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  1. mafiqazman

    B> Bloodstone

    Need 50 for 75b
  2. mafiqazman

    B> AOT & +10 Gigant

    Offer 5% ATK 6% ACD
  3. mafiqazman


    Offer please
  4. mafiqazman

    Glorious Weapon Update

    the "steel" enchant grouped in which category? melee? ranged? or magic?
  5. mafiqazman


  6. mafiqazman


    Faceworm Queen Card - Offer Blush of Groom - Offer
  7. mafiqazman

    Player Malaysia 2020

    Ad lg ke malaysian main? Lepak kt mana?
  8. mafiqazman

    S> +8 STR Temporal. 165B of offer

    Upp. Sell
  9. mafiqazman

    Selling And Buying Some Stuff

    +8 str temporal is?
  10. mafiqazman

    Buy and Sell

    Artifact of trial..offer
  11. Buying as per above. Please LBO
  12. mafiqazman

    Changelog ...

    still this issue.
  13. mafiqazman

    Spirit of Heroism Feedback

    Well from my opinion this is a very good feature to be implemented. Since from what I can see, the gap between new player and vets was too massive (even with them were elite with elite weapon), and for them to do the hero quest until elite is kinda hard, since now not many will guide like before. Most of the vets are AFK and doing their own stuff (not all). And for me personally, to guide the new player to do quest until elite 1 step to another is kinda time consuming, by implementing this I jz can share to them how to gain fastest zeny instead. It's easier. As of now, lets make a figurative aspect, out of 10 player I help giving guide on becoming elite, I believe 2/10 were still standing. So, it's kinda hard I must tell. By this system, I think its better for the development of the server volume and to close the gap between new and vets player by a bit. About the price, I'm not really sure. Maybe the vets can comment on that. But from my point of view, E. Weapon shud be 1 Unit only for this package (Elite kills can be any) Specialist Glove, its good, but not sure about the level and Exp.
  14. mafiqazman

    Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2019 [Ended]

    Agreed. Instead of dtoks. Make it in credit