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  1. Kro

    It's Time to Wake Up Dreamers

    Great! you guys are getting lot of newbies recently with the glorius update newbies could get good weapons without getting elite.I suggest though to fix bugs especially the cart losing items when vending,newbied will get depressed when their hard earned item worth lots of b zeny bag lost and made a support ticket and itd taking months and still not getting it back.They'll just quit like that. Character balancing is not that big of a problem if they could easily get lots of zeny to properly geared up their newly created different job classes.BG is almost alive you just need to maintain the players not to make them quit. Anyway goodwork though.
  2. Kro

    It's Time to Wake Up Dreamers

    Dont think its because of renewal patch that people left its all because of bugs and stability of the server. Many people left cuz of item getting lost in their cart again and again then theres the elite hero quest which they will need to finish instances that got many bugs so if trouble comes they will reset their quest again and again. And also the problem on the server its a bit laggy that a normal computer from computer shop wont be able to play it smooth.I think its due to many custom gears.So when doing pvp they cant keep up.Their getting pawned. Well anyway.....i guess its time for new game to play a millenial 3d high graphics game.
  3. Kro

    Hello GM!

    /sob I want it. HEHEHEHE
  4. Kro

    Hello GM!

    Hello.....your Ragnarok server is great enjoyed playing it. Can i copy the file of your server? the mines and other stuff just not the custom headgears and maps. I dont like the stability of your server here a bit laggy and tile buggy, i think because of those custom headgears you guys put and its so many. I think people enjoy RO cause of stability and easy to move around and stuff. So it would be great if i can copy the file, just asking........