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  1. GM Shuvi


    We don't have any ban IP atm. If you enter wrong password a lot of times, you'll be temp IP banned by the system.
  2. create a ticket, send it to account specialist department/admin support. Only the admin can help you recover your items. GM has no power to recover your items
  3. GM Shuvi


    create a support ticket and ask Haze to check your account. Those accounts who joined division but didn't participate in any events back during its initial implementations are sometimes bugged.
  4. GM Shuvi

    Alternate Sprites for 3rd Jobs

    that new file is complete... Though I am asking our admin if we can make a perma body change maybe in the elite temple. Lets hope he reply.
  5. GM Shuvi

    Alternate Sprites for 3rd Jobs

    Download this http://www.mediafire.com/file/f3bj7hmp7tdbc5b/jRO_3Job_Sprites.grf then open your dRO folder. Put the grf there Find "data.ini (configuration file)" and open it in notepad or wordpad Edit it and put 0=jRO_3Job_Sprites.grf then save it. so it will look like 0=jRO_3Job_Sprites.grf 1=dreamerro.grf 3=DreamerRoGrf.grf and so on...
  6. GM Shuvi

    Alternate Sprites for 3rd Jobs

    bump for those who need the 3rd job sprite GRF you can use this.
  7. Congratulations to the winners of the guide creation contest.

  8. GM Shuvi

    Coming back.

    Welcome back~
  9. you don't need to delete the character, you can login in dreamerro website and reset character look and it will be fine again. I could do it too, but you didn't give any specification about your character.
  10. GM Shuvi


    NP Glad it works
  11. GM Shuvi


    The response of vincent definitely shows that you already finish his quest. I tested doing the quest earlier and everything is working just fine. After I finished Lost Child I can start Rachel Sanctuary just fine. Your case is really weird. Have you started that quest before and forgot where you left so you reset it? Because IIRC that answer of High Priest Zhed is around the Thor Volcano Quest already. It's not his answer after you just finish the Lost child quest. Try to start the veins sibling quest or the final part peace for arunafeltz instead.
  12. GM Shuvi


    If you still haven't figure out the problem, go to the reset quest npc in prontera 144 227. Dont reset the quest just check your progress and post it here. We will try to determine what you are missing if there's any.
  13. GM Shuvi


    Considering the answer he is giving you, it means that you aren't supposed to talk to him yet. You need to backtrack your quest. Try to go back to Herico or worse to Mr.Shede. Also make sure to bring both of the items when he ask. If you can't still talk to him, post the response of Mr Herico and Shede here, so I can help you check what quest you missed.