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  1. LightOfGod

    Wanted Devoloper Fused Dracula Card effect doesnt work

    Dracula Card effect working Adds %10 change of gaining %5 of the damage inflicted on target as SP when dealing physical attacks. Change effect so its Fused Dracula card its must be drain SP it was work before after bugged if your make it HP drain card Then you need change card name Fused Sniper card coz its not fused dracula ok ? its so absurd Ghostring card has ghost effect fused card too so its sensible why fused dracula card got different effect
  2. LightOfGod

    Wanted Devoloper Fused Dracula Card effect doesnt work

    Well i tested 5 min 0 sp and hp gain so its still doesnt work Script maybe normal but item still doesnt work if you want test it on test room wew
  3. 3 month ago Fused dracula card effect doesnt work i tested before Jon fixed it after again bugged Many hour peoples farming for that cards after card doesnt work yes its Dramatic Ro
  4. LightOfGod


  5. Jon are you dead on  thunderstorm or What your watching i wonder thanks ...

  6. LightOfGod


    Well if your doing good dmg with asura you need use full dmg items its make you like a paper so you cant play always its mean dmg is normal your not dying with gr hades and + reflect killing you too so sura going to useless mode ...
  7. LightOfGod


    İ tested asura too %20 op nerfed ... How to you did same dmg i need learn it lol
  8. Like facebook style :D