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    WoE Guide (w/ build?)

    These builds does not dedicate to any characters, just a basic idea how to be efficient in WoE, especially for newbies. (Original post was meant to move here for those who've read) The initial idea about WoE is to play efficiently as a TEAM and work together to win castle, not bloodlust. Everyone in the guild play important roles that may lead the team to win/loss. I totally understand you need kills to level up your weapon and/or test your new build@character but it might not be the best time to do it. You can do it in @joinbg / HA / HHH. Anyways, to be efficient means you know what you're gonna do and know how to do it right. Thus, having an idea about "Anti Status/HP/Damage" build may significantly helps you to build your character better. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------GEARS---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I see most people always go full damage/HP but never really status resist, so the main focus on the build is actually balancing: Anti Status Decent Amount of HP / After Cast Delay Deal decent amount of Damage This one's for those uses 2x Gemini + 1 equip to resist status: Aight, first off, the reason why I am using this build cause Genetic's Elite Weapon at [Level 3] already given you 15% of ACD, so using 45%ACD wing + Kiel can get me 90% of ACD, which is decent for me at least. Bear in mind this is a SEMI-SUPPORT build, you can adjust it for your personal preference/character/playstyle. I'd advice new players to stay with 35% demi redux helm if you're not good in switching yet. You may go SLIGHTLY higher VIT so that you can survive the magic skills but make sure its not making your soft def (left side number on "Def") too high; especially classes like Sorc with Naglfar [gives 20% redux in defense]; AB with Dominance [has spike effect. Decrease def to 1/3]; RG with Exodia [gives 20% redux in defense]. By the way, smokie card for Hiding to remove Close Confine from Shadow Chasers For 3rd job WoE, which people often dies to RKs dragon breath, may refer to the equip in orange colour. Being able to stay alive from getting 100000x RK Dbing you is a big win in 3rds, so that you can focus on taking them down w Thanatos card or focus on staying alive and get your objectives done. However, besides RKs, you still need to keep your eyes on the Shadow Chasers, they're scary in 3rds yikes. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Next, for the FULL SUPPORTS or KILLERs [Bound] Draconus Card is just 7 Daily Quest Tokens from DQ shop; Nightmare card is free With the Combo of Draconus Card + Nightmare, you're pretty much good to go. I'm only showing Full Support build cause I am lazy and the main point here is DRACONUS + NIGHTMARE. You shall only doing full damage when you're anti status. Kill, or be killed. For those who have the potential to get Overflow Aura, perhaps you can use it too, it gives anti sleep, confuse, and poison. Anyway, if you're playing an AB, spam heals on your devoers and ASPERIO the opponent breaker!!! For sorc (attacking guild), move together with suras and DP the enemies and let them asura keke; while defending ones, spam safety wall on Lokis (if your guild is using them) and extreme vacuum (for 3rd job WoE) by the entrance. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Moving on to the 3rd ones, the Devo-ers So your job being a deover is to stay alive, pretty easy eh? eh? eh?? Like I mentioned earlier in the guide, bring another set of equipment with Anti Status would definitely helps you to catch up with your ecaller/breakers and devo them. Cards in blue colors are the substitute for the other card; while orange color here are for anti status ones, pretty much the same as semi-support. You can purchase Fire Armor at Zeny Mall for 1 mil. (Small price for salvation ) You should be expecting tons of dispell and they'll be on your ass first to annihilate the devotions QQ. So a Fire Armor MIGHT probably save your ass from the MS dmg. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------CONSUMABLE----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Aight, this is too much for gears, the rest you guys can figure out by yourself. As long as you're wearing anti status, you're all good to go. Let's get to Consumable. Perhaps most of us liked to use Fire Element Resist Pot + Undead scroll (I used to use these two but I ended up dying to Water DB XD), but after the gear setup I've shown in semi-support, I'd assume you wouldn't even need Fire Pot to get 100% fire resist hehehe. Consumable to use in WoE: Yggdrasil Berries Yggdrasil Seed Yggdrasil Dust Panacea Elemental Resist Potion (Fire/Water/Wind/Earth) Undead Scrolls Ghostring Scrolls Holy Scrolls Box of Sunlight Berries/Seed both have 2 CDs but using them both will heal you faster Dust will remove Decrease Agi. Panacea = God pills. Elemental Resist Potion save your half ass but burns another ass so be careful when using one. Undead Scrolls save you whole ass so its cool. Ghostring Scrolls saves you from Asura but burns you money. Holy Scrolls save your ass from GC too. Box of Sunlight see sniki biki my fren. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------OBJECTIVES--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------For some reason I believe most of the people doesn't know when is 2nd Job WoE or when is 3rd Job WoE. Click me for whole WoE schedule Anyhow, I know 3rd jobs castle are way more tempting for people to camp at the entrance but please don't do that. Really. Even if the entrance defense is broken, defending team still can defend by Emp Room and the attacking team w/o killers will have very much lower chance to win the castle ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------GRFs------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I believe most of us experience lags when entering castles right? So why don't you try using GRFs, might help to reduce the lags and load faster (psychological effect!) Please do go >>>>> here<<<<< to learn more about GRFs and how it can help to reduce lags I used Hide All Headgear.grf and Hide Damage Numbers.grf, and it helps a lot for me. You should try! This is how I see damage dealt/taken if you guys wondering XD . . . . . . . Feel free to comment your thoughts and share your feedback about this post. I know is a long ass post but thanks for reading it all LOL. "i FiNd tHeSe bUiLd wOrKs f0r m3, iDk aBoUt tHe ReSt oF u AlL, dOnT fLaMe m3 tHaNkS!"
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    Easter Event Gains