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  1. p3ndo3l

    Royal Guard Caspen Farming

    thank you john. I forgot to add, since Grand Cross is a magical attack, I was assuming the sniper card wont work. But I bought the card and it did work on GC build.
  2. p3ndo3l

    Ranger - Draconus Killer (Even in Mag_dun02 xD)

    wait, punk beanie works with ranged attacks? I use hero aura (range +1) and it didnt even occur a single sonic blow toward monsters
  3. p3ndo3l

    Lite Graphics Plugin (@LGP)

    great customization thanks
  4. p3ndo3l

    Indonesian Lounge -

    Aku terjebak di dunia mining tanpa henti. Tolooongggg -Duryodana- Sang penunggang garuda di gua
  5. p3ndo3l

    Indonesian Lounge -

    sniper card berfungsi buat gc. hehe makasih
  6. p3ndo3l

    Daily Quest Revamp

    thanks a bunch! now, off im go trading those coins
  7. p3ndo3l

    Daily Quest Revamp

    The normal sniper card or the account bound new sniper card? Forgive me pestering this thread, because I read the description, it clearly says physical attack and I'm really trying to farmed my way out of poverty :D. SSo when thr 4 account bound sniper cards are useless, I will be doomed another 12 days to farm daily quest
  8. p3ndo3l

    Daily Quest Revamp

    Thanks. If it really works despite the card says physical damage, I'm going to trade it. If it isn't, I'm going to cry. Lol.
  9. p3ndo3l

    Royal Guard Caspen Farming

    the sniper card from daily quest shop says it absorbs 20% physical damage inflicted. anyone care to clarify? thank you.
  10. p3ndo3l

    Daily Quest Revamp

    cool. i was in need of mvp cards. thanks for the update. quick question before i traded daily quest tokens. This guide mention about sniper card use for lifesteal. On the sniper card description, it is said physical damage. so, clarification please as for the type of damage to drain HP. thank you
  11. p3ndo3l

    Indonesian Lounge -

    oke bang nais inpoh forum Indo juga ga terlalu rame ya yang masih aktif banyak ga ?
  12. p3ndo3l

    New Player Referrer Stats

    This is also what I thought. Reviewing done btw.
  13. p3ndo3l

    What even is this

    Ifrit needs to let off some steam too Dont judge him
  14. p3ndo3l

    Indonesian Lounge -

    halo. newbie dari bandung. in game pokoknya yang ada nick Pandawa Lima base Indo di mana ya?