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    So... You made me one of them too Spent like 5h in total in the casino yesterday lol So thx for telling me =P
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    Hey everyone :3 I'm sort of new. Started around 3 years ago, but stopped playing. Now I'm back... And totally lost, since I haven't played alot back then... So I'm basically still at the start of my DreamerRo-Career I'm 32 yo. (probably even one of the oldest here? ... i wouldn't be surprised haha) and from germany. Been playing RO since idk... 12 years, maybe? So I know my way around... Somewhat... Tho my playtime is waaaaay less, since I'm playing aloooot of other games ^^ Currently, I'm trying to get the hang of mining... And figuring out prices... But I'll get there eventually, I guess^^ Aaaaanyway, I'm trying to find my way around here and make a few mates to play RO with... Soooo, just message me ingame or here or whatever, if any of you feel like~ x) My Char atm is SweetTart, tho I'm gonna switch to Kitti3h soon Cya ingame or here q: