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  1. Rad

    Remorseless' Signature Thread

    Much appreciated, very understanding and patient when making siggy's. Excellent work! Would recommend 100%
  2. Rad

    What's your Hogwarts house?

    I'm not a flithy little mudblood! , Luna Lovegood is my bae.
  3. Rad

    What's your Hogwarts house?

    Took the quiz.... I'm in Hufflepuff.. what I wanted to say " 10 POINTS FOH GRYFFINDOR! " Probably sister of Madame Lestrange XD
  4. Rad

    DarkSkys has returned :D

    IGN's? and welcome back ~
  5. Uhm.. this is more of an issue with not informing yourself with the use of a Pure Oridecon so its safely refined. Incase the refine fails, it'll take away the Pure Oridecon instead of your Elite Weapon. Pure Oridecons (which are only used for weapons) can help you SAFELY refine up to +10, which is the max, whilst Pure Eluniums (which are only used for gears) are only SAFELY refined up to +8.
  6. OKAY.. so, I should've made this guide a long time ago... anyways.. anyone who's purchased the Elite Hero Scroll (45 Credits, THIS DOES NOT COME WITH ELITE WEAPONS, only the extra skill/stat points and access to more maps, OR if you've worked your way up here to becoming Elite ) AND the Pre-req Elite Weapon Scroll (20 Credits) and are probably wondering where the hell they're suppose to turn in those scrolls... For starters ~ 1. Location of where to use all Donation Scrolls/Services: @warp caspen 119 163 Now.. IF you did not purchase the Pre-Req Elite Hero Scroll... the guide ends here rofl, however... III ~~~ From here on is for... Pre-Req Elite Weapon Scroll (ONLY) ~~~ III 1. Once it has been announced that you are an [ Elite Hero ], warp to NPC named "Warlock of the Sun": @warp gonryun 36 17 (Side Note: Just click on the "Dawn Essence," don't make it harder on yourself) ~> The NPC will ask for 300x Crystal Fragments 10x Emblem of the Sun God (ID: 7086) For the Crystal Fragment.. 200k zeny a piece, unless you have a job that has the discount skill.. it'll be 150k each. If you really want to farm for it.. @warp ein_dun02 Mob ~ (Mineral) For the Embelm of the Sun God.. you can find some at @go vend (Usual price: 300m - 1b) or can be farmed in Caspen Dungeon MVP ~ (Soul Taker) Caspen Dungeon: @warp caspen 269 274 3. Once you've gathered the requested items.. (300x Crystal Fragments & 10x Emblem of the Sun Gods) warp back to the "Warlock of the Sun" and turn in the items and it'll give you one of the elite stones (Dawn Essence). Now, you'd want to warp to Eitri (NPC that forges your Elite Weapons) located in @warp tha_t05 185 231 (enter the portal that leads to tha_t06) then @jump 157 51 Note*: You have ONE elite stones that can give you the 1st elite weapon... in order to receive your 2nd elite weapon, you need to gather the rest of the elite stones ~ ~ Dawn Essence (which you should already have) ~ Hazy Starlight ~ Dusk Glow ~ Cold Moonlight ~ Goddess Tear ~ Hero's Remains ..and return to bother Eitri again and make him suffer. Enjoy ~ (P.S.: You can just buy the rest of the elite stones.. )
  7. Rad

    I... got a question... part 2

    Adding to this post ^ Go to @warp izlu2dun with your "Wayne" (Lance guy) kill one mob, it only takes one mob to max out Job lvl. Then try again.
  8. Rad

    I... got a question...

    at 3rd job you'll reach 120, which is the max as stated from before, however, for certain jobs, the max job lvl you could reach is 70. They're the ones that can't transcend to 3rd job. Warlock can reach up to lvl 120, however, a wizard will reach to lvl 70 only due to it being only a 2nd job tier (assuming you transcended).
  9. Rad

    Holy- I'm alive.

    Hey bud, welcome back ~ nice to see an old vet playin around again, see yah in game. also you said you do siggies or am i just misreading.
  10. Rad


    Number 3 is obviously winning, but I'm voting for #2 haha, love red
  11. Rad


    Perfect Hero Quest guide for our Hispanic folks ~ well done.