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    Cheap Sura guide for BG

    This is my Noob build for Sura, its cheap and easy to use in BG Equip Top : Red Deadmau5 = Gemini card Redux helm = Evil Snake Lord card Mid : Damage Wing or any wing = Gemini Card Low : Anti Silence and freeze aura = Orc Hero / Glorified Orc Hero Armor : 2 Lord's Tunic or Valkyrie Armor = Tao Gunka card and Ghostring ( for defense against sacrifice skill ) Shield : 2 Valk Shield = Thara Frog for melee class and Horn card for range class Orleans server = Golden Thief Bug for magic user Weapon : Apocalypse or any hero rank mace = 2 Turtle General, 2 Hydra Spike (2) = Hydra card Garment : Aesprika Shoes : Sleipnier = Amon Ra or Boss Egnigem Acc : Medal of honor 2x = Aligator Card Stat Str = 500 or divisible by 10 Agi = put this after dex and until 195 aspd, divisible by 10 Vit = Until 45 soft def, equip spike and adjust Dex = 150 divisible by 10 Int = Rest Luk = dont need 2 Gemini card make you immune to Stone curse and Sleep status and Evil snake lord make u immune to Curse status that slow you down, useful against range class. Use spike to asura squishy class, and your main asura weapon for tanky class, always on spike when you move around and switch when you about to asura, switching is the key. This build is quite tanky and deal good damage, but you will need alot of ygg berry.