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  1. TaguroV1

    RuneKnight Renewal Guide 2021

    Well +10 items and forge items is a bit impossible for newbies at the beginning unlike the items that can be obtained through DM and combat coin. Well for 2nd or 3rd character if you got the funds why not. Edit: I dont even got that +10 forge item also also i would rather not use sleep pet since you cant use it on WOE.
  2. TaguroV1

    RuneKnight Renewal Guide 2021

    One thing you can do is use Blood goddess aura (sleep/stun) + undead armor(freeze/stone curse) and ESL card if you dont want to get ailments and you can use TGK and 2 HG cards. Using magnetite+draconus makes your hp pool low if you wanted balanced def.
  3. TaguroV1

    RuneKnight Renewal Guide 2021

    There are some players who pm me and asks about RKs and I forgot I made this one.
  4. TaguroV1

    random server spikes

    Is there anyone reading this that would take action? Its been a week already since people started complaining.
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    Christmas Event 2020 [Closed]

    Very fruitful event. People made a lot and geared up. Thank you for the event.
  8. TaguroV1

    Christmas Seasonal Phase 3 Item Effects

    Top - Medium Redux Mid - 25% crit damage Like from the halloween event
  9. TaguroV1

    Christmas Event 2020 [Closed]

    Thanks to this event I got all of the items I need. Most of it is time consuming from farming to delivery but the rewards are really really great. I got an early christmas present for myself and phase 3 isnt out yet, I cant wait for the upcoming phases.I would not compare it to the previous events since I got more items now than before. Thank you
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    AOT (Large/FightingSpirit9) 220b AOT (JusticeS/Diamond1 hp5+def) 150b +9 keeper mant 100b Buying Pure oridecon 3pcs 10b
  14. TaguroV1

    problem found

    Open the trash folder in your DRO. Search for the file there and copy it in the main folder. Open ragna setup and adjust resolution. Put back the mfc100 file to trash folder. Open patcher
  15. I hope the jester has an animation like in the susanoos. Please add animation on it. And also saiyan god full set aura not working. Thank you