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  1. Hi, I saw the Forum Event, Is there a possibility I can post a guide now and be eligible for Reward.

  2. GM Shuvi

    Press Your Luck Zeny Update

    The auto enter club.
  3. GM Shuvi

    Permanent Body Changer

    I miss someone who can easily fix this. Need the new palette to fix this issue including the doram one. Yes and per character.
  4. GM Shuvi

    Rules of public Channels

    Don't waste your time as I don't wanna waste my time either. The only reason I bothered replying here is because you are a staff and you are supposed to know how the rules should work properly but you keep on commenting without having an ample knowledge of things here. I don't want players to make a misunderstanding of the rules just because a staff is trying so hard to be so kind. So I'll just leave a few points in behalf of the GM team. 1. Warning- any players can give anyone a warning. It doesn't have to be a staff. But again don't expect the staff to give a warning everytime especially if you've been abusing it intentionally. We will ban without warning in special cases especially if we believe we have to do so. Let me quote what our admin Haze said to us regarding this. That's why I will repeat myself don't expect us to give warning all the time. We won't waste our time. Some people get banned and do not learn. They repeat it days later as if nothing happened, how much more for players who can use the rule of "we are entitled for a warning from the staff before getting punished". And in the first place why are you so concerned about this, give us a case of a GM not giving a proper warning before banning someone with the exception of some players who intentionally ask it for themselves. We got multiple GM's here, you sounds like you know better than us on how the rules should be applied here. Don't you think you are pretty arrogant yourself. I'll tell you I am pretty arrogant myself, but between us I know my place. 2. As much as you are disappointed in my reply I am more disappointed at your comprehension. I had to reply here in behalf of the team just to correct an SP who can't understand the basic of our rules. I should have spent my time helping the Dev team. 3. Not everyone getting a channel ban because of the technicalities. Again I will simply quote what our admin said regarding this thing because you don't want to absorb my words. Yes we understand them and I just want to make it clear that I am not apologizing to Erdrick because he got temp banned. At the end of the day while I understand his sentiment he still violate the channel rules and that's the reason why our GM banned him, I am apologizing to the whole community because of the current limitation we have on banning people in that channel which we cannot fix until our dev fix it. Unfortunately it's not something that we can't ask her to prioritize. She had project on going too.
  5. GM Shuvi

    Rules of public Channels

    Some people love talking a lot when they aren't on this shoes yet then get silent and talk on how convenient it is just being a player feeling more entitled than they should be. Anywyay I'm pretty sure that I stated there clearly that we created that specifically for new players, additionally for some players who love asking regarding the rules about it whenever their abusive behavior get them temp banned on that channel. Some people love to think that because there's no rule about it, they can be as abusive as they like. Rules may be stacked depending on the severity of your actions, meaning the punishment will also increase varying on the amount of rules you broke. The GM Team reserves the right to exact punishment if they feel certain kinds of behavior is abusive under the scope of the rules. The server owner also reserves the right to modify the rules without prior notice. Also you are quoting my words in the wrong way I put those words for players to understand that a warning is not even necessary, it simply means that in severe cases we won't bother making a warning because some players are just abusing it intentionally when they are obviously aware of the rules already. There are people who make honest mistakes (especially new players) and they deserve the warning, while there are people who also break rules intentionally. If you think GM's are incapable of judging these type of players and applying their judgement correctly feel free to create a ticket and complain. We got multiple GM's here and not a single GM bother objecting about this particular case. Now, why we put 1st offense as just a warning? We don't like banning players immediately. We always like to avoid it out of pity and kindness, we prefer giving them a warning first. Not only on this particular rule, in fact even in some case where players are supposed to get a day ban or even a perma ban when we don't see their action as way too severe. Eg. a player trying to sell wrong item using vending at a very OP price. That's under scamming we don't usually perma ban them, we sometimes just jail them or temp ban them to give them a warning. We don't always follow the rules like the way it is written. If you call our judgement an abuse of power again you can create a ticket. Also in case of Erdrick he said it himself, he got warned, the thing is even after getting warned he still decided to spam nonsense stuffs in #main which probably why the GM choose to finally ban him. Why are you gonna ask our GM 1+1 after getting warned? If you aren't asking for a temp ban on that channel yourself. Anyway for reference check that simple screenshot that one of our GM's provided to us earlier before banning this guy whom named I kindly screened because the CHR might get mad. Here is a clear example of a player who in my opinion/ based on my abusive power of exercising my judgment, do not deserve to be warned. Ask yourself do you think he doesn't know about the rules? Should we warned him first and just let him get away with it as usual? I doubt that player will even stop if there's no GM around. This isn't even the first time, he was unbanned and then repeat same thing over and over again and you want us to simply follow the rules by the book? Well not happening, there's a reason why we are a GM here, it's because we believe that we can apply our judgement fairly. Also I stated it clearly in my earlier post..what do you think we get from banning these kind of players in #main? Why are we gonna waste our time ABUSING OUR SO CALLED POWER just to temp ban these kind of players in #main and unban them later on? The answer is simple. NADA. We get no benefit on banning a player like that, that's why we avoid doing it too, however there are cases when players are asking for it themselves. I never said you called us bias, in fact I didn't even point it out to you, it's on those players who blame the staff team whenever one of their friends get banned. And it's the same for both parties. We ban both sides. Another thing regarding the name issues. It's is because it's not even supposed to be a big issue. Unfortunately ONLY our admin can fix it before, we don't have a dev who have access to fix simple things like this. Our admin had his own IRL priorities months ago and can't prioritize things that aren't even supposed to be a huge issue, after all ... again we don't even like banning players in #main. If we can we just warn them. Our rules aren't step and we aren't skipping anything. A judge exercise his/her judgment based on the severity of the crime and punish the accused under the scope of the law. It means if its here, the GM will exercise his/her judgement based on the severity of players action, under the scope of our rules. And that's in fact what we are doing. Not to mention that under the scope of the rules the accused player is supposed to be in his 3rd offense already, but our GM unbanned him in #main since earlier. Just because the rule wasn't posted before because their punishments aren't decided yet, doesn't mean that we will just forget about the people who used to abuse it. Hence the reason why I said it myself, if multiple ban on same offense before is not a warning enough, then he should assess himself. Is the rule really new? It wasn't new, the proper use of channels is common sense for any decent player, it's a simple etiquette. In fact the broadcasting rule can be used for it as a reference since by using #main you are broadcasting freely. And we have a more severe punishment for abusing it before. And talking about it's punishment we are exercising similar thing. We don't just ban player there unless they ask for it by abusing it severely. Again I don't think you have any idea on what you are asking for. The rules aren't made to be an absolute control otherwise a lot of players are no longer here in the server because they will feel more oppressed. That being said, yes we are exercising our judgement in most cases because that's a more human thing to do. We aren't here as a simple system made to drop a ban hammer whenever a player make a mistake.
  6. GM Shuvi

    Rules of public Channels

    Let me give you a long straight answer about the topic. Also again I will simply quote my statement before. How hard it is to understand a simple rule? Surely we said that we will give warnings to players but honestly why do players only know/use the rule when they believe it's in favor of them? If they know the rule then there's no reason to give them a warning. Why give them a warning everytime they started using #main inappropriately. These players aren't new in the server, they know it's not allowed even before that rule was implemented. We have warned them before, we only posted a rule regarding it so new players will be aware about it. Any decent player know how to use #main properly. If we saw newbies asking in their native language we warn them. But veterans? How can they forget how to use #main properly whenever a GM is not around to monitor it. That aside, the accused player here know it himself, he had been banned from the #main channel multiple times. If that multiple ban is not enough as a warning to use the #main chat properly then he should do an assessment of himself. Also we aren't being bias in banning. We just can't do anything with some player names at the moment and you can easily realized it by that screenshot. It's simply because of these reasons: 1. The other player has spaces in the beginning of their characters names. This also works if they have spaces in the end of their names. Unfortunately the command cannot be used on these players. 2. Special characters on player name and special spaces. Not every special character is easy to type, they are mostly a hassle to find their alt names especially when they are using special alt space between their names too. 3. Combination of special spaces and normal spaces. - same problem as 1, it's hard to tell which kind of space they used because there are other alt spaces available. Our devs are working on fixing this. The problem here is if we apply a different kind of punishment to those players with spaces in their names such as a temp ban, then those player will be the one crying and calling us unfair. Regardless it won't last long, and even those players with spaces and special character in their names will get their punishments immediately once the command is fixed. So for now I'm sorry but we can't really do much about them. Also stop expecting us to always give players a warning everytime, giving a warning is just an act of kindness in our part. But we can't be that kind everytime because some people love abusing that kindness. I've worn dresses with higher IQ than those people who do not know how to use #main channel properly. You know what you are doing, you know it when you aren't using #main properly. Stop bringing our punishments to yourselves and acting like you are a victim later on. We don't get anything from banning or temp banning you in that chat channel. It's in fact a nuisance on our part too because we had manually ban and unbanned you. So do us both a favor, stop using #main inappropriately because you are only irritating the other players.
  7. GM Shuvi

    Alternate Sprites for 3rd Jobs

    that new file is complete... Though I am asking our admin if we can make a perma body change maybe in the elite temple. Lets hope he reply.
  8. GM Shuvi

    Alternate Sprites for 3rd Jobs

    Download this http://www.mediafire.com/file/f3bj7hmp7tdbc5b/jRO_3Job_Sprites.grf then open your dRO folder. Put the grf there Find "data.ini (configuration file)" and open it in notepad or wordpad Edit it and put 0=jRO_3Job_Sprites.grf then save it. so it will look like 0=jRO_3Job_Sprites.grf 1=dreamerro.grf 3=DreamerRoGrf.grf and so on...
  9. GM Shuvi

    Alternate Sprites for 3rd Jobs

    bump for those who need the 3rd job sprite GRF you can use this.
  10. Congratulations to the winners of the guide creation contest.