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  1. Hyacinth

    Battleground Garment Master

    Faceworm Instance - How many Victory Badges?
  2. Hyacinth

    B> +10 Cold Depth Axe

  3. Hyacinth


    I have 200 Pcs offer your price, - PM
  4. Hyacinth

    B> +10 Cold Depth Axe

    wow that's expensive for me, thank you. looking for a low price than that
  5. Hyacinth

    B> +10 Cold Depth Axe

    As Title Says Buying +10 Cold Depth Axe - 1 PC +10 Snow Dagger - 2 Pcs Thank you
  6. Save + 10Cross shield and Swords OF Arctic Ill buy tonight.,. in like 3 hours\ Thanks
  7. Hyacinth

    SUSHI B/S/T + Farming Services

    I need the following 1k Soft Feathers 2k Destroyed Armor 2k Fabric Let me know your Price. Thanks
  8. Hyacinth

    Can't rank up from D to C Hero

    If you in Game.. Share your IGN .. let me help
  9. Hello, All Please help me with Mid and Lower Headgear Names which Gives Crit Damage Boost Or Perfect Dodge Increase. Thanks
  10. Hyacinth

    New Player Starting Job/Class

    What you need is a Genetic for Zeph and DQ and for PVP u can make use genetic as well and spam AD.