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    "The Oasis in the Desert" --We're a home for all who need one. Regardless of your level or class, you are welcome here.-- Dreamer RO's former social, non-WoE guild Mirage... returns! And we are RECRUITING! Guild Leader: Melody Rose Members: =Currently in mass-recruiting, will be edited in with all names soon= Guild-Specific Events: Every Tuesday around 8PM or 9PM EST time is GUILD SKYPE CALL TIME! If you have Skype or download Skype, just give your name Skype name to me and you will be invited into the weekly official Mirage Skype Chat! (Other random chats may occur at any time if the members would like to hold one, and may also be hosted during in-game guild events for extra fun!) Requirements/Guidelines: = First and foremost, you must be able to get along with/respect others. This is a for-fun social guild, and we don't want to spoil the fun for anyone else. = Any class or level is welcome in Mirage with open arms. You can be a new player or you can be a veteran - it doesn't matter. = English-speaking is a must (or at least a fair understanding of it). Communication is important, after all. = Don't beg for zeny/items, etc. Just because we're a friendly bunch does not mean we give things away freely. Don't just join if you think you are going to get free stuff. = While we do not participate as a guild in WoE or PVP, you are still free to PVP on your own if you would like. There's no rule about that - you're free to do as you wish, as long as you stay within the rules of the server. = With the above said... Follow DreamerRO's rules! If you break any and I'm notified, you will be kicked. = This guild used to be infamous for holding huge events. I will likely do this again when the numbers grow. You can expect things like Scavenger Hunts/Hunting Quests, RO Trivia, Bloody Branch Parties, my own spin on a Dice elimination game, and much more! How Can I Join? If you would like to join Mirage, feel free to PM me in-game on Melody Rose! You can also leave your name here, and I'll try to contact you when I can (it would be helpful if you leave times that you're available so I can PM you during those times). Thank you and I hope to see you with us! Banner: [ Guild Image Banner at the top is by the wonderful and amazing: Shamsel/Reni. Using it as a tribute to her, even if she is no longer on dRO. <3 And our emblem is courtesy of player BUBBLES. Thank you very much!]