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  1. AllenAaron

    Bling Bling ✨😛

    Bling Bling!
  2. AllenAaron

    New Player

    Best reply
  3. AllenAaron

    New Player

    Change log may Help.
  4. AllenAaron

    Easter Event 2019 - [Phase 3]

    Timing, haha.
  5. AllenAaron

    Easter Event 2019 - [Phase 3]

    To encourage pvp? haha. Its quite fine BG is only 1 hour, u can rest from Grinding or join PvP
  6. AllenAaron

    HHH Lite/Phantasmagoria - BETA

    Their race is demi Human if i not mistaken. You probably meant the element.
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  8. AllenAaron


    Mind to let us know who did it? As far as i know the FB group isnt official one.
  9. AllenAaron

    Basalica Skill Not Working in Bossnia or Caspen

    As I rememeber, the was never been enable on caspen Dungeon, for Bossnia i think it was enable.
  10. AllenAaron


    Hello, Welcome to the server! If you need some assist ingame you may use @request " your question". Hope you enjoy.
  11. AllenAaron

    New Player in Game

    Hello! Welcome to DRO. Our forum has almost all of the guides needed moreover u can also check our wiki. If you need any help ingame u can use @request Besides, if u need some basic guide and explanation about the game, you can check the dreamer Wiki npc at caspen. Hope you Good luck!
  12. AllenAaron

    HHH Lite/Phantasmagoria - BETA

  13. AllenAaron


    Not username BTw its characters name.
  14. AllenAaron

    Job Builds Submissions

    {Soul Linker} {MVP} Recommended Stats: (Please include a brief explanation of the stat usage and reason for increasing or ignoring each stat) STR: Rest go here AGI: 180 For 195 aspd DEX: 180 for no cast INT: 500 for Matk,Estun and Esma VIT: 200 for survive LUK: 1 you don’t need it, u have kaupe to dodge attack Recommended Equipment: (Please include the headgear and card's effects next to it's name) Top Headgear: Satanic Mask 2 slotted Card 1: Vesper Ignore mdef of Boss by 30% Card 2: Vesper ignore mdef of Boss by 30% Middle Headgear: Any 45% delay wing. I use ancient ninja sword btw Card: Kiel card reduce after cast delay by 30% Lower Headgear:Mystical Chakra increase damage to Boss type monster and Hp Bonus Card:Vesper Ignore 30% mdef of Boss Armor : Armor of forgetton Card: Draconus Card Immune to certain status Weapon: Staff if sentinel Card 1: Entweihen Crothen card Card 2: Necromancer Card Card 3:Entweihen Crothen Card Card 4:Necromancer Card Shield:+8-10 Libra Card: Alice card to reduce damage from boss Robe:Asprika Card: none Shoes:+8 Twinlight shoe Card: Fallen Biship Hibraham 10% matk Accessory 1: Adamite Pendant Card: Scraba card for matk Accessory 2: Elite Glove Card: Scaraba Card for matk