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  1. poochai

    Mini summer forum event

    Oh How I spent my summer is not the typical beach vacation or out of the country trip. I had a fun simple summer vacation which to me was priceless. how great my summer was, being able to meet with friends at the bar/ restaurant talking about life has been since after college brings not only the old times but it helps us connect like we were before. Cold beer, awesome food, and company of great friends is incomparable than spending tons of money on trips. In other words I got drunk with friends and play my game during the day.
  2. poochai

    Oboro, Kagerou and Rebellion Skills

    Disable Rich Coin Shattering Storm Banishing Buster Fallen Angel Slug Shot "NO DEFENSIVE" Skill just Play YOLO now and play Rapid shower or Fullbuster (New Meta) or (old Meta Like Gunslinger) Like Mass Spiral - Rifle Gun 2handed Howling Mine - Granade launcher 2handed Fire Rain - Gatling Gun 2handed Dragon tail - Granade Launcher 2handed Round Grip - Gatling gun 2handed Hammer God -Rifle Gun (and this skill not working )2handed And Different Bullet per Gun i need to wait SATURDAY so i can use my "2nd job skill in WOE" hahaha very nice
  3. poochai

    2019 Balancing Patch #1

    @HaZe change NPC reset Hatred please make it 5B or 70vote not 70votes + 5B thats too much xD
  4. poochai

    Buying Things

    +10 +9 +8 Jugg offer
  5. poochai

    Elite Weapon Expert

    Instant lvl 4 nice update. too ez for chua the great
  6. *event update* find me in amatsu and challenge me to a duel (Cataleya). pwn me i will pay you 5b, and if you lose to me pls pay me 2.5b. only twice per player! more updates soon
  7. poochai

    Let's talk about FLEE in-game

    Flee is balanced the way it is now. Pre-re hit was way too low compared to re-hit. Just add both luk + dex if lacking hit, or use ifrit cards (120 hit,120 atk each) to increase hit w/o sacrificing too much damage eq. In pre-re, for DD's to counter 1.7k flee required them to sacrifice their dmg cards to use 2-3 phreeonis just to be able to attack their enemy. In re, players don't ever needs to use 2-3 phrees to attack their enemy because every job's total hit has been increased w/ increased luk. Ex (w/o phrees but lvl 4): wl 750 hit -> 1K hit, ranger 1.2k hit -> 1.6k hit. Flee was never a problem in renewal because it is easily countered w/ the new stat system + new card effects. besides that, the user going flee has to sacrifice/risk more defensive capabilities to reach 1.7k flee.