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  1. Scammed by vote point npc  😄   

  2. LightOfGod

    Press Your Luck Zeny Update

    i won rare too + many items thanks
  3. LightOfGod

    Press Your Luck Zeny Update

    @FARMNKILL won 3 rare we are jellopy won
  4. LightOfGod

    Good bye

    You will miss me
  5. LightOfGod

    Buying & Selling - Faith's Corner

    im online 7/25 Go 6
  6. i want to use grimtooth with my sura 

    next update 

    İ want to be supersonic player come on 

    Why not 🙂

  7. LightOfGod

    Forum Awards [Applications]

    Where is my award Secret Administrator
  8. Back to ninja npc at morroc i want to send some ninja @Sadie :)))

    1. Sadie


      It's our admin who disabled it, you need to ask his permission to enable it not me lol.

  9. LightOfGod

    Buying & Selling - Faith's Corner

    Sleipnir2b Thanatos 2b 4x sniper5b 20b Fused dracula 8b= 4x 32b Total 56B my offer xD
  10. Life is short Pokemons flying 🙂 

    1. caramellmacchiato


      Whos that pokimon

    2. LightOfGod


      They are know self lol 

  11. LightOfGod

    GM/Helper/Police/Consultants Hiring Season

    20 lvl too low for me @nuke Freia
  12. LightOfGod

    Eluminare's Corner

    i want gif too
  13. LightOfGod


    Are you hate me itechnology
  14. LightOfGod


    Turk still alive fags xD
  15. LightOfGod

    Halloween Event [2018] Finale

    What is pet effects ?