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  1. hueeks


    Maybe they use the lex aeterna weapon card, it's quite expensive i think, u can use lex aeterna headgear as alternative, but u will sacrifice the autobolt headgear. as for normal card used for event, u can search the guide in the guide section.
  2. hueeks

    Cheap SC BG build

    LOL, i do help my team win, they change their equipment when they see me, RK DB ran like they see a ghost, anyway, it's fun ( for me ), and that's the point., if i want a kill i use my other char, it's easier.
  3. hueeks

    Cheap SC BG build

    Immune to most status, annoying in BG, cheap too. Stat is standart SC stripper Str : 300 ish or anything u like ( to carry berry ) Dex : 500 Agi : until 195 aspd Vit : Balance def 50 or 55 Luk : Dump Rest here Int : Dump rest here Upper HG : Any 35% redux helm, or Red Mouse Helm from v4p for added stone curse status ( Dark Snake Lord Card ) Mid HG : Anti Strip Wing ( Giearth Card ) Low HG : Any anti freeze and silence aura with 60% speed ( Gemini Card ) Armor : +8 Keeper's Armor or Valkyrie Armor ( Tao Gunka and Ghostring Card for switching ) Shield : Any unstripable shield or Valkyrie Shield ( Thara Frog and GTB Card for switching ) Shoes : Supersonic Boots ( 50% immune to stun and stone curse ) this is a must. Garment : Asprika Acc : Anything with slot ( 2x Alligator Card or 1x Alligator Card and Gem of Pneuma ) Weapon : Anything with 4 slot ( 3x Fabre & 1x Golem or Randgris ) best is SC elite sword because of bonus HP and demi redux Get anti sleep pet and you are good to go, immune to Sleep,Curse,Stone Curse, Stun,Silence, Freeze and Confuse, utilize your 3rd skill, escape will help you alot and don't forget to copy FSK for maximum annoyingness, have fun.
  4. hueeks

    Reaching Elite with RG

    Meteor storm since it have wider area, combine with angeling beanie, you'll be 98m exp in no time.
  5. This gonna be awesome.
  6. hueeks

    Christmas Event 2020 [Closed]

    Me too, been 2 days, and only bbgms, and christmas music box, do i have to do the 200 monster hunt 1st and then report to activity attendance npc?
  7. hueeks

    Halloween Event 2020 - [ENDED]

    4k in 10 hours, and that assuming you do 1 mission in 15 minute, and you do mission for 10 hours straight, don't you think that a little to hard ?
  8. hueeks

    Halloween Event 2020 - [ENDED]

    So the reward going to stay 100 or is it still under observation?, because 400/hour (assuming u do 1 mission for 15 minute i.e. the fastest possible) is still take u 10 hour to farm 4k coin.
  9. hueeks

    Halloween Event 2020 - [ENDED]

    Aww, no useable loot
  10. hueeks

    Halloween Event 2020 - [ENDED]

    Guilty as charge hahaha, delete 2 of my lvl 1 elite, since i was going to go for SoH anyway.
  11. Same as Corona Event except the serum to token exchange rate.
  12. I was once sold my holy armor for 20b, find out a few days later the price is 100b, i think it was back when holy armor is expensive.
  13. hueeks

    Alternate 3rd Job Sprite Guide

    Can soul of heroism char use this service?
  14. hueeks

    Gunslinger Build

    Top : 35% redux helm / Crocus Cap or something similar ( 20% long range dmg & 25% demi human reduce ) / Stormy Headphone ( can use lv.1 storm gust = use it to uncloak player, 25 % demi human redux) Card = Kiel / Emperium Mid : Rare Wing meele / Union Wing or something similar Card = Kiel / Emperium Low = Music Ring or something similar Card = Orc Hero / Glorified Orc Hero Armor = +10 White Wing Suit (expensive) / Lord's Tunic (cheaper) / Mercenary chain mail ( more dmg) / or any slotted armor Card = Tao Gunka / Ghostring Shield = Valkyrie shield / +8 libra (anti knock back optional) / Silver Aegis ( more dmg) Card = Thara Frog / Golden Thief Bug Shoes = Sleipnir / Twilight Boots / Poseidon Shoes / any shoes with slot Card = Amonra (for survivability but must have 350 int ) / Boss Egnigem ( More HP ) / Fused Card Garment = Aesprika / Elite Aesprika / Keeper Manteu ( Best one because u can cloak and it have slot) Card = Menblatt Acc = Dex Meginjard / Sherrif Star ( BG acc) / any forging acc Card = Gold Scaraba Weapon = Death Weapon or Elite Weapon Card = Tyrant Cecil / Turtle General / Vilanous Shadow / Fused Card / Incantation Samurai / Memory of thanatos (for high vit opponent) Stat. Str = 200 - 250 Agi = 80-120 (put in after u max dex, until 195 aspd + 30 for decrease agi) Vit = until 50 vit def ( around 90 vit) or u can go high vit but be careful of thanatos weapon (use ghostring card) Dex = Max (divisible by 5 for menblatt card) ex 495+95 Int = up to u Luk = Rest This is more or less the basic, u can expand and experiment with the class, because there is alot of customization in this server Good luck and welcome to the server.