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  1. poochai

    June Balancing Patch #1

    @HaZe change NPC reset Hatred please make it 5B or 70vote not 70votes + 5B thats too much xD
  2. poochai

    Buying Things

    +10 +9 +8 Jugg offer
  3. poochai

    Elite Weapon Expert

    Instant lvl 4 nice update. too ez for chua the great
  4. *event update* find me in amatsu and challenge me to a duel (Cataleya). pwn me i will pay you 5b, and if you lose to me pls pay me 2.5b. only twice per player! more updates soon
  5. poochai

    Let's talk about FLEE in-game

    Flee is balanced the way it is now. Pre-re hit was way too low compared to re-hit. Just add both luk + dex if lacking hit, or use ifrit cards (120 hit,120 atk each) to increase hit w/o sacrificing too much damage eq. In pre-re, for DD's to counter 1.7k flee required them to sacrifice their dmg cards to use 2-3 phreeonis just to be able to attack their enemy. In re, players don't ever needs to use 2-3 phrees to attack their enemy because every job's total hit has been increased w/ increased luk. Ex (w/o phrees but lvl 4): wl 750 hit -> 1K hit, ranger 1.2k hit -> 1.6k hit. Flee was never a problem in renewal because it is easily countered w/ the new stat system + new card effects. besides that, the user going flee has to sacrifice/risk more defensive capabilities to reach 1.7k flee.