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  1. I create fact, not drama.

  2. Don't make yourself a director and actor

  3. AllenAaron

    RO 4th JOB

  4. A lots to recall.... wonder if ya still remember....

  5. AllenAaron


    Bloodstones 2b Each or 110 for 210b
  6. AllenAaron

    Aaron's Store

    No Idea, My little Friday (sorry i sound cringe)
  7. AllenAaron

    Aaron's Store

    The box yeah.
  8. AllenAaron

    Aaron's Store

    Updated the service list!!!!
  9. AllenAaron

    Forge Failing

    I once failed 9 Mercury Relic in a row. LMAO
  10. AllenAaron

    Aaron's Store

    NEW SERVICE AVAILABLE! Providing Forging equips materials/ minerals in a set. LEAVE COMMENT or PM ME here
  11. AllenAaron

    B>+0/4 Magnetite Armor/+8 Kshield

    Offer for +0 Mag Armor. Feel free to PM me here in forum.
  12. AllenAaron


    PM here in forum. And how many do u need?
  13. AllenAaron

    GRF Replacement [Under Construction]

    Try to off all of your client before patching. Are you ingame? Let me know~