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  1. sammy12021981

    2019 Balancing Patch #1

    Forgotten once again..... the whitesmith.
  2. sammy12021981

    Which class better for beginnig

    You all forgot about the mechanic to sell stuff at a higher amount. Truth is all classes can farm something so what's your play style....
  3. sammy12021981

    Mechanic / Whitesmith

    30% bleed and curse to cart term and 10% paralysis to hammer fall... are these still active additions?
  4. sammy12021981

    Mechanic / Whitesmith

    Mechanics are a dead class but is it actually a viable class to play. I believe cart term does something like curse. The issue I see is the ability to get past a person's pd. So would this be viable for bg? Top - any demi human damage and addax Mid - any Demi human damage and addax Low - Dark Chakra and marduk Armor - executioners Armor or Valk and tao Weapon - any death spade and above with tgx2, hydra, thana and tgx2 and hydrax2 Shield - Valkyrie Shield with gtb or cranial or Orleans with maya Garment - Asprika or any decent Robe with an assassin cross card or the uhero mant and deviling for genetic or sacrifice pally Shoe - slep and gec card Acc - medal and judicious or ? Acc - same STR 500 AGI enough for 195 VIT 250 INT 50 or so DEX would 250 or 300 work here LUK and then everything else Or would it be better to do something that would take less Elemental damage and play on the nice fire and earth damage redux? Toyed with Top - damage helm and gemini Mid - Damage wing and gemini Low saint ring and Marduk Armor - Valk or executioners Armor and Tao Weapon same as above Shield - neo Valk or ? and the same as above Garment - same as above Shoe -same? Or use the hero boots from the store for 15% hp and sp and endure and then gec Both Accessories - same as above Object was to get a higher hp and have no statues hit. Or use draconus and two addaxs and the saint ring with Marduk or three addaxs and go for the highest hp possible and balance with highest pd possible? Would something like this revive the cart term mechanic on 2nd classes?