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  1. iJojo1112

    Elite Weapon Expert

    ok time to spend zenies.... haha!!! RIP zeny of mine ^_^
  2. iJojo1112

    Miner World

    GM I notice one of the Mine Location (gld_dun02) is not accessible. I suggest to move to other map that we can access.
  3. iJojo1112

    1st Celine Kimi Card DRO

    nice 1 Jean ^_^
  4. iJojo1112

    Horror Factory Instance Update

    Challenging I like it, my team is sharing idea what we going to do for next RUN!
  5. iJojo1112

    Alchemist Card Set

    Hi GM it didn't drop Glistening Coat/or Stem when defeating Monster.
  6. iJojo1112

    Alchemist Card Set

    GM please check it does not work, I'm using Biochemist.
  7. iJojo1112

    Glorious Weapon Update

    I try enchant my +10 Glorious Spear then i choose Range why it give FS6+FS6+FS5?
  8. iJojo1112

    Miner World