers later on the easter party finale event, and get ready of your raffle tickets and start your chants already!