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  1. you still playing bro?


  2. jirou còn chơi k nhỉ bh miu chơi lại thì nên đi BG/mine hay là farm bossnia ý? >"<

    1. JIROU


      vẫn còn nè Miu mà lâu lâu mới vào game, farm Bg đi Miu

  3. @ZeroGravity you are the man cry alot about ninja class with something will change . I was long lived pvp since pre renewal until renewal release . Pre renewal Ninja with out wearing 2 weapon and charms buff like Orobo/Kagerou did their magic damage still good . So this change just like give back HA itself with 2nd class skill pvp like pre renewal and this change not killing this class. We are coming pvp for a part teamwork not making a cannon class burst insane damage killing a group . Ninja with skill survival Cicada and Tatami really hard to touch.
  4. JIROU

    2019 Balancing Patch #1

    Seem like Falcon Blade got a bug, it doesnt increase damage falcon assault . Im tested it before and after wearing dagger the damage just increase around like 25~30k , i think that damage is from %Matk of weapon
  5. Jirou, its Macchiato/ Latté. Need your help on a build..

    1. Aselica


      me too i need bowling bash hacks to make it useful

    2. JIROU


      i will log in game soon

    3. Latte


      I'm currently farming easter. Are you on? Can you use @request and ask for me the moment you on

  6. Complete Guide for RK new renewal . 


  7. JIROU

    Rune Knight Guide - 2k18

    As the title says, after long time since i play RK . I make this topic hope help many RK in server explore and become strong more. This topic im not sure it can help you or not but that's all my experience since i play RK at this moment. 1/ Sword Master. Bowling Bash Build ( Edit 2018 aka New Renewal ) Proc : Tanky as well, Payring 50% chance block physic dame, immune almost status alliment (Stone,Sleep,Freeze,Silence,Stun,Curser) Cons : Safety Wall blocked almost damage. 2 cells range. Stats Build. Str : 490~ 500 Divisive 10 Agi : 140~ 160 (enough Aspd 195) Vit : 80~110 ( Renewal Thanatos now hitting so hurt if Def Vit high . Example Balance Def : 42~ 48 + 250 With Concentration) Int : 100 ( get some SP for spam skill and regen SP as well ) Dex : 300~ 350 Luk : 250~ 350 ( Renewal Luk add more Hit so this will important against flee user . add some PD for Resistance Sacri and TK hitting ) Equipment: Top Headgear : 35% reduce ( 0~ 9), Glorifed Orc Hero Card, Magathela Sorin Card (Against Ninja with Undead Armor and some WL Sorc use Heart Ring , Saint Ring White Lord Kaho (0~ 9) Glorifed Orc Hero Card ( Against Ranger DS build if use White Armor and POB, GX Grimtooth ) Freeza Hat ( Anti GR user) ( 0~ 9) Glorifed Orc Hero Card Owl Duke Hat (Anti Knock) (0~9) Addax Card or Fused Pharaoh if +9 Black Lord Kaho or Red Deadmau5 Hat ( 15% chance stone when get physic dame ) Orc hero Card Wing Headgear : Eden's Judgement (Gemini Card) Eskimo Jacket or any wing Anti Strip ( Gemini card) Hippter Shades ( Gemini card ) Coma User and Silence stun effect Frozen Dragon ( Gemini card) use this with enemy anti stone + wind element Scroll Aura Headgear : Black Beatphone ( Anti Silence and freeze 10% hp) (Gemini card ) Night Scraf ( Coma User ) ( Gemini card) Poring ring or any gear anti strip ( Gemini Card ) Melee Enegy aura or Melee Bloody Skullring ( max dame) (Gemini card) Halloween Spirit ( Enable see hiden enemy ) Gemini Card Armor : Keep armor +8 (Tao Gunka, Ghostring) Lord Tunic +9 (Tao Gunka, Ghostring, Creep Demon Card (Against WL for reflect Aoe skill), Detale ( Land Protect against sorc Wall of Fog) Jugg Armor +9 ( Best ) Shield : Keep Shield +8 ( Tharafog) Libra Shield +8 ( Thara Fog , Hades ( better) Valk Shield +10 ( Thara Fog, Maya) Orlearn's Server +10 ( Maya card) Shoes : Sleipnir : Fused Moonlight Card, Fused Eddga Card Obelisk Shoes : Tiamat Card ( Anti flee user) +8 Twilight Boots ( Furious Seyren Card ) Garment : Aespirka ( main ) Keep Manteau +8 ( Cautious Howard Card ) Elite. Aesprika (Sinx Card) +10 Proxy ( Deviling card ) anti Asura and Acid Demon Accessory : Glove Elite ( Horong Card, Gem of safety) Aluminium Glove ( Gem of pneuma,Gem of maskman Ship) Medal Honor ( Gem of pneuma, gem of maskman ship , Judicious Eremes card, Gold Scaraba Card ) Weapon : Angel Slayer (0~ 9) Sword Guardian/Sword guardian/ Turtle General/ Valkyrie Randgris ( Fused Atroce Card ) Angel Slayer ( 0~ 9) Sword Guardian/Sword Guardian/ Thanatos/ Valkyrie Randgris ( Fused Atroce Card ) Sham Shir ( 0~ 10) Thanatos/Lord of Death/Turtle General/Valkyrie Randgris Death Spade (0~ 10) 4 pcs Lord of death card (coma Type) 2/Spear Type: Spiral Pirece build, Spear Bomerang,Pirece,Hundred Spear Proc : Spiral bypass flee, 4 cells range, good DPS, spam enable Cons : Pneuma block hit, Defender reduce tons of damage , single enemy, low resistance some status alliment ( Stone, Sleep, Cursed ) Equipment Top Headgear : 35% reduce (0~ 9) Kiel Card Freeza Hat ( 0~ 9 ) Kiel Card,Fused Pharaoh if +9 Honey Bee Hat (0 ~9 ) Kiel Card Wing Headgear : Rare Wing ( Kiel Card ) at main Lower : Aura anti Silence and freeze ( Glofired Orc Heo Card) Bat Ring,Poring ring (anti strip) Glorifed Orc Hero Card Melee Enegy Aura (Glorifed Orc Hero Card) for extra damage Night Scraf ( Glorifed Orc Hero Card ) some status alliment when dealing damage Halloween Spirit ( Glorifed Orc Hero Card ) enable see hidden enemy Armor : Same like BB build Shield : Same kike BB build Shoes : Fused Eddga Card , Amonra Card with 350 int , Super Sonic boots with 1 gemini for anti stone and resis 80% stun Accessory : Same like BB build , Gem of Spiral Garment : Same like BB build Weapon : Harbelr of Lengend (0 ~ 9 ) : Tyrant Cecil/Turtle General/ Turtle General/ Valkrie Randgris Harbelr of Legend (0 ~ 9 ) : Tyrant Cecil/Thanatos/Turtle Genral/ Valkyrie Randgris Stats Build Str : 490~ 500 Agi : 180~ 200 ( enough apd 195) Vit : 80~ 110 Dex : 250 Int : 350 ( with Amon Ra Build) Luk : 200~ 350 3/ Usable Item : Holy Scroll Element, Orc Hero Scroll, Undead Element Scroll, Potion resistance ( Fire, Cold , Wind, Earth ), Panacea , Shadow Armor Scroll, Ghostring Scroll