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  1. LightOfGod

    Oboro, Kagerou and Rebellion Skills

    Good Update i like it @Jay Acy Vote this nigga
  2. İm not spamming anymore 😄  

  3. LightOfGod

    2019 Balancing Patch #2

    Bro trap dmg 1m so you need add elemental redux for it then its auto nerf fire nerf doesnt work Claymore trap is Fire element Landmine earth other 2 cancer Falcon assault spamable balance def hitting 250k gr useless you got total 1m hp 4 times hit you full buster same style op
  4. LightOfGod


    Good bye dear sometimes visit us
  5. Your not blind your just dont want  to see but you can't escape the facts

    1. caramellmacchiato


      Its ok sir its ok

  6. Scammed by vote point npc  😄   

  7. LightOfGod

    Press Your Luck Zeny Update

    i won rare too + many items thanks
  8. LightOfGod

    Press Your Luck Zeny Update

    @FARMNKILL won 3 rare we are jellopy won
  9. LightOfGod

    Good bye

    You will miss me
  10. LightOfGod

    Buying & Selling - Faith's Corner

    im online 7/25 Go 6
  11. i want to use grimtooth with my sura 

    next update 

    İ want to be supersonic player come on 

    Why not 🙂

  12. LightOfGod

    Forum Awards [Applications]

    Where is my award Secret Administrator
  13. Back to ninja npc at morroc i want to send some ninja @Sadie :)))

    1. Sadie


      It's our admin who disabled it, you need to ask his permission to enable it not me lol.

  14. LightOfGod

    Buying & Selling - Faith's Corner

    Sleipnir2b Thanatos 2b 4x sniper5b 20b Fused dracula 8b= 4x 32b Total 56B my offer xD
  15. Life is short Pokemons flying 🙂 

    1. caramellmacchiato


      Whos that pokimon

    2. LightOfGod


      They are know self lol