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  1. Happy New Year Everyone<3

  2. dhindz10

    bye bye

    see yah again friend.. we will miss u ase<3
  3. dhindz10

    Returning RK looking for an experienced PvP guild.

    yeah visit us @go6.. welcome back
  4. dhindz10


    yohoho hi hi
  5. dhindz10

    New Player Referrer Stats

    done renewing the review guys lets go..
  6. dhindz10

    Hello! dRO again

    welcome back see yah ingame
  7. dhindz10

    Halloween Event [2018] Finale

    Yey..something new again..great job team:) btw last halloween event one eyed goblin drops undead elemental scrolls..it will be great if it will be added again..will greatly benefits newbies to get some while hunting..some sort of extra income for them to sell..
  8. dhindz10

    UN_Choosen GUILD

    wow welcome back^^
  9. dhindz10

    B> +10 Combat Asprika | SELLING STUFF

    how much magnetite armor?
  10. dhindz10

    Hanabi SuperMarket

    bump..B> Hades Card
  11. dhindz10

    Hanabi SuperMarket

  12. dhindz10

    Hanabi SuperMarket

    Buying Equipments: Copper Rosary Mercury Relic Cards: Hades Card ETC: Resist Potions 10k undead elemental scroll- 1b 10k holy elemental scroll- 1b Trading None Selling NOTHING atm post your offer or pm me ingame IGN: Hanabi Hyuga/ Sakura- Chan