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  1. TaguroV1

    Its becoming frustrating

    I can level up my gloves now. Thanks to this.
  2. ganyan talaga pag nagview kay jon

  3. TaguroV1

    What are you listening to?

    https://youtu.be/CWz7zABB3nQ Anything from posty
  4. TaguroV1

    Honorable Guild

    There is no competition if you already know who will win. If its not your problem why go defensive Im just pointing out my opinion and I respected what you guys said. Lmao the previous comments are encouraging new guilds to compete because they could do something if they put effort but now? Do better than us. Lololol not gonna react anymore. Im not even in any guild.
  5. TaguroV1

    Honorable Guild

    Well i think this is getting far away from the point I made. Before commenting I already told my perspective and those calculations are even not my concern. Im talking about the things you said that a guild can do the same thing but they have to do the effort and my point is that how could a nobody guild compete with a guild who can compensate to farmers even if they lose so newbies choose where they could benefit more (one reason veterans wouldnt care about their points because they got people to do it for them). Where a nobody guild only get less than 10 people to do farm grinding and still its not enough to compete. You didnt even had a competition before I guess thats why you can say those things. And in came the calculation which I could care less. You can defend all you want but I already voiced out my opinion. Btw Im not even here during that xmas crap.
  6. TaguroV1

    Honorable Guild

    I aint being negative on your guild. Im just saying what is the scenario. If you cant accept what others think of it then its not their problem.
  7. TaguroV1

    Honorable Guild

    I misread and edited it before you posted. Lol I just want more people to see what it looks like in game and what to expect. And i think i made my point here. Quantity > Quality. There is safety in numbers so they say. So even if others tried players would go for somewhere they could get benefit from. Btw why did you cut the second meaning on goolge.
  8. TaguroV1

    Honorable Guild

    Well i dont know if you could see the perspective of a newbie. Of course players would think its under the same management or whatever you call that but it has still the same name. Being defensive on the what most players think that isnt in your guild. Im just pointing out what it looks like. And i dont think you would ever get the point of this. We all have our opinion and im standing on my point of view on how you manipulate the honorable guild system. Btw i dont think overburdening is the correct word but you guys said it yourselves players need to accumulate 50 something points to be qualified to get the salary and you said also that not all could meet the quota so i dont think you would pay all 76 players right?. Also saying that you guys are being shut down by someone who wanted to have fair competition? Im not in any guilds that fight for honorable guild. It is my perspective of what i see in the game and my concern is that you guys are saying the opposite of what you posted in the guild section.
  9. TaguroV1

    Honorable Guild

    Whatever the reason is that they already prove that the opposing only got the numbers. And btw pride wont get newbies anywhere on the game. They would go with the flow until they realize the scenario. This is a game and players would want to get something for doing something.
  10. TaguroV1

    Honorable Guild

    Well if you think 5 quality player could overthrow a guild that is enticing to newbies how could you compete with that. Its funny that people are still arguing with that somebody could do something and just make effort but literally they are under the same guild. LOL. Again top 2 guilds are under the same management and it does not matter who wins or not. It just shows that they wanted to secure the top guild whether its OG 1 or 2. Players are smarter today and go for a guild that they would know that they would get something. One reason that the quality guild left is because they already prove the point that they got the talent but dont have the numbers and the other way around.
  11. TaguroV1

    Honorable Guild

    Whatever you guys are pertaining OG 1/2 is still under the same management. There would not be any difference who gets 1st or 2nd you will still have the salary. Independent guilds that wanted to overthrow the top guilds would need to double their efforts but at their expense and to start from scratch. Of course who would want to join a nobody guild that does not give any salary if you lose and only get 1/3 of a chance on winning, players would definitely go to a guild that win or lose they still get the salary for their effort.
  12. TaguroV1

    Honorable Guild

    Well its not like Seasons does not have leaders its just that there are only few people who farms and realized that its impossible to beat a guild who already got a ton of farmers vs 10 farmers on a new guild. One reason that most players shifted to OG because of that. Its still numbers. Quantity > Quality.
  13. TaguroV1

    Spaming keys with Autohotkey~

    Probably most server does not allow macros like dreamer do.
  14. TaguroV1

    Hi guys

    You can go 5 a lot of helpful people there. Its a diverse guild so ask anything under the sun. You can come and go anytime if theres guild wars.
  15. TaguroV1