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  1. iJojo1112


    I don't get it why Bonez hate me that much, please explain?
  2. iJojo1112

    Finally mining lvl 150 AMA!

    How many months? ^_^
  3. iJojo1112

    Dreamer RO Christmas 2018 [ Finish ]

    GM Sadie the Enchant Stone is "Goddess of Justice S" it Give ATK +40, HIT +4, MaxHP +600
  4. iJojo1112

    Dreamer RO Christmas 2018 [ Finish ]

    the Headgear Enchanter is working but the Enchant Stone didn't give any stat please Check GM Sadie, Thx!
  5. iJojo1112

    Elite Weapon Expert

    ok time to spend zenies.... haha!!! RIP zeny of mine ^_^
  6. iJojo1112

    Miner World

    GM I notice one of the Mine Location (gld_dun02) is not accessible. I suggest to move to other map that we can access.
  7. iJojo1112

    1st Celine Kimi Card DRO

    nice 1 Jean ^_^
  8. iJojo1112

    Horror Factory Instance Update

    Challenging I like it, my team is sharing idea what we going to do for next RUN!
  9. iJojo1112

    Alchemist Card Set

    Hi GM it didn't drop Glistening Coat/or Stem when defeating Monster.
  10. iJojo1112

    Alchemist Card Set

    GM please check it does not work, I'm using Biochemist.
  11. iJojo1112

    Glorious Weapon Update

    I try enchant my +10 Glorious Spear then i choose Range why it give FS6+FS6+FS5?
  12. iJojo1112

    Miner World