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  1. MeshiRei

    Corona Virus Awareness [ Phase 1 ] Farming Build

    I just wanna share mine Auto Cast HG Mini Black Frame Glasses NVG Divine Weap Ele Sword Any Garments with Kasa C 2 Merc Relic with Gazeti C dnt bother HG cards for delay, they useless what matter after you equip this is PING , how smooth are you to change target , how you position your char to lessen the movement, and don't settle for less ( Don't Chase 1 mob) -Raffle Ticket
  2. MeshiRei

    Corona Virus Awareness Event [Phase 2]

    Add race npc please, so we can know how many points we got last race.
  3. MeshiRei

    is Mining worth or not?

    Ivo pilot my account until level 150 please
  4. MeshiRei


    Rustic Mantle 15b
  5. MeshiRei

    Mini summer forum event

    Here's my entry She was always the most waited part. It seems like everyone was made just to wait for her to happen. She made everything possible both for young and old. She's golden, shining, active and very radiant. She's like a superstar amidst the night sky. She was summer. I met her when i was very young. When afternoon all meant to be in bed while acting to be sleeping to avoid spank and paddles. I met her when I often sneak out using kitchen's door, trying to find a playmate. I hated her at first, she's boring, dull, and lifeless. But, she proved me wrong! She's fun to be with. I can play marbles with my friends, yoyo, and I can ride my scooter! Funny, I can still remember playing Nintendo, and crying for it everytime Mom would tell me to sleep. But, the funniest is my teenage years with summer. I need to be circumcised! Summer witnessed my transformation, from a boy to a young man. She is outgoing and independent! She withstand the little rain, and she always won. I could clearly remember and hear the crashing of the waves and the sound of our laughter when we went to the beach. We spent the night at the tent and waited for sunrise to welcome our adolescents. No classes not too much activities and more time to be lazy. But where is summer now that I am a professional? Where are the games? How is the beach? Where are the available afternoon for sleeping? Is summer still there for me to enjoy? Sadly, no. What goes around, just turns around too. It's time for work, and catching up friends. Summer, now is just rest. But after all those summer, I'm glad i had my best from all the good and better. And now, I can only remember summer.
  6. MeshiRei


    Ive played RebirthRo for 2 years bro. I played from The Baboys, Frosted Puff and Team Philippines,, some PAS players are in this server bro. We hang out always in gonryun. This server not pay to win unlike RRO you have to spend dollars and you become God, but here grind and patience. But if you have dollars why not it. But all items are farmable. No CEDI AND RDC HERE THOUGH.
  7. MeshiRei

    post market/clearance

    okay see you in caspen madam
  8. MeshiRei

    post market/clearance

    how much old parasol? dnt know price
  9. MeshiRei

    Would you recommend WS for PVP?

    WS fine, less expensive gears still good damage. Good elemental resist also
  10. MeshiRei


    I know, they will start TT if and only if you complain much after pvp like they are just numbers but weak. they wont TT if you ddnt show something rude also to them. And if you get Trashtalk it depends on how you perceive those sayings, many choices you can keep silent and show them next what can you do in pvp or else TT them too, something like that. In my 3 years in DRO I respect every player so they respect me too. If you spread false accusations or rumors that will lead to trashtalk and hate speech you'll get something like that too. I don't care if they TT me in pvp performance its just I do my best next time to win in pvp but I did not hahaha..peaceyo!
  11. MeshiRei

    2019 Balancing Patch #2

    Thank you so much haze! Thank for the great work!
  12. MeshiRei

    2019 Balancing Patch #2

    Thank thank you haze! Hopefully cart boost will not be dispelled too when decreased agi or quagmire.
  13. MeshiRei

    Buying / Selling

  14. MeshiRei


    RIP though
  15. MeshiRei

    Buy, Sell, Trade

    120b rustic mantle