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  1. LightOfGod

    Eluminare's Corner

    i want gif too
  2. LightOfGod

    Halloween Event [2018] Finale

    What is pet effects ?
  3. i feel like punch tree in pvp wtf this lag man

    1. Eluminare


      Hazenin interneti yok, o zaman hiç kimse bunu onaramaz, işte böyle duydum

    2. LightOfGod


      Haze bence yalan söylüyor. Server'i ddos bu kadar etkileyemez. Sql sorunu olduğunu düşünüyorum Saldıran kişiyi engellemek çok zor bişey değil İp ban atarsın saldıramazlar. 

    3. Eluminare


      Aynı düşünüyorum çünkü bir staff memberle konuştum ama o dedi ki Hazesiz hiçbir şeyi yapamaz 😕 artık beklemeniz lazım.

  4. LightOfGod

    Horror Factory Instance Update

    card creator i guess think that advantage and disadvantage xD Anyway i respect you xD
  5. LightOfGod

    Horror Factory Instance Update

    Old effect was better and its orginal anway ...
  6. LightOfGod

    Horror Factory Instance Update

    Why just magic like boss mobs has 4 5 k mdef except %sp card still useless ...
  7. LightOfGod

    Horror Factory Instance Update

    Your forgot to add your list this card http://ratemyserver.net/re_item_db.php?item_id=31022&small=1&back=1 Abandoned Teddy Bear Card(0.01%) And Curse effect doest work Magic melee both tested
  8. LightOfGod

    Horror Factory Instance Update

    Where is that npc >>>>Vagrant Cain (xmas 240, 297) And Hurt Mind [1] Kind Heart [1] Red Lantern [1] how to get this items ?
  9. LightOfGod

    Horror Factory Instance Update

    Celine kimi has 12.444.444.432 hp hard to kill this monster you need almost 5-10 pt member kill it lol What do you think about that ?
  10. LightOfGod

    Horror Factory Instance Update

    can you share info about mobs they are all using coma instant dead how to nerf that coma ?
  11. LightOfGod

    Wanted Devoloper Fused Dracula Card effect doesnt work

    Dracula Card effect working Adds %10 change of gaining %5 of the damage inflicted on target as SP when dealing physical attacks. Change effect so its Fused Dracula card its must be drain SP it was work before after bugged if your make it HP drain card Then you need change card name Fused Sniper card coz its not fused dracula ok ? its so absurd Ghostring card has ghost effect fused card too so its sensible why fused dracula card got different effect
  12. LightOfGod

    Wanted Devoloper Fused Dracula Card effect doesnt work

    Well i tested 5 min 0 sp and hp gain so its still doesnt work Script maybe normal but item still doesnt work if you want test it on test room wew
  13. 3 month ago Fused dracula card effect doesnt work i tested before Jon fixed it after again bugged Many hour peoples farming for that cards after card doesnt work yes its Dramatic Ro